Youth charged over bleach attack

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A 16-year-old boy has been charged with wounding after a woman was attacked with bleach in a Leeds restaurant.

The 46-year-old had bleach thrown in her face after earlier asking a group of youths to be quiet during a showing of the new Harry Potter film.

The boy was arrested following the incident in the city's Kirkstall Road.

He is due to appear before Leeds Magistrates' Court later charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Another youth was arrested on Saturday, but has been released on police bail, pending further inquiries in relation to the incident on 26 July.continues here

Ah multiculturalism, don’t you just love it, I mean it brings such richness, such a mix of cultures and peoples, what a boring place it would be indeed, if successive governments had not forced their agenda upon us. Why there would be less work for our law-enforcement officers, our prison-officers, our NHS staff, the myriad of drug counsellors and assorted professionals, further the anti-racism industry would be wiped out and the individuals concerned would have to get a real job, talking of industries becoming obsolete the drugs trade and all its attendant ills would be virtually wiped out as well.

Why we couldn’t have that, so many industries going to the wall, oh its okay to destroy our manufacturing base, to ruin our car industry, engineering infrastructure, to create a service-industry nation, yet some industries, like those highlighted above, must be saved, must prosper. You see its all part of diversity, I mean would you really wish a return to a homogenous nation, to a nation, with lower crime levels, whereby we all have ancestral within Europe, where manners and respect are the order of the day and individuals whilst acting in self-interest must also act in group-interest.

Such a boring place, I think you’ll agree, isn’t what we have now better, the crime, the disorder, the animosity, the hatred, all part of the agenda, for those who don’t know this lady was attacked for asking a group of teenagers to be quiet whilst watching a movie. Such cheek, doesn’t she know that manners are so old-fashioned, so yesterday, perhaps she deserved to potentially lose her sight, after two non-white individuals took offence, after all in this age we must all be quiet, all say nothing, least the state or those they have imported attack us or those we love, AAWR can only wish the lady a speedy recovery and best wishes to her family.

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