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IT IS always embarrassing to watch someone who has been promoted above his pay grade into a job which he has plotted and schemed to get, only to discover that he is simply not up to it. Such is the fate of Gordon Brown.

Last week the Prime Minister, who is looking increasingly careworn and utterly exhausted, was demolished by David Cameron in the debate about the Government’s Peter Mandelson seems willing to destroy his party and override the wishes of the British people for the sake of the EU.figures on capital expenditure. Mr Brown’s agony was exacerbated by the fact that, although everyone in the Commons knew that his figures were wrong, he stubbornly persisted in defending the indefensible.

That is such normal conduct for Mr Brown in recent years that you may wonder whether I even bother to mention it. I do so only because of an extraordinary story, worthy of the very best mystery writer, going around at the moment.

It concerns the Prince of Darkness, Lord Mandelson, his support of Mr Brown, the federalising Lisbon Treaty and the possible date of the next election.

The Lisbon Treaty, if ratified, would transfer even more powers to the unelected Brussels bureaucracy and in effect make Britain a mere subject province of a European state with all the trappings, including a Foreign Office and a European president. The British do not support the treaty but we have been denied the referendum we were promised to vote on it.

EVERY country where the citizens have had the opportunity to vote on the treaty has voted no. The Dutch and French voted against it and were slapped down. The Irish government was legally bound to hold a referendum and by a significant majority the people of Ireland voted no. The Euro zealots ignored them and ordered them to vote again.

No doubt they will be ordered to keep on voting until they vote yes, which is reminiscent of Stalinism.continues here

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