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Welcome to the Incidence Map Project © a series of interactive maps, highlighting some of the detrimental affects of non-white immigration, we hope that the information presented here, opens your mind as to the damaging affects such a policy has had and continues to have upon the indigenous people of this country. This map is merely the tip of the iceberg not covering, the multiple acts of violence, or the unreported offences that occur on a daily basis against native peoples, many would argue that murder occurs within all communities as does all crime, however, the crimes covered by this map may never have occurred, were it not for really quite deplorable government policy.

Government policy since the early 1950’s has meant almost unfettered immigration, immigration of wholly dissimilar peoples detrimental to the social makeup of this country, such a policy has led to a quite appalling breakdown in social cohesiveness, until we have reached the point we are at today,enforcement via draconian legislation, wholly against the wishes of the majority. One wonders just why any government would intentionally swamp its native peoples, knowing full well the disadvantages it would bring, the future it heralds and the myriad clashes inevitable under such circumstance.

Coupled with such a disastrous policy of course, has been the rise of leftist thought especially in areas such as academia, the arts and media, all of which help to stoke up already simmering tension. Leftist ideology has no care for tradition, no care for native peoples of any description; it simply strives to push through its agenda in any circumstance. Part of that agenda involves the trashing of native culture and tradition, in fact anything that holds a people together; it is not our role here today to go into such issues. They being covered upon other sites, weblogs and in fact upon most sites connected with UOIN, today we concern ourselves with the basics.

Leftist education holds that the west has committed great evil, it endeavours to paint white western civilisation as wholly evil without going into honest detail, a consequence of this is non-white hatred for the white man or at least his civilisation, great anger is felt towards white society, white civilisation and institutions, anger that.... Continues here

This is a direct copy and paste from the UOIN site, I would hope that all nationalists and people of good will, support, promote and help this project.

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