English Defence League protest in Bolton called off

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Zionist creation the English defence League have apparently called off a demonstration in Bolton due to it clashing with a Hindu festival, according to a statement issued the protest was called off after the English Defence League (EDL) “received information that far-left groups were planning to attack Hindus whilst dressed in EDL clothing, which may be purchased freely from our internet shop”. However, a more likely reason is that individuals likely to attend the demonstration, would contest any alien colonisation of this country, be it Muslim, Hindu or any other, this would put the cat among the pigeons so to speak and so the EDL had little choice but to call off the protest.

Here at AAWR we believe that
violence is not the answer, at least not at this stage, although the future looks bleak for whites and therefore the situation must be kept constantly under review and in any event, self-defence should be the right of all free men. However, the EDL and many of their supporters act like thugs, attacking police-officers and showing little respect for the areas they choose to hold their protests in, it would seem that the game is to tarnish nationalism by proxy, an easy accomplishment given that the general public in the main, cannot tell the difference between this pro-Zionist bunch of thugs and real nationalists.

Nationalists should they obtain power, would crackdown on thugs and hooligans, therefore real nationalists simply cannot support such action within the wider community, again self-defence is not a crime and nationalists have the absolute right to defend themselves but not to rampage through an area rioting and causing distress. So most nationalists watch the actions of the EDL with a mixture of incredibility and indeed dismay, further we cannot understand how a group that wilfully commits violence and contravenes public order can still be so protected, although in truth we know the answer the EDL are not nationalists they serve a purpose both for the state and indeed Zionism.

Nationalists from all groups/parties and organisations wholly distance themselves from this created group, their actions, statements and mission purpose are to stir up trouble, advocate multiculturalism and masquerade as patriotic and to the public eye as nationalists. For those interested real nationalists parties and groups exist and AAWR would urge all those interested to follow the links to such posted upon this site, read the information presented and make a decision. Rioting, drunken chanting and violence is not nationalism and indeed it is quite easy to equate such with the actions of certain immigrant communities now resident that should not have been. If you want to fight for your country ,your right to exist freely within your own culture amongst your own then join with nationalists to fight for it, do not be hoodwinked by Zionists and state-created groups.

Below the English Defence Leagues statement in full:

Statement Regarding Planned EDL Bolton Demonstration

We, the EDL Leadership Team, have decided to postpone our Bolton demonstration, which was set to take place on the 6th of March. This decision was taken in light of the fact that a Hindu religious festival is scheduled for the same day, at the same time and in the same location as our planned demonstration.

We have received information that far-left groups were planning to attack Hindus whilst dressed in EDL clothing, which may be purchased freely from our internet shop. This cowardly attack, had it taken place, was to be blamed on our organisation with the intent of discrediting our stated aim of peacefully protesting against radical Islam. Due to the respect we have for the peace loving Hindu community, we deemed it only right and proper that we cancel our own plans to ensure their safety. We hope that the action we have taken will be taken as further proof that we stand only against Muslim extremists. No other decent, honest, peaceful person or group has anything to fear from the EDL.

The good people of Bolton, who have shown us solid support, should be reassured that we will arrange another demonstration in due course. No street, town or city is off-limits to the English Defence League in our own land. We shall never surrender a single, solitary inch of our country to extremists. We shall defend our freedoms, our values and our culture against all who would destroy them.

May we also take this opportunity to apologise to those who had already made plans to attend our demonstration. We did not take our decision lightly, but we are sure you will agree that it was the correct decision to make.

EDL Leadership Team

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