BNP candidate jeered during speech

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Candidates and the majority of the assembled audience jeered and walked out as the BNP's candidate made his speech after finishing in fourth place.

Despite failing to retain the deposit at the Glasgow North East by-election after receiving only 1,013 votes, Charlie Baillie insisted his party had shown it was a credible alternative.

But he was dogged by cries of "Nazi scum" and "scum of the earth", which continued after he left the platform and was making his way out of the count in Glasgow.

One person who was particularly critical of the BNP was Graham Campbell from the African and Caribbean network.

Speaking to journalists afterwards, Mr Campbell hit out at the BBC's decision to host the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, on a Question Time panel.

Mr Campbell said: "There was no BNP campaign before Question Time. The BBC have publicised them in the community."

Before the result was announced, Mr Baillie was predicting his party would save its deposit and 'possibly more'.

It was thought during the count that the BNP would attain third place and retain its deposit for the first time in Scotland.

However, in the end, the Conservatives and their candidate Ruth Davidson came third, beating the BNP by 62 votes.

First Minister Alex Salmond also criticised the BBC for generating a "ridiculous and wholly unwarranted" amount of publicity for the BNP in Scotland.

Mr Salmond said: "I bitterly regret the irresponsibility of the BBC and others for generating the ridiculous and wholly unwarranted volume of publicity the BNP received in Scotland.

"Yet they didn’t come third, they didn’t save their deposit, and they were resoundingly rejected by the people of Glasgow North East.”

The SNP leader also said he was pleased his party had made progress in Glasgow despite losing the seat vacated by former Commons speaker Michael Martin.

He added: "David Kerr achieved progress in what is the Labour Party’s safest seat in Scotland despite a relentlessly negative Labour campaign.

"He did chalk up the SNP’s best Westminster share of the vote in this constituency for 35 years. continues here

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