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I’ve been quite busy recently, spenting seemingly ages either writing code or adapting it for this site, also I am in the process of writing widget code for a fellow nationalist’s website; concerning AAWR I have subtly changed many things. In the left sidebar I have added a “scrollbox” allowing readers to read the many newspaper articles that relate to our plight, this of course negates the top links, which had served a similar purpose, these will be changed in due course, I would hope that readers take the time to read the articles in the “scrollbox” as I believe them to be extremely important. Also in the left sidebar I have added a simple “Subscribe to AAWR” button which gives instant access to AAWR’s RSS feed, coupled with this I have added the ability to share or bookmark the site upon a number of platforms. 

In the right sidebar I have added a “Recent Comments” feed, this allows free speech and also stimulates I would hope, debate, also it allows readers to follow fellow blog owners to their own site via their profile page, so for such people commenting is an asset. I have created a simple dropdown box for articles giving readers instant access to AAWR viewpoints; I have added a search box allowing readers to search the entire site, although this may bring up a large number of results, for this reason I have utilised bloggers archive facility however, I have rewritten the code, now should a user click a month they will be presented with post titles, much easier than full page posts, easier to navigate and easier to search through.  
As if that wasn’t enough I have created a dropdown label box, again facilitating user search, I had added these facilities due to user feedback submitted via e-mail however, this itself has been altered. Originally I had merely used an e-mail link using standard HTMl coding like this,

however, I found that this presented as open season for “spambots” which deluged my e-mail address with all sorts of rubbish. This meant that many e-mails from interested parties or fellow nationalists were lost in the flood, therefore I have created a contact page, which should I hope thwart the bots whilst giving readers extra usability. 

I have added a “random post” generator which may I hope generate user interest, also I have created a “Site of the week:” marquee, which will hopefully drive more traffic to highlighted sites, currently I have created a feed viewable on AAWR of recent posts from the site of the week, I would appreciate reader feedback on this as to page loading speed and other such issues. Also I have added a “most popular pages” feed directly from the BBC because whether we like it or not, they are a major news source, although again, I would appreciate user feedback as to whether to keep it. Alongside all of the above I have had an independent site survey completed which I may divulge at a later date. I hope that the changes which have taken place help you the reader and as previously mentioned feedback is appreciated. 

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