'Britain-obsessed' asylum seekers should be let into UK at earliest convenience, says Europe's Justice Commissioner

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Europe's Justice Commissioner will today demand a change in the law to allow 'Britain-obsessed' asylum seekers into the UK at their earliest convenience.

Jacques Barrot, a former French minister, believes the reform would assist migrants who are sleeping rough in Calais, waiting for a chance to enter Britain.

This includes hundreds who will be evicted this week from the notorious 'Jungle' squat in the town, which riot police plan to destroy.

Under current law the asylum seekers should be sent back to the country where they entered the EU. 'Most of us are used to being moved on, so we are ready to adapt. We will find a place close to the ferry port so that we can keep trying to get to England.'

But, referring to a proposal which would allow foreigners to claim asylum in any EU country they want, Mr Barrot said: 'In order for the closure of the Jungle to make sense, it is necessary to share the burden between France and Great Britain.

'There should be a solidarity within the EU over asylum.

'National solutions to the problem are not viable.

'The people who are in Calais have crossed Europe and have one obsession - to get to Great Britain.

'With the modification of the current system, we should be able to convince the British to consider the claims of the asylum seekers who are stuck in the Jungle, because they have family links with the UK, or the ability to integrate thanks to the communities of their compatriots (in the UK).'

His proposal will be discussed by European interior ministers today.

His comments follow the announcement last week that the Jungle - an area full of migrants' improvised shelters - would be razed to the ground this week, in a bid to make Calais 'watertight' to the 2,000-odd asylum seekers in the area who want to enter Britain.

Mr Barrot said the migrants in Calais who already have family or large compatriot communities in the UK, should be allowed to enter.

The United Nations have also called for Britain to accept some of the migrants from the Jungle.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: 'People seeking asylum should do so in the first safe country they come to. Those not in need of protection will be expected to return home.'

High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said the British government should be prepared to allow migrants with large families already in the UK to enter the country.

The fact that illegal migrants can only claim asylum in the first EU country they come to has offered huge protection to the UK as it tries to stem the tide of those drawn by generous welfare benefits and jobs in the black economy.

The rule dates from 1997, when Tony Blair agreed them at a summit in Dublin. Before then, however, illegal immigrants could be returned directly to the country from which they entered Britain - usually France.

But with both the European Commission and United Nations calling for a change in the law, thousands could soon be allowed to make straight for the UK.

Mr Barrot, Brussels is a member of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's ruling UMP party.

He made his comments about Britain's asylum system to French journalists in Calais prior to Monday's meeting.

Any further influx of asylum seekers under his plan would come at a time when asylum applications to the UK are already rising.

Recent Home Office figures show that a total of 25,930 asylum applications - excluding dependents - were made to come to Britain last year, compared with 23,430 in 2007. Around one in seven claimants is granted the right to stay.

It came as migrants due to be evicted from the 'Jungle' shanty town began setting up alternative camps from where they will continue to plan their illegal journeys to Britain.

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart, a member of France's ruling UMP Party, said: 'Hundreds of migrants have already disappeared from the Jungle, but we're aware of a multiplication of squats in the centre of town.'

The Jungle, an area of wasteland full of improvised shelters, kitchens and even a mosque close to the town's ferry port, currently houses around 800 men and women who want to claim asylum in Britain or disappear into the black economy.

They play a nightly game of cat and mouse with the police as they try to board lorries and trains heading for Dover.

Police sources in the town have confirmed that CRS riot control officers supported by soldiers would move in to the camp, the largest of many, with batons and flame throwers on Tuesday, the day after Ramadan ends.

'Many of those living in the camp are Muslims from countries like Afghanistan and Iraq who want to get to Britain,' said one senior officer.

'We don't want to offend them by approaching the camp during Ramadan.'

But the local authorities confirmed the announced closure of the camp was simply moving the problem to a different area.

Some 350 CRS riot police had flooded into the area around The Jungle in preparation for its destruction.

'Our orders are to maintain a watching brief until it is time to move in,' said one officer waiting in a patrol vehicle with five others continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: The nationalist position is thus, all immigration would be stopped and a plan of humane repatriation begun, some will immediately jump to the defence of migrants, asylum-seekers and others, screeching about “human rights”, however, none of them, none at all have ever considered our, “human right”, to a country our own. They flood us, swamp us and alter wholly our countries and never consider us, instead we must, because we have built up an infrastructure, crafted a culture and amassed resource, we must share it with those that have not contributed, because to do so is not fair.

What about our “human rights”, our right to live as we have always done, for our children to have the chance of employment, for our traditions and our culture to predominate not subverted by those that oppose them. Certainly those migrants have “human rights”, yet it is not we, the common people that have created their plight, it is capitalism and its attendant evils that blight their countries of origin. Nationalism holds that capitalism will be harnessed to the peoples will, not to the banker or the web of world finance, nationalism states, that men of all colours, shall live in freedom and none shall live off their labour.

Yet in order to fix the world one must face facts, step away from this confounded lie and state loudly, no more!, no more immigration, no more acceptance of the parasite, the seeker of another’s wealth, our children, our people, our own, for a change, yet many live with guilt, why we were terrible in the past, slavery, empire and so forth, yet slavery has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with us and all to do with capitalism, the same empire, capitalism sought to profit and so it exploited indigenous peoples and indeed enlisted soldiers, sent to protect the stolen gains. Lest not forget, that those soldiers were as much owned as any slave, once the shilling was taken, orders could not be refused, we see an example today, as again our young men ,denied a living are send abroad to fight in a war for the avaricious.

Yet again cannon-fodder, yet again used and all they receive is conflict there and hate at home, not for them or indeed their families, mass profit, merely horrific fear, potential death or perhaps loss of limb .Today again our young have no choice, no jobs for them and again propaganda, many join and many die, yet our brave soldiers are in the wrong place, under a nationalist government they would not be in Afghanistan fighting a war for the agenda-makers, not risk their all for evil, under nationalism, they would police our borders, defend our interests not that of finance. Oh and well-kitted they’d be, well paid and well-loved, not dying due to lack of equipment, not maimed and heckled on wards, this then a land fit for heroes, a land fit for them.

Still talk is talk and in the real world you the people vote against your own interest, you malign nationalism and understand it not, so the flood will never cease, never stop, workers are needed for the agenda and in this colour is no bar. Can you not see, even now, the truth of our words, our warnings reverberating through time, ringing through the years and still you block your ears, “their human rights”, what about yours and better yet your children’s, what about your human rights, the right to a homeland, to tradition, to freedom and indeed in very many cases, to life, its time to close the door, start repatriation and regain our country, because we have no choice and it is our turn to have our “human rights” considered.

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