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Welcome to this little weblog, a little corner of cyberspace, where it is hoped, you can rest, put your feet up and speak your mind, leave the evil of political correctness at the door and experience the marvel of free speech. Here, comment is free, liberty reins and truth is spoken, here, there is no erroneous talk of equality, or kow-towing to minority interests, here a thought crime is an alien concept.

I know that many will disagree, in some it will provoke anger, however, freedom of thought and belief is all, it is our greatest freedom, a freedom slowly being snuffed out, across the world. To many I will be seen as a racist, an anti-Semite, a bigot, a hater, some will not take the time to read, absorb and finally know, they will be consumed with intolerance, whilst preaching the reverse.

And so to them I say, no, I am not a racist, I do not hate for hatreds sake, I have no desire for murder, mayhem and chaos, in fact these things I fight, however, I am a realist, a racialist and a nationalist. In being a realist, I am grounded, anchored by commonsense, whilst others scurry hither and thither, panicking, least they say the wrong thing, least they fall foul of the group, many spend their lives, walking on eggshells, afraid, is that freedom, does that represent an era of enlightenment?

In these times, the majority live in abject fear of the minority, we have become afraid to think, afraid to support, either our nations or indeed our communities. We have become, merely parts in a great machine, we are both a slave force and a consumer base, nothing more and as our trinkets grow, we have less of any real value. In destroying our country, they have ruined our sense of community, until finally we draw into ourselves, discarding community for self, the rise of selfishness begins.

Once the metamorphosis has taken place, it is difficult to overturn, we become merely an individual, concerned with individual cares, the “what’s in it for me” philosophy, becomes our all, in this state, they have won, individuals all working for disparate interests, cannot hope to effect change, whereas a mass, a shift of a people in unity can achieve anything. And so we are bought, lied to and corrupted, becoming utterly malleable but what if you stand up pull yourself free and stand in the light of awareness.

Why then you are a hater, the lowest of the low, a wretch, denied the right to speak, to state your case, to be judged by your peers, instead, they will tell your fellows what to think, what to think of both you and the views you espouse. For them, freedom equates to the freedom to buy, the freedom to work for them but never the freedom to question. Currently all we have is this medium, this restricted channel, we are few amongst so many, disparate, disembodied voices, all vying for attention and yet one day, they will take this also, snuff out this freedom, as if merely turning off a light.

As they take away our freedom, “for our own good mind”, they will claim its for a better world, a more humane world, a more egalitarian world, whilst extreme malevolence clouds our age. The very first criterion of liberty, is the freedom to dissent, the freedom to disagree, the freedom to fight for change, should each of these avenues be oppressed, then you are not free and can never in truth, claim to be.

Realism, it has I suppose, different interpretations for different people, my views on race, may not suit egalitarians for instance, or perhaps my opposition to socialism, in all of its machiavellian forms, may very well sit uncomfortably with many. Far and away, my greatest crime may be, my entrenched opposition to Jewish ethnocentrism, considered an offence extraordinaire, in these regrettable times. However, whilst having no wish to eradicate or gaol the Jews, I also have no wish to be exploited, lied to and generally deceived, or dragged kicking and screaming, into conflicts of no concern to our people.

I am undeniably a racialist, does this mean I hate other races, consider myself superior, wish to cause them harm, the answer in the strongest terms, is no, I am a nationalist, to seek the destruction of another race, creed or culture goes against the very core of nationalist ideology, it is the very antithesis. Perhaps if you think differently, you have been taught to, a racialist, quite simply chooses not to lie, either to themselves or the wider world, we our willing to stand up and declare, that yes, we are all different, that equality is a falsehood and that, endeavouring to socially engineer, artificial assimilation, produces only fear, mistrust and bloodshed.

It may come as a surprise but true nationalists cherish diversity, what I hear you say, surely not, you are haters, thugs, and ruffians, hell-bent on creating a hell on earth. You must question how you know this, from what source have you gotten your information, could it be, that your information is tainted, that leftist propaganda has left its mark? Above I have stated, that we desire no violence, no chaos, no destruction of peoples or nations, on top of this, I must say again, contrary to the lefts propaganda, we value diversity, it is we and only we, that wish to preserve mother natures grand design. We have no wish to exploit anywhere, lest of all Africa or the Middle East, march booted soldiers into Muslim lands, insist that our ways are the best and force at point of gun your adherence to them.

In return we ask the same, that our ways are respected, that our people, cultures and traditions continue, unchanged for those that are to come. For a nationalist the primary word is “unchanged”, by this we mean both culturally and genetically, you see, to truly preserve diversity, one must remain distinct, rather like the mantis, if we mate together one of us shall die. Leftists fight us on this, they continually harangue us, they say, that wanting to preserve nature is inhumane, wrong, evil, hateful, that our ideas are extreme, I have to ask are they?

Is preserving mankind’s distinctiveness really evil, is protecting the child, from womb to adulthood evil, is respecting all nations and cultures evil, no it is not. I ask is opposing Leftism evil, this creed that has murdered so many, is it evil to fight capitalism, that avaricious ideology, that ravages our planet, scars whole continents and creates so much destruction. Is it evil in the final analysis, to wish to hand down to my children and theirs, a nation, a culture and a genotype, I have to say it is not. Those same leftists that attack us sanction and advocate, the slaughter of millions of the unborn, helpless infants, sucked from the safety of the womb and disposed of like trash.

Those same egalitarians permit vast waves of uncontested immigration, knowing that it is unsustainable, that it imperils a people and culture, undermines security and devastates an eco-system. They stand back, as a whole people succumb to evil and dare to say, they speak for the common man, successively they have worked against the interests of common man, be they of any creed. As I write these words, China, that vast and growing mammoth, exploits the Negroes of Africa, rapes their environment and enslaves its people, this without consideration of, the crimes committed against its own people.

Could this be a one-off, could Leftism, be the benevolent creed it portrays itself as and I merely the stereotypical nasty nationalist, to this I can only ask, that you look into the facts, that rather than let them control your thinking, you investigate yourself. It is difficult, to the victors, goes the control of history and the spoils of war, this is perfectly natural, who after all, would willingly give themselves a bad press, nevertheless, it is your right as a sentient being, to make up your own mind. Except of course, if you live in China, as the Internet is filtered and information in other mediums is rare to say the least, although to give China its due, the mass murder of its citizenry, has calmed down somewhat.

I will, you may be assured, write my own thoughts on Marxism, socialism, Leftism, egalitarianism and many other “isms” and you are quite welcome to pop back, I ask only that you have an open mind, that you leave leftist intolerance in some other place, that you respect me as I will respect you and perhaps together we may seek a greater truth. I would also hope, that you will comment, for a number of reasons however, three stand out.

Firstly, free speech is a wonderful thing and here you have it, in this age please make full use of it regardless of political orientation.

Secondly, It is nice to obtain feedback, appreciation or not, for the work put in, the long hours of writing, research and “writers block”

Thirdly, as I stated above, it is your right to obtain truth in your own way, however, it is my right to, I believe that life is a learning process, I am not infallible, in many things I may be wrong, I may be blinkered in some aspects, naive in others. I will admit when I am wrong but most of all I will permit others their voice.

Comment is free upon this site, however, unnecessary language from whichever quarter will be deleted, apart from that enjoy freedom of speech. Mr Cognisant

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