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A SIKH policeman told yesterday how he felt like a character from TV’s Only Fools And Horses when his bosses asked him to wear a “crash turban” helmet.

PC Gurmeal Singh, 31, was asked to remove his turban by Greater Manchester Police, who told him that he had to wear a regulation force helmet.

But when chiefs suggested that he get a protective turban instead, Mr Singh said it reminded him of an episode of the TV sitcom.

Millions watched the show as Del Boy Trotter, played by David Jason, took a delivery of 200 “crash turbans”, which he hoped to sell on to “motorbike-riding Sikhs throughout Peckham”.

Now Mr Singh says he is seeking £200,000 in compensation for racial discrimination after being left “offended and humiliated”.

He told a Manchester employment hearing: “I am deeply offended. My turban is not an article of clothing, like a shirt or tie – it is part of me, a part of my religion, and I feel as though my religion and I have become an issue for GMP.

“I had images in my mind of a helmet with a turban crossed around it, similar to that shown in an episode of Only Fools And Horses where a turban cloth was wrapped around a riding helmet.

“It has made me feel alienated. This is an organisation where senior officers are making racist remarks about machine-gunning down Eid celebrators.”

PC Singh said he had been a practising Sikh all his life. He has worn a turban – which is a strict requirement of his faith – since he was 15 years old.

He joined the force in 2003 as a Police Community Support Officer, but problems began when he was asked to go out on cycle patrols.

“I was not allowed to patrol on the pedal cycle without a safety helmet, despite the law exempting Sikhs from wearing protective headgear,” he said.

“I felt ostracised. As I did not want to wear a helmet I was told that I would not be able to make use of the pedal cycles.

“This meant that I would have to cover the same area of the division by foot, when other officers had the luxury of the pedal cycle policing. I felt disheartened and ostracised.”

He said his promotion to a fully-fledged constable was delayed by 18 months after an assistant chief constable said he was concerned by the fact that Mr Singh did not wear a badge on his turban – despite his claims that this would go against his religion.

Mr Singh added: “I constantly had to reiterate and justify why I did not wear a badge on my turban.” He explained how, during his training, he reluctantly had to remove his turban and put on a helmet in order to complete some of the tasks.

He went on: “I felt coerced and I saw no other option than to remove my turban and wear the helmet in order to carry out the training.

“I was deeply offended and humiliated. I felt as though I had betrayed those oaths that I took at the age of 15.

“I was also coerced into walking through a petrol fire exercise, despite having told one of the other trainers that the substance I use to gel my beard down is highly flammable.

“It is considered a serious breach of the Sikh code of practice if the hair of the face or head is cut or singed.” continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: You know I feel sorry for Mr Singh ,forced to come here with a gun to his head and then forced with a gun to his head to join the police, why we should change all of our laws and traditions for aliens, we’re very impolite, our culture should be seconded to all others, we should permit the many millions that come here to feed of us every accommodation, of course, some parties welcome Sikhs as brothers, seeing only Muslims they simply cannot comprehend the threat from others traditions, in reality each and everyone should go home, the experiment is over and it has failed.

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