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So it seems that the EDL managed to deploy more bodies upon the street and we know that there were many more that wished to attend but were prevented by police-lines, apparently the policing was somewhat different than in Birmingham and more of an effort was made at control. The EDL had made a big effort to raise numbers and indeed from our inquiries so had the left, quite luckily we were able to attend both sides, a situation quite, quite impossible before. As anticipated the opposers in Manchester were liable to be white, at least in outward appearance, although this is not always an indicator of genotype, further there is a large leftist community within Manchester and within that a hardcore of sometimes violent left-wingers.

Yet the news we have is that the left were somewhat disappointed, at times quite frightened and it has been muted that perhaps confrontation has failed, given the augmentation in EDL numbers and the failure to motivate so-called anti-fascists, on a par with the numbers seen in Harrow, fielded by the Muslim and non-white communities. Yet if the left cannot field in strength in Manchester, then where can they and given the terrific increase in EDL numbers there is gloom within the leftist camp. On the other hand the EDL are delighted, although again, rightists attended the protest and from all sides of the counter Islam spectrum numbers were up, yet amongst the EDL crowd, and we have to assume that they were ordinary supporters/members, a more right of centre attitude is developing, although there has yet to be a full discussion once individuals return.

Again by all accounts the policing was more efficient and there was a sustained use of dogs and extreme containment, contrary to official news reports much of Manchester central was closed down, actually cordoned off and life did not “carry on as normal” for ordinary citizens, this in itself is a worrying precedent and we, we nationalists, can learn best practice. EDL protestors were terrifically hemmed in, surrounded by many officers and even horses were used, the leftists on the other hand had much freer movement and this bodes ill for the EDL on future demos that is if they are permitted to hold them. Again our lads spotted nationalists in the crowd and apparently quite a few that adopted nationalist attire, if there is such a thing, again it seems that regardless of EDL rhetoric and the wishes of their Zionist backers, resistance simply cannot function without a healthy dose of nationalism.

Yet police tactics today were I am led to believe extremely draconian and the use of both horses and dogs, coupled with and I quote “steel constructions to divide the street” is quite worrying, on a positive note it seems that the left have finally shown their true colours and they can never again hope for reconciliation with the white working-class of this country. Still I look forward to the whole story and hope that those true nationalists that went to both monitor events and to protest, arrive home to those they love safely.

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