Religious Slaughter Safeguarded by EU

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A regulation protecting religious slaughter in the European Union was welcomed by British Jewry this week, following a ruling enshrining into EU law legislation that will protect shechita from those who may seek to ban it in the future.

The new law, which was approved last month and formally voted through on Monday, recognises the validity of slaughter through religious methods and enforces that kosher meat may be sold freely throughout EU member states.

Shechita UK Chairman Henry Grunwald told the Jewish News the ruling "shows just what can be achieved with communal cooperation", adding: "The new EU regulation will ensure that our community and communities across Europe will continue to practise shechita. This regulation protects the fundamental rights of Europe's religious minorities."The suggestion that the British government would ban shechita isn't justified; it just would not happen.

The news came as several media outlets reported on findings from the Farm Animal Welfare Council claiming kosher and halal slaughter practices - which require the animal not be pre-stunned before killing- cause the beasts "significant pain and distress".

The report, published originally on 28 May, called on the British government to "launch a debate" with the Jewish and Muslim communities to end religious slaughter.

Shimon Cohen, spokesman for Shechita UK, insisited that the council's report will not affect kosher practices, instead pointing to the EU's encouraging ruling in protecting the rite: "The suggestion that the British government would ban shechita isn't justified; it just would not happen.

"The EU's ruling is a tremendous achievement for the Jewish community, and an enormous help for protecting kosher practices from those who might seek to obstruct it."

Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, added that he was "delighted" with the EU's ruling, saying: "This regulation protects the fundamental rights of Europe's religious minorities. The alliance of the European Jewish Congress, the Conference of European Rabbis and Shechita EU have been working closely together to achieve these positive outcomes."

Conference of European Rabbis Executive Director Aba Dunner also praised the move, commenting: "The regulation specifically makes provision for the killing of animals for food by religious communities to be exempted from the requirement for pre-stunning, and it contains no discriminatory labelling requirements for meat slaughtered using the shechita method nor for post-cut stunning to be enforced.

"Furthermore, no member state will be able to prevent meat slaughtered according to the Jewish religious method being traded in its territory."

The issue of religious slaughter has been debated for years, following a 2003 report by the FAWC calling on the UK to repeal the right of the Jewish community to practice the religious rite, claiming that slaughter without pre-stunning was inhumane. The government eventually acknowledged the method of slaughter was humane following scientific support from the shechita body in March 2005. continues here

Well we missed that one didn’t we, certainly “the Jewish community” never consulted the general public, never asked us whether we wished for this barbaric practice to be carried out, perhaps because they correctly assumed that right thinking individuals deplore it. I have yet to question Nu-nationalisms stance on this issue, especially as they now consider those that practice this alien creed of kindred stock, on this issue at least they are between a rock and a hard-place, Islam slaughters in a similar way, so of course they can condemn it ,yet in relation to Jewish practice…

I love animals, all of them, the many disparate types, of course I realise fully that some of us are carnivores and some of us not, in the grand scheme of things, if one has to slaughter for food, why not humanely, why not minimise the distress to animals. What kind of god is it, that permits adherents to act in this way, what kind of faith and indeed what kind of people. Shechita or as we know it kosher, is quite plainly inhumane, yet this “community” it seems, have and hold enormous power, few knew of this debate taking place, few had chance to add their voice, why this is still a white gentile country is it not, should not those that desire to reside here not adhere to our sensitivities, to our sense of right and wrong, if individuals wish to slaughter terrified animals, should they not do it in their homeland and not ours.

For all the overtures of nu-nationalism, for all the squirming of the Jewish community, Judaism is alien, it is not of this land, of this people and no deceit, no law can make it so, western peoples generally have an affinity to animals, even it is inhumane, evil and should be banned from our we ourselves slaughter animals we feel pain in doing so, for this reason we stun the poor animal, we do not play with it, shackle it, mutter incantations over it, let its last few minutes upon this planet be a time of terror. Certainly we do not and indeed would not place an animal inside a barrel-like structure, spin it around and dismember it, what abject inhumanity, what an evil and godless practice.

The Jewish community would have you believe that this evil practice is humane yet in practice it is far from it, I intend to post a number of uncover videos, recorded by uncover animal rights people in the states. These brave people infiltrated Agriprocessors Inc, located in Iowa, the world’s largest kosher slaughterhouse, the scenes recorded are dazzling in their barbarity, evil in the extreme, yet this is the worlds biggest and therefore most well-known Kosher slaughterhouse, one has to ask, what horrors lurk in the smaller, the less well-known..

I would advice those of a delicate disposition not to view the material presented, certainly under eighteens must not view them, I only wish I had some way of making it so, I have not. Initially PETA infiltrated Sholom Rubashkin’s Iowa facility that was in 2004, yet a further investigation into another kosher facility in Nebraska revealed similar practices. Now after viewing the material, I would hope that you fully understand why this evil practice has no place within Europe, some cultures, some creeds, are quite simply incompatible, Judaism a case in point, none can condone this evil practice, none that is except the Jewish lobby within Europe, their unhinged supporters and deluded egalitarians.

However, yet again we have no voice, yet again we the people are not given a chance to state our case, instead alien elements ride roughshod over our sensibilities and make no mistake, most white westerners will view these videos with revulsion, we here in Europe love our animals, they provide endless joy and any creed that causes needless suffering must be outlawed. Some will say, “don’t be so squeamish, take away the supermarkets and we would all have to hunt, all have to slaughtered our foodstuff”, perhaps this argument has some validity, yet again I point out that gentiles, whites, do indeed slaughter livestock, however in the most humane way we can. We do not saw out veins, muscle tissue and other bits, we do not bleed dry a still conscious animal, we do not and shall never, as long as Europe is still majority inhabited by its indigenous peoples, adopt or condone such evil practice. That then is my case, right there; you and your lackeys did not approach us, because we would never condone it, because like so many things, it is not wanted. You deny us on so many levels a voice, refuse an entire people the right to be heard, in comparison this is a tiny indiscretion, not on a par with enforced multiculturalism, not on a par with an imposed supranational unelected body, not on a par with the relentless race to white genocide, still for all that it is not just a nice fluffy, humane religious ritual, it is inhumane, evil and should be banned from our continent.

Above video of the original investigation, in 2004,please be warned the above videos contain extremely graphic images, do no view if you are a minor or of a delicate disposition…

Watch more videos at

Above video of the second investigation, in 2007,please be warned the above videos contain extremely graphic images, do no view if you are a minor or of a delicate disposition…

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