Disestablishment of Church of England would 'not be end of the world,' says Archbishop of Canterbury

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The Archbishop of Canterbury has said it would not be ‘the end of the world’ if the Church of England lost the privileged position it has held in English life since the Reformation.

Dr Rowan Williams opened the explosive issue of disestablishment – splitting the Church and state – by agreeing he could see a case for the move.

For centuries, the Church of England
has been established by law as the country’s official religion, with the Monarch as its Supreme Governor.

Mr Woolas said the move was inevitable because ‘modern society is multifaith’.

The Government quickly slapped him down, insisting it had no intention of taking any steps to disestablish the Church.

Sir Alan Beith, chairman of the Commons justice select committee – whose remit includes constitutional reform – said: ‘There is no massive demand from minor religious groups like Muslims, Jews and Sikhs for disestablishment.

‘Dr Williams is the kind of person if asked a straight question will give a straight and honest answer, which is clearly what he has done here.’

Jonathan Bartley, co-director of religious think-tank Ekklesia, welcomed the comments.

He said: ‘Disestablishment is long overdue, and it would be better for it to occur sooner rather than later. The established status of the church contradicts ideas of equality, fairness and justice which Christianity is supposed to
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