Police in warning ahead of protest

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Police are warning troublemakers to steer clear of a planned demonstration against "radical Islam".

The English Defence League (EDL), an organisation which opposes "radical Muslims" and Sharia law, is staging a protest in Manchester city centre.

A counter demonstration, by Unite Against Fascism (UAF), will also be held.

EDL demonstrators plan to meet in Piccadilly Gardens, with an address by an "expert speaker", followed by a two-minute silence for soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The national anthem will also be sung.

A statement on the EDL website claims: "Racism will NOT be tolerated in the EDL. We are a multi-ethnic, multi-faith organisation."

It also states that anyone attending who takes part in racial, anti-religious or violent behaviour, unless in self defence, will be asked to leave.

An estimated 2,000 demonstrators from the UAF, which opposes far-right political parties and the British National Party, plan to meet in Piccadilly Gardens ahead of the EDL gathering.

UAF spokesman Mike Gilligan said: "Our plan is to occupy Piccadilly Gardens and keep the EDL out."

Chief Superintendent Gerry Donnellan, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "If people come to Manchester to protest they are legally entitled to do so. If you are going to come to Manchester and think you can get away with shouting racist, inflammatory remarks, you can expect us to respond." continues here

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