Visitors to World War Two-themed weekend banned from wearing Hitler costumes

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Visitors to a railway attraction's Second World War-themed weekend were banned from dressing up as Hitler or SS officers.

They were invited to don 1940s-style clothes, both British and German, for Severn Valley Railway's re-enactment yesterday and today.

But the Swastika, Nazi uniforms and Hitler impersonations were barred from the popular tourist draw in Worcestershire because organisers feared they would cause offence.continues here

You have to question who complained, who was it that felt aggrieved visiting an event, where the participates were in all likelihood to be wearing “Nazi”, (sic) uniform, what next, will plays be banned if they portray WW11 soldiers, will feature films merely allude to an enemy, let the audience guess as to their attire ,for fear of offence. I’m afraid it is an attack, leftists rule the roost I am afraid and they will censor, disparage and attack any and all “nationalistic” imagery, organisations or individuals and have no doubt, WW11 German soldiers, unlike our own, fought for a nationalist interest.

There are still today unanswered questions as to the purported holocaust, questions that they, in their wisdom, markedly fail to answer, to my mind it seems that nationalistic forces in any era are to be vilified, condemned, hated, yet leftist inspired murderers are seen as heroes. In that regrettable war, in that contrived event to seize control, atrocities were committed on all sides, Russian soldiers raped their way to wars end and we slaughtered civilians, attacking non-combat targets to weaken German morale, oh it was more than mere bombs we burned them alive, created a terrifying firestorm incinerating the innocent where they stood.

I should imagine though that such uniforms are worn at re-enactment events, that nothing is said and if it is it is ignored, so I would ask of you dear reader, do not believe the hype, close your ears to their propaganda and continue on to a hoped for victory. Today that have us, hold us fast by the hair of our heads, tomorrow belongs to some-one, I pray it is us.

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