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We have seen a glimpse of what the left have in store for society, in their attack upon a BNP activist, however we need to realise the full savagery of the left, in reality the far-left are nothing but thugs, skulking about at the margins of society whilst scheming to bring it down. This is quite unlike nationalism, which seeks only a return to normality, a return once again to freedom of both assembly and free speech, both of which are currently denied. Quite strangely the left have managed to dress nationalism in their clothes, to paint us as they themselves are, to portray us to the public eye as thugs, who can blame them; they have the media on their side, the media being perhaps the greatest tool with regard to social engineering. 

With the backing of the media and of the state the far-left wage war, they phone
venues with threats, stage disruptive protests, commit criminal damage and physically attack those with which they do not agree. Of course, should nationalists defend themselves then the full force of the law and the might of the media is turned against them, this process is a hallmark of the left in every country, make no mistake, whatever your colour, creed or culture, the left will see it gone and they will kill you to complete the task. Violence lies at the very heart of the left, at its very core and it is a wonder to me, how any decent minded person could support should a creed, there is dear reader an ongoing campaign, centred now upon the BNP but also used against nationalists generally. 

This campaign involves nothing short of intimidation, yes the public face of the

“The response to the appeals issued by myself and others, from
students from Salford University and the Salford Left Forum, United
Against Fascism,
the AFA and from local anti-fascists, including members of the
Socialist Workers’ Party, Socialist Party, Community Action Party,
Labour Party and Respect, at such short notice was tremendous, so
much so in fact that the anti-fascist forces were able to
successfully see off four of their nazi ‘flying’ storm troopers - who
were just about to attack those assembling for the anti-fascist
counter protest, and give their Landrover, trailer (and one of the
BNP thugs) something of a ‘hammering’ in the process”

left is the concerned individual, most good-hearted souls believing sadly quite incorrectly that they contest evil, these individuals make up the public bulk of the left, the friendly face, it is however, those that lie behind them that are the true menace. In many ways, many of the problems the public face of the left contest nationalism would solve, nationalism is environmentalist, anti-globalist, anti-big-brother, anti-capitalist and essentially believes in individual freedom, unfortunately because we are not, “until now”, given a platform most do not know this. 

Many have been indoctrinated by leftist propaganda even to the point that the question of the gulags is never brought up, nor the issue of mono-worldism the belief that they, that is to say the left, can eradicate belief systems, cultural traditions and yes genotype in order to create equality. In their warped utopia one had better not have intelligence, savings or property, nor indeed excel at anything, all must be similar, all must serve, to most however, those that stand chanting at nationalists, this is never realised, many socialists never question until it is ultimately too late and they find themselves to incarcerated by the state.  

To present a warped ideology is not enough, most reasonable, thinking people would reject it, after all we all have ambitions, dreams and all of us should be permitted to reach our full potential, so the left must create a bogey-man must create a monster and must portray themselves as brave knights. Later when dissidents are silenced, when the country trembles in fear, when none dare speak, the gloves come off and the peoples true fate is revealed, abject enslavement to the will of a despotic state, you own nothing, gain nothing and are nothing, all is state owned, even dear reader you. 

That then is socialism, it is not the protection of the worker, the safeguarding of minorities it is quite, quite the reverse, minorities under a leftist regime have outlived their usefulness, the same to with the worker both must live only to work, honey-bees to the state. Until a leftist victory however, they must keep up the façade, they must augment minority anger, stir the pot and serve the stew, they must create disharmony, create hatred in order to be the knights a rescuing. It works almost every time, the left seemingly address the needs of the people, they stand up for rights, wax lyrical about freedom, all to advance and then the mask comes off and the people recoil. 

There is only one force that counters this, only one force that keeps such evil at bay, the force dear reader, nationalism, nationalism is at heart a feeling, a benign love for country, culture and yes race. It is utterly opposed to leftism, utterly opposed to the crushing of the people, nationalism is not dear reader, race specific, a negro could be nationalist, as could an oriental, a south Asian could be a nationalist, in fact anyone, although with enforced multiculturalism it had been hoped to end the phenomenon, through the process of simple intermixture. 

Create a racially ambiguous individual and they have nothing to fight for, nothing to love, their only roots lying in familial groups rather than in external groupings, in fact mixed race individuals as a rule consider themselves either non-white or indeed a distinct group in their own right, although most have no ties to nation, almost all experience identity issues. This of course is the plan, if they cannot win by subterfuge, by stealth or by war, then why not by division, why not cut the ties that bind the people to nation, to race, in hopes of easier conquest. Then of course belief comes into play and the left strive mightily to suppress it, they mount an almighty attack upon religious belief knowing full well that this to unites a people but their primary enemy dear reader is me and you, if you are a nationalist. 

Nationalism above all is the biggest threat, for it takes a little of all they hope to destroy, solidifies it and blocks the path, it stands to the fore whilst behind lie the people, quite simply, evil must pass through the barrier of nationalism to get to its target, that target the people. So any hint of nationalism is crushed, attacked with extreme malice, set upon with abandon and all tactics are used, they will hound you from your job, your home and your community. They will lie about you, research your life in detail hoping for indiscretion or mistake, they will attack, attack and attack, there will be no respite, there is reason behind the madness, or should that be madness behind the reason, quite simply it is panic, fear. 

You see they need us to be the monster, need us to be the nightmare, it takes the heat off them, also if teachers could teach, police officers work and nationalists have freedom, then they worry that perhaps it would be realised, that nationalists are not bad people after all, non-whites would realise that we are not hate motivated, agenda driven thugs, not the evil portrayed. Certainly for non-whites here now we present a threat but to their bank account not their life, we along with every other race and creed, deserve the right not to be ripped off, preyed upon and colonised, to believe differently makes you the hater, you the bigot. 

Yet to the left we are the ultimate enemy, the ultimate adversary, beneath the mountain of lollipops, behind the ranks of aging hippies, young students and befuddled ideologists stands evil, true unadulterated evil. As I write these words the Chinese poor sort plastic from the west, they work long hours for little pay, breathing in the evil vapours, in fact in Lian Jiao close to Guangzhou, peasant workers including children as young as three pick through mountains of rubbish. The city itself is an environmental cess-pool and health problems predominate, yet the communist government does nothing, merely declaring plastic bags illegal whilst permitting the deaths under extreme conditions of its own people. However compared to the regime of Mao Tse Tung, I should imagine that the Chinese people feel their government benign, Mao killed at least 20 million people in order to enforce a leftist utopia. 

He set up the laogai camp system, laogai meaning "reform through labour”, basing the idea upon the system utilised by fellow leftist mass murder Stalin, to enslave the Soviet people. Stalin himself murdered millions of human beings in order to enforce leftist ideology upon the people, estimates vary greatly however, there is little doubt that in all cases of leftist control that murder results. In fact unlike any other system of government leftism starts out at war with the people, gradually bringing them under control through fear and intimidation. 

One of the major weapons employed by such regimes is starvation and in the case of both reprehensible individuals above, each employed the tactic, perhaps contesting the control of the common market by an unelected body such as the EU, is therefore a good thing. From 1930 to 1933 an estimated eight and a half million individuals were murdered by Stalin, who went on to murder over 20 million people, Mao on the other hand exceeded that, his number of victims more towards the 40 million mark. Yet for all that there are still many who follow this ideology, many who would attack, maim and kill nationalists in order for their vision to realise, just as Stalin attacked and killed Black Hundreds. 

In the UK today there is a large leftist faction, in many cases the left is at war with itself however, elements within that movement, appear to be moving increasingly towards political violence in order to achieve their aim. Unlike the right, the left has state support, money is funnelled to these organisations by various means and there is little intervention by law enforcement agencies and none at all in protecting nationalists. In fact nationalists are in the rather unique position of having to keep their hands in their pockets, that is to say not defend themselves, so as not to attract negative media attention. Of course this in itself has echoes of other times, times just before tyranny reigned, the left then were victims and the right aggressors yet now history tell us differently, if only in china nationalism had held and to in Russia, many millions would live today. 

We cannot and must not accept political violence, under any conditions, we have the absolute right to live peacefully, however, there is an agenda and its aim is simple to force nationalism to attack, to garner for the press a story. So what do we do, I believe that leaders within nationalism must make a public declaration, a declaration of non-violence, a declaration that their activities are peaceful. However, coupled with this declaration, they must insist that they receive state protection or be permitted to provide their own security, in order to facilitate it, nationalists along with all other communities have the right go about their lawful business unmolested. 

The far-left however have other ideas, in their mind there is no other course than violence, I post verbatim a posting from a leftist site, in this posting you will read references to nationalists carrying weapons, to nationalists readying themselves to attack anti-fascists (sic), the reality is that a large group attacked BNP property, including a vehicle, a vehicle in which BNP activists were seated, fearing injury if they stayed in the vehicle they perhaps rather foolishly left the vehicle, resulting in personal attack, as of yet there has been no official condemnation, no wringing of hands and whinging platitudes, nationalists it seems are fair game. 

So I want you to read this post, to read exactly from the horses mouth the gleeful gloating over political violence and then I want you to remember that they have a platform and we the do not, democracy, pah… 
Of course I shall not link to the site, although I am sure it can be googled

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BNP “Battle for Britain” Roadshow comes to an abrupt halt in Leigh!
March 14th, 2009 • Related • Filed Under

- Aspiring Brit-Führer Griffin’s visit to the town is seen off by Anti-Fascists!
- Nazi ‘flying’ stormtroopers get ‘hammering’ from AFA!
- Local Anti-fascists say “Don’t come back!

“Master race, you’re having a laugh!” was just one of the many chants
that taunted BNP Boot Boys, previously wielding crowbars, truncheons
and baseball bats in Leigh town centre, as they were forced, under
Police protection, to tow away their wrecked Landrover, which was
literally ‘hammered’ by a larger force of similarly tooled-up anti-
fascists from the AFA. The AFA also over turned the Liverpool BNP
Branch’s “Save Our Culture” trailer it was towing, which blocked
traffic on St.Helens Road for almost an hour.

So much for the BNP’s ‘Battle for Britain’ Roadshow to raise money
for aspiring Brit-Führer Nick Griffin’s Euro election campaign in the
North West. Looking at the damage to their Landrover, that
fundraising went into reverse in Leigh on the evening of Friday the
13th March 2009.

Having got wind of the anti-fascist mobilisation against their
proposed ‘private fundraising event’ the previous day (the event was
originally scheduled to take place at the Pure Night Club on West
Bridgewater Street on Friday evening with Nick Griffin billed as the
main speaker), the BNP leader failed to show his face in the town
whatsoever. Indeed according to BNP sources, spoke instead at a
St.Helens venue which is 7 miles away.

Whether he did or not is immaterial in reality. What we showed the
BNP’s boot boys who did come to Leigh, is that any attempt by them to
move into our area will be resisted and that they shouldn’t ever try
and come back.

The response to the appeals issued by myself and others, from
students from Salford University and the Salford Left Forum, United
Against Fascism,
the AFA and from local anti-fascists, including members of the
Socialist Workers’ Party, Socialist Party, Community Action Party,
Labour Party and Respect, at such short notice was tremendous, so
much so in fact that the anti-fascist forces were able to
successfully see off four of their nazi ‘flying’ storm troopers - who
were just about to attack those assembling for the anti-fascist
counter protest, and give their Landrover, trailer (and one of the
BNP thugs) something of a ‘hammering’ in the process. They certainly
left Leigh with their tails between their legs, with many shouting
after them as they left “….and don’t come back!”

Well done everyone. Think we can rightly notch the whole thing up as
a victory for our side.

Stephen Hall (Leigh - UNITE/Amicus Branch & South Lancs Respect
Party member)

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