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So its another year, another chance they say to begin again, certainly it feels like that as 2008 leaves us and 2009 strides in, in reality of course, we can never make the major chances, never alter our lives noticeably, except perhaps on a personal level. Many of us make “new years resolutions”, only to break them before Januarys end, few realise that a resolution can be made at any time and needs not a new year, or indeed its eve.

Resolutions on a personal level are all well and good, however, for many families individuals, their lives are governed by government policy or lack of it, for the banker parliament has his back, yet for the manual worker the low paid or the unconnected parliament simply doesn’t care. In this situation all the resolutions in the world will not pull a family out of poverty, raise pensions or create jobs or indeed prevent their loss.

Christmas week, three individuals returned home form work, only to individually receive three answer phone messages, all identical, all dismissing them from their current employment, some of them had mortgages to pay, all had families, commitments. Another individual had never been unemployed, never relied upon the state, he to, earlier this year lost his livelihood, now of course he lives off savings, refusing to “sign-on”, yet soon he must, as all he has worked for is put at risk or dwindles.

In his case and I should imagine others, it is the banks that put pressure on, the banks that are merciless, the banks that create suffering, how can it be, he says, that the banks, those very institutions that cannot manage their own finances, without bailout from the public purse, who then turn around and persecute individuals placed in this mess, for no reason of their own. The unfairness of it all is astounding, yet not quite for me, baffling, banks exist for no other reason than to make money off the individual, the very nature of banks is not to “look after”, the money of others but to use the money in order to turn a profit, official thievery, sanctioned pilfering, immoral evil.

It is rather like asking a neighbour or friend to look after your car in their garage, whilst you take a holiday and they then using it for their own purpose, their own enjoyment, what if then they crash, as finance has, what if your precious car is no more, would not your neighbour be wrong, would not the bank, such an unfair world we live in, a world crafted for evils gain at expense of good. Another individual has had to take a pay cut, whilst another works long hours for little money as a cleaner, another individual finds it difficult walking ,finds even driving painful, this individual continued to work until made redundant his medical problem grew worse and yet having rarely taken money from the public purse he has been refused DLA or disabled living allowance.

It has been a hard Christmas in that house, as he confined to the sofa, can see no way back to health, this refusal grates on him, as he has paid into the very system that now denies him, whilst the newcomer, the shiftless and the idle receive all. What of our young, what future for them, denied housing due to mass immigration, denied work due to same and deplorable government policy, forced now into the service sector, college or poverty, there is no future for them, no decent future, all that they should have had denied them and all given free to the world.
So you see resolutions are all very well yet they have little effect, little impact upon the real world, perhaps if we all made the resolution to throw this evil from power, to begin again anew then we could have chance, instead many have no care, pay no mind, as evil grows and so we are to lose all, we have already lost our country, we are now to forfeit our very existence.

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