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A SCHEMING mother who fiddled £600,000 in benefits to fund an ­extravagant lifestyle has been ordered to repay every penny. 

Enid Bell, 67, and her daughter Lorraine bought eight houses and luxury cars with the fortune they swindled from the taxpayer.

Enid, who masterminded the scam, used at least eight different identities and addresses and set up separate bank accounts to make it difficult to trace the bogus claims.

Among the vehicles they bought was a high-powered Audi TT with a personalised registration plate that looked like LOZZIE B, owned by mother-of-two Lorraine, 30.

Jamaican-born Enid was jailed for four-and-a-half years last year and her daughter, who helped her by filling in forms, for two years and three months. Both had admitted conspiracy to defraud.

Preston Crown Court heard how they claimed £40,000 in income support, council tax and housing benefit between 2000 and 2007.

Enid, who had been jailed for nine months for benefit fraud in 1995, started her dishonest dealings again the day after she was released, the court was told.

She claimed £106,000 in income support, pension credit, disability living allowance, housing benefit and council tax benefit in the name of Edna Davis.

She claimed the same benefits in the names of Edna Joyce Coley for £109,000, Joyce Simms for £106,000, Elmay Joyce Rose Simms for £58,000, Cynthia Bell for £58,000, Maureen Simms for £56,000, Ester Rose Davis for £29,000 and Margaret Smith for £23,000.

“That you were able to steal from the taxpayer money for 12 years to a tune of well over half a million pounds is a matter of grave concern.

This was money intended to help vulnerable people in genuine need and distress.”

Now, after a proceeds-of-crime hearing at Burnley Crown Court, the couple, of Whalley Range, Manchester, have been ordered to repay all £612,475 they conned from the Department of Work and Pensions and local councils.

Enid, who sat in a wheelchair in court, was ordered to pay back £347,400 – £82,400 of it from frozen bank accounts and the other £265,000 from the sale of properties and assets.

Lorraine was told to refund £49,000 of her £265,075 instantly, with the remaining £216,000 to come from property and assets.

The investigation which uncovered the complex and tangled web of deceit was triggered when pregnant Lorraine told hospital staff her name was Maureen Simms and claimed she had been raped. But midwives were unable to trace her.

When Enid was questioned, she first claimed to be Lorraine’s aunt before admitting that she was her mother.

Angela Allen, chief investigator for the Department of Work and Pensions, said yesterday: “It was a hard slog trying to make sense of the fantastic scenario that was unravelling.

“I was stunned by the complexity of the whole situation. It is one of the most satisfying cases we have had to deal with, not to mention one of the strangest.”

She added: “Enid Bell sat in her wheelchair during sentencing looking like an innocent church-going granny. In fact she is a very intelligent, shrewd and calculating woman, who masterminded the whole operation.”

A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “The case was made worthwhile when mother and daughter were given prison sentences. It is even better that they were hurt more by having the results of their criminal activity taken away.”

The court decision to force Enid and Lorraine Bell to hand back every penny of their ill-gotten gains was welcomed last night by the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

Mark Wallace, the organisation’s campaigns director, said: “It is good to see benefit fraud being treated in such a robust manner. All too often those who cheat the taxpayer just get a slap on the wrist and in the majority of cases there appears to be no attempt to recover what has been stolen.  continues here

Perhaps I’m blind but for the life of me I don’t see it, I’m looking for one simple word, “deportation”, no I don’t see it, it would seem that, “Jamaican-born Enid” is to stay, oh they may seize her assets, or more correctly ours but she remains, just another scheming parasite looking for chance. Its incredible, astounding, that whilst our airwaves convey doom and gloom, when jobs are lost and the future looks bleak that we continue to open the gate, how many more Enid’s, how many more, are we to be lived off forever, by politicians, avaricious elites and mass waves of migrants. When will we open our eyes, stand up for our own interests and tell them we have had enough, perhaps you don’t wish to appear impolite, inhospitable, perhaps you believe that it is our job to aid the world, believe it is our job to look after the “human rights” of all comers, perhaps we should continue destroying our children’s future and our own old age.

After all they tell us that, train us to think that way and few of us indeed voice concern, in many ways it’s understandable, we are cowed by fear, kept from advocating for ourselves by a false sense of morality. We stand back idle as a mass line of migrants take all we have, never wishing to appear the bigot, the racist, the wrong-doer, it is as if we are quite prepared to let this wave steal the very food from our children’s mouths rather than we be pilloried, did soviet Russia ever exercise such control. You see we are now self-policed, self-controlled, led by the nose yes but we shackle each other, they have taken the very concepts I speak of here on this site, “group behaviours” and moulded them into a prison, now innate behaviours are warped, corrupted, we now support once anti-group behaviours, believing that they are group advocated, which is anything but the truth, the group will always look to its own interests, it is the interests it believes it has that can be altered.

This has become known as “social engineering” or to put it bluntly conditioning or to the lay-man, brain-washing, I urge you to break out, to search for yourself the truth, they are destroying all we have created, all we could pass-on and all we could become, in the name of a sick ideology, a warped dream, our time is near, please I urge you, stand with us now before it is too late. You don’t have to do much, you don’t have to go over the top, as others have regretfully had to in the past, you don’t have to place yourself or your family at risk, all you have to do is support us, aid us in our last struggle or it is over. Years ago now, we nationalists spelled out the danger, we tried by all means at our disposal to take our message to the people but quite simply we were thwarted, oh yes by the state but most incredibly by the people, for they believed the lies, believed the fairy stories and lamentably the horror stories.

They never believed us, never gave us time, when we said that immigration was death, they laughed at our foolishness, dismissed us as fools conspiracy theorists or worse, when we said, that we would lose our towns and our cities to others we were dismissed as haters, when we said that alien conflicts would be played out upon British streets, they scoffed, now we stand at that very precipice I and others warned about, endeavoured to prevent, soon unless we put the brake on, it is over. There have been many times in our history when fate called upon us to act, when events called us to action, that time is now, we can still win through now, still live to see another far brighter day but leave it fifteen short years and it is over. 14

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