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Big Brother presenter Davina McCall has set her heart on doing a Madonna - by adopting an African child.

The mum of three says she wants to "give something back to a world that has treated me well".

And she has even discussed it with pop queen Madonna's ex Guy Ritchie, who adopted a Malawian orphan in 2006.

Pals say Davina, 41 - who has an estimated £10million fortune - is determined to help those less fortunate than herself.

She has worked in Africa for the charity Save The Children.

And she's also been attracted to adoption because of her own childhood experience.

Davina was brought up by her grandpaprents after her alcoholic mum abandoned her when her parents' marriage broke down.

Davina last month contacted film director Guy, 40, to ask for advice about adoption.

Guy and Madonna, 50 - who have since split - adopted David Banda in October 2006.

A source told The People: "Davina wanted to know if there were any pitfalls to the process of adoption.

"Ritchie was very complimentary about his experiences with David.

"It was very reassuring for Davina to hear.

"Guy also told Davina that it may well be worth speaking to Madonna for her thoughts - and even offered to try and put her in touch."

Davina, who has fronted BB for all nine series of the smash hit Channel 4 reality show, recently moved into a £4.3million mansion in Wadhurst, East Sussex.

It boasts eight bedrooms and two swimming pools in its 37 acres - offering plenty of room for another child.

Davina has three kids - Holly, seven, Tilly, five, and two-year-old son Chester - with hubby Matthew Robertson, who once hosted TV's Pets Rescue show.

Discussing the possibility of an even bigger family, Davina said recently: "I can't bear the idea of saying I won't have any more children - but I'd have a lot of persuading to do with Matthew." The People has learned Davina still needs to convince the 40-year-old to go along with her adoption plan.

A source said: "Matthew's probably happy having three children of his own to keep him content - and indeed busy - at home. But Davina hopes that by speaking to Guy, Matthew will allow her to go ahead and adopt."

Davina - who spent six years addicted to cocaine and heroin after getting hooked at 18 - reckons being abandoned by her own mum helped make her a better mother. She said recently: "I've been able to right the wrongs and I'm always there for my children.

"Of everything amazing that has happened to me, being a mother and being married to Matthew are the most incredible."  continues here

Has it ever really died, exploitation, the situation whereby the wealthy buy the poor, how can it ever be right to purchase a life, transport it to a culture and country not its own and nothing is said. This then is what slavery was and indeed is, of course, those taken today live in the lap of luxury, not for them toil, however the concept of purchasing for selfish reasons is still very much with us, it is as if a non-white child is a must have necessity, akin to a handbag or a pair of shoes. Not for them a white child, no they are worthless, they somehow don’t look right and just don’t seem to quite portray, the purchasers charitableness enough, you see the purchase, the find is all about the buyer, all about image and less about the unfortunates life.

The “luvvies” quite simply, would not applaud if the child were white self-satisfaction would not grow if the child were merely Caucasian, they must be non-white, preferably from the Dark Continent and young. Everyday in our own country thousands of infants are terminated and may I say with extreme prejudice, it isn’t nice, yet nothing is said, it is as if a life can be bought and sold or in our case ended frivolously. Leave them alone, let Africa be Africa and stop the genocide of our own children, so-called celebrities pay not a care as to rights and wrongs of the issue, it is all about them. 14

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