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The TV technicians' union has attacked the BBC's decision to invite BNP leader Nick Griffin on to Question Time and pledged to join a demonstration against the recording of the programme.

Bectu said it would support any of its members who refused to work on the programme, which will be transmitted on October 22.

General secretary Gerry Morrissey said: "We believe there should be no media coverage of the BNP and I have raised this issue with the director general, Mark Thompson.

"He said they have been invited on to the programme because they have won elections, but we strongly disagree. continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: All unions are simply communist fronts; they take your hard-earned subscriptions and use them to promote concepts and ideas, contrary to the welfare and betterment of the common-man. The idea of a union is a good thing, capitalism is invariably greedy, seeking to exploit all resource in order to augment profit margin, in the eyes of big-business you are not an individual, a person, merely a resource, so it is your interest to form a workers rights organisation, a union, however, leftists, the far-left, infiltrate and subvert such movements against the common good.

Under a nationalist government the worker shall have rights, the right to a fair wage for a days work, the right to good working conditions and the right to be placed first ahead of foreign competition. Further, under a nationalist government an industrial infrastructure would again be built, our children not resigned to useless schemes or a life of unemployment, instead we would make it an utter priority, to usher in a new age of mass employment ,worker recognition and fair treatment. Alternatively you could vote non-nationalist, keep paying your subscriptions for communists to do you down, watch as your country becomes all the more a service nation and your children futureless.

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