Police attacked with bricks and bottles at mosque protest

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Is it time for the right to oppose Islam, rather than leaving it to Zionist front groups?

POLICE came under attack from bottles and bricks this evening in violent clashes outside Harrow Central Mosque.

Superintendent Julia Pendry of the Met Police said: "What police set out to do today was to police peaceful protests.

"Unfortunately what unfolded was a series of acts of disorder and even cases of violence. Officers came under attack from bricks and bottles and we had to deploy our staff in protective equipment a number of times.

"Police had to take fast time action to stop events from getting even worse this afternoon, by intervening to prevent an imminent breach of the peace. We had to act to stop things from escalating.

"It is completely unacceptable for people to use the excuse of protest to break the law and behave in this way. We've been told that the majority of people that gathered in Station Road today were not even part of the local community. Stewards worked hard to intervene and keep the crowds calm, helping to prevent further disorder. What played out on the streets of Harrow today is completely unacceptable to everyone." continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: You see you never listened to us, the right, you gave us no platform, permitted the left free reign and you reap the whirlwind, this is but a taste, a small taste of what’s to come, there will indeed be rivers of blood, a situation nationalists have worked hard to prevent for so very many years. So cock-sure, weren’t you, you politicians, invite all and sundry against the wishes of the host population, do us down and walk all over us, yet can even you control things now, can even the state even hope to prevent the bloodbath to come, god I hate you, inflicting this upon a civilised country, forcing good people on the defensive, what dam right have you, to kill us in the name of an agenda.

Still you refuse to listen to reason, even as the first skirmishes occur, yet we have not started our defence, a position you force upon us, we want peace, not this, not bloodshed, yet you persist with your agenda, forcing all into a small landmass. Soon you will reap what you have sown, Europe shall erupt as it never has before, I would hope you are ready, because you must be, we offered you peace and you scorned us, we begged for release and you tightened the laws, we modernised and capitulated and you moved the goalposts, now an army roams in this land and so we must make ready, you leave us no choice.

To all reading this, I urge readiness, I ask that you look into defensive tactics, that you consider profoundly what is to come and make provision, this is not a happy England, a pleasant Britain, a continent now of joy, now they oppress this cultures very makers and the violent prowl upon “our” streets. Secure are you, you scum, safe in your well-guarded homes, your exclusive areas, untouched yet by the evil you have unleashed, make the most of it, savour every moment, we did not have the chance, you destroyed our areas, wrecked our infrastructure, corrupted our morals and led us to this, again to the cull.

For some time now people ready, individuals, peace-loving are forced to consider protection, the state will not protect them, does not protect them and so many prepare, I myself will fight tothe death against this evil, against this tyranny, I will certainly die but not alone. At some point the balloon will go up and law and order will vacate, already there are places where law enforcement is impossible and the criminal has the street. When violence breaks as it now must, I must be ready and know this I am not alone, we will simply not permit attacks upon our community, upon those we love and upon our person.

Stop now with your experiment, it has gone too far, peace is better than bloodshed, war is no object of desire, I feel sorry for you, deeply sorry, for not only are you traitors to your people but should events continue you will be loathed hated and sought as the enemy, a quite terrible fate. The world was right you know, it didn’t need fixing, didn’t need altering, yet now there is so much to fix, so much you have corrupted, quite soon, very soon, Europe must rise and in some way will do so, the pen has tried, perhaps the sword fares better, whatever the outcome, you are the cause, every politician, businessman/women, egalitarian, liberal and the rest, all who have enforced this unholy agenda.

So here is how it is, whites are under attack, our culture, our sense of self and even our gene, our own government creates laws to discriminate against us, non-whites of all descriptions milk our land, shout us down and tell us what to think. Currently Islam marshals within our land, our once Great Britain, it is no exaggeration to say, that they can place at least many hundreds upon the street ,once upon the street, it becomes racial, I have been there and I know this to be true. With my own two eyes I have seen it and I have had to physically defend other whites attacked savagely, I will use any mechanism to defend my people, any device and any plan, yet I abhor violence.

Some tell me it is part of a great plan, a contrived clash so that you the state can instil evermore draconian law, yet to me at least this is a trifling thing, when young teenage lads are being beaten by savages before my eyes, when even the police are frightened, when non-whites hunt us down as prey then defence is the only way. Anything, anything at all in such circumstance is permitted, survival is the only criteria, anything else is meaningless, yet nationalism hasn’t spoken, the people haven’t either, yet continue to permit this abhorrence and you usher in chaos, create friction where it needn’t be and even our community has its defenders.

Perhaps I’m being over dramatic, after all the streets are safe(ish) law and order is upheld, yet for how long, how many years, when this generation have their children, what then, will the state itself have chance, already France suffers, parts of Sweden are given over, good god what have you done. What a mess you have created, perhaps I muse this started off benign, a way to unite, yet you must know now it is the wrong way, that it creates, actually creates conflict, yet you cannot be wrong ,cannot, admit your mistake and so blood flows and will do so in the future.

Perhaps eventually armed officers will patrol the streets, what a change, gone the bobby, now a militia, yet we were always a great country, on the whole a pleasant country, law-abiding on average and it was a green and pleasannt land, now of course all that has gone, down the memory hole and we have been handed this, thank you, thank you all, such a gift, such a present. What a legacy for you all, you mad, mad dreamers, insane in your ivory towers, so out of touch or perhaps you just don’t care and never did, well if they attack us we shall confront them, if whites become the hunted we shall not go easy.

And you know you haven’t ruined us completely, oh you think you have but underneath, underneath all the rubbish, the obsession with self and all the rest of the individualism you endeavour to create, white shares a bond with white and in conflict this is tighter, I have little time for nu-nationalism but attack them as people and I shall rage on their behalf. Any threat to my community must be countered, so the cauldron bubbles and law-abiding, non-violent, family men must consider their safety and that of their families in the years to come, what a triumph for egalitarians.

AAWR shall hopefully contain a new section, should I be able to contact certain people, many of them ex-military and one especially with comprehensive knowledge, I hope to be able to create a section on survival, ranging from physical defence to surviving natures wrath, I hope this comes to pass. Still for now you have the net and it is filled with material ,all of it aimed at survival, we are not talking here about attack, about violence for violence sake but in the dark years to come, who knows what fate may bring.

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