Fog of Deceit

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To smash a mirror you first need to shatter it, divide it into pieces, nationalism is a mirror of society and it has been smashed, I belong, for good or bad, to old school or as I like to phrase it, correct nationalism, whilst there are many who have adopted populist or Nu-nationalism. Nu-nationalism endeavours to hide behind lies and hypocrisy, it seeks to attack the easy target whilst simultaneously lining us up in the huntsman’s sights, it does the work of our enemies though some may not know it. Perpetually now there is the call for moderation, the call to modify, change direction or even disregard traditional stance, all this in order to chase the vote, appeal to the masses and gain power(sic).  

Yet should we gain power in this way, it would be a useless power, we mere puppets of greater powers, better to change things from within they say, get to number 10 and change the world, all very laughable, all very stupid, we seek to run in their race, to gain triumph in a staked game, to reach the pinnacle they choose, to lift the cup of freedom according to their rules, is no freedom at all. Is it worth it, this rush to change, this charge of the stupid, this sham nationalism, this contrived creed, must we step down now, we true nationalists make way for others, others who refuse to adhere to correct principle, to rally to the true call. 

It is as if we are besieged by madness, taken by foolish notion, intoxicated by falsehood, we stagger to our grave, laughing as loons beneath a malevolent moon, you offer no salvation, no hope for my children and others, instead you offer lies, treachery and the certainty of defeat, never before have we faced such threat, days past such as you wandered in a lonely desert, rambling your foolishness, beyond earshot of all, now you shout your madness, trumpet your false call and in desperation they rush to your banner. 

Come one, come all, lay down all truth and drink of falsehood, we shall save you, we shall triumph, those of old failed in all that they did, follow us and be free, such lies, eaten as sweets by the gullible, feasted upon by the naïve, until our peoples umbrella, its shield flutters tattered and useless. Oh and what do they say, these liars, these carrion, these peddlers of treachery, “we have achieved more than you, succeeded where you have failed, look at our councillors, look at our election success”, they never once realise as to why. They can offer you more you know, throw more morsels from the table, give in enough and you can sit sated, panting as a dog, laughed at by all, finally you become as they, a problem is all. 

Why an impotent force is no force at all, give them what they want, it is power they seek power is all, still malevolence holds our people in its grip, still financial enslavement sucks the life from millions ,still leftist thought butchers common sense and still the puppet masters call the tune, dance why don’t you, for all to see. You will notice that weblogs and sites that describe themselves as nationalist seldom have a link to here, seldom have a link to other true nationalist sites it does not suit them, the truth hurts I suppose. 

Try it, go to these sites, these places of falsehood, look amongst the rubbish for the glimmer of truth it is not there, oh you can disparage the Muslim, call them what you like, help to radicalise another, why you almost pack the rucksack for them but truth, no, it is nowhere to be found. Few tackle the money powers, few discuss race, all though stir the pot, it is allowed you see, permitted, attack Islam and that is all. Funny, that Islam too stands against tyranny, in its own lands, that those vested interests that once attacked true nationalists, now attack Islam for similar reasons, strange then that nationalism should join the fray, charge to battle under their banner and when they’re done with Islam what then, will they turn to us and mop us up, god only knows we present no threat, easy prey now we. 

Have you no brains, you who follow nu-nationalism, this reprehensible creed, this disgrace, this insult to those gone before, have you no shame, raising the banner of nationalism in false cause, marshalling all for pretence. You aid only our opponents, those that wish us gone, those that herald in a new order, you do only their work, yes you talk of tradition, talk of salvation, talk the talk, just as the Tories of old, say one thing whilst doing another. 

Our soldiers must be brought back but kill Islam, a hypocrisy if ever there was one, freedom but lets play their game, nationalism but lets get rid of those nasty racists, the recession is terrible but give us your money, it all makes me sick. This isn’t nationalism, isn’t even a shadow of it, it has stolen the name that is all, I watch as my way of life ends, as those evil forces gain the field, yet in these last days, these last years before all that has gone before dies out, I find that it is those who call themselves nationalists that commit the greatest betrayal. 

Yes I expect it of the left, from Jewry, from greedy capitalists, from misinformed youth and led astray minorities but from my own or those that say they are, who would’ve thought it. Of course, true patriots are always sold down the river by those that wave the flag, always betrayed by populists, those that pretend the game, whilst mouthing just what they’re told. I am not surprised, confusion does not rattle me, I am not beset by it, populism pandering to evil, is as much an enemy of nationalism as egalitarianism, the left or the money powers. 

It is the ill-knowledgeable I pity, those not schooled in true nationalism, those taken in by snake-oil salesmen, those feverishly undertaking tasks that can only lead to our undoing, lead to our end. Oh God if we had a movement, if we had chance, instead of this, this sham, trained as Pavlov’s dogs, released to do evils bidding, I would hope your happy, you who would set all a fire, for evils gain, that would set one against the other, I can almost see them patting your head, see as you strain against your leash, ever-eager to fight their foe, you must make them so proud. 

You serve not your own if your own we are, you serve other masters, some do not know, some do not care and others look only to personal gain, some regard themselves as really big fish now, conceit blinds. As I sit here, I know that unless we can shake off this phoney nationalism we are finished, if truth be told, even should we, we may be finished, perhaps things have gone too far, perhaps the shackles are already in place ,though yet to tighten ,we may be yet to realise we are but prisoners.  

In any event time moves on and we as a race may be lost to this world and the world shall not care, just another breed out of existence, succumbing to superior force, no none shall mourn, yet it is not fair, although who ever said it would be, its not fair that we should die yet never make a stand, never fight our ground, if gone we must be, then at least let us have the grace of combat, of resistance, of pride. Why must we wriggle on the ground, squirm for eternity, kneel before dispatch as nu-nationalists do, why must we sell-out all in hopes of survival, when in selling out survival means naught. 

Can we not live as men and die as men or must we succumb, kneel at the feet of our enemies and thank them, why if they had their way we would alter our defence to suit them, change to their need forsaking our own. That is not my nationalism, not the way I wish to go out, bowing and scraping, begging and pleading, lying and deceiving, better to go out shouting defiance then die with a whimper, better to hold fast to truth than sell-out a people. 

I don’t often write now, in truth I don’t have the time, as perhaps you, I am struggling under the yoke of finance, forced by dint of circumstance to work long hours for little pay, not for me an easy life, not for me a measured pace. I must run through my life, every penny counting, every bill a struggle, I am as millions before and millions now to eke out my life, whilst the speculator does naught ,whilst the moneymen grow richer I am doomed to struggle, so to mine and perhaps theirs, drained until death by the vampire. 

Is there no end ,no other way, must we all struggle mightily against impossible odds, watch as a minority live a good life, whilst we must struggle for bread on the table and roof over head, must I languish in servitude whilst they have it all. Are we to merely pay taxes and die, is this it, a never ending cycle of slavery, must we all be so bled dry, until husks we become, can we never attain peace, never attain true autonomy. 

Perhaps then the truth of it is this, in order to achieve true freedom we must smash the power of money, subdue the beast, let it serve us rather than we it, too radical I suppose, especially for nu-nationalists, why they would rail against me. Shall I let you into a little secret, a secret you perhaps know but never fully realise, Islam contests usury, usury you ask, yes the making of money through interest, creating wealth from another’s labour, in other words Islam stands directly in the way of this enslaving practice. 

So what do the moneymen do create a bogyman, oh no not all non-white immigrants to be contested, no, they create laws against that, only Islam, this creed that stands defiant before it, Christianity, which to once recognised the evil of usury, lies broken, a useless and abandoned home to western people, now all that stands against the money powers is Islam and true nationalism. So what do so-called nationalists do, why they attack it, vilify it, strike out at it, and create an enemy, whilst in the shadows the moneymen subdue a chuckle. 

They have contrived this clash of cultures, stoked up the fires of hate, until the world tethers on the brink, can they, can they push us will they manage, set us running headlong into battle, spurred on by false prophets. Already nu-nationalism sides with the money powers, displays and voices its betrayal, no shame, no honour, tainted and useless it serves other masters, yes our people wil rush to battle, dive in, fight what they believe to be their corner ,this is not new, it is a scheme of old merely given new face. 

When the dust settles as surely it will, the moneymen will be richer, Islam will be no more or softened and Europe will be brown, still the moneymen hold onto power, the world turns and white is a memory. 

Do I want it this war, this war championed by this evil nu-nationalism, do I wish to see my people slaughtered en-masse again, their blood let for the gain of others, do I wish to see its aftermath, the end of freedom and the beginning of hell, no, yet I am one of few voices daring to speak truth in an age of lies. In the past others said no, the Germans are not the enemy, they do-not want war ,the money powers should be challenged not other peoples, traitor they called, coward they cried and finally enemy they shouted, are times now any different, will any bother to hear the call and avert the rush to war. 

Some hold romantic notions, whites repelling the enemy and regaining their ancestral lands, if only that were true, if only WW2 were fought against evil, instead of to topple an empire, create a new one and thwart an ideology. If only truth were out for all to see it, instead a fog of lies blinds almost all, in desperation many rush hither thither seeking safety under any banner ,be that banner true or false, the same as before, truth has been turned on its head, the fog swirls until few can see truths banner. 

Into the mix this mercenary army, this band of the stupid, lashing out at all and sundry always missing true target, better they were to sheath their sword rather than commit such foolhardy bloody carnage. Yet they have been programmed, set as before on a course, blind mice led by an invisible piper, yet for all their rhetoric it is all our children who will die, all our children who will be maimed and all our children who face threat, yet I don’t want to give my children to them, don’t want mine exposed, have no desire to risk all I love for their vanity and blindness. 

Yet how many felt the same years ago, how many realised moneys intent, strove for truth in a fog of lies only for their own to go against them, I am one of few voices and again I will not be heard, none shall avert their gaze from the created enemy, whilst money gains. The future is bleak ,filled with foreboding and tainted by evils presence, still my people cannot see ,still they are used, still they will give their blood as they have before, when will you throw them out, when will you realise, when will the eagle rise and the sun shine on freedom. 14

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