British jobs for foreign workers: Experts reveal 70% of new jobs taken by migrants

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More than seven out of ten jobs created under the Labour Government have been taken by foreign-born workers, experts revealed last night.

The percentage of new jobs taken by those born overseas is the highest of any of the major economies analysed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The Conservatives said it was yet more evidence that the Government had failed to deliver 'British jobs for British workers'.ministers have continued to hand out work permits to non-EU nationals in record numbers...

The internationally-respected OECD said that in the first ten years of Labour rule, employment rose by around two million jobs.

But it said 'almost 1.5million of this was accounted for by persons born abroad' - 71 per cent of the total.

In the U.S., immigrant employment accounted for 58 per cent of new jobs. In France, it made up less than 20 per cent of the total, and in Ireland and Australia less than 30 per cent.

Over a ten-year period, only Luxembourg saw more of its new jobs taken by migrant workers, the OECD said.

Tory immigration spokesman Damian Green said: 'Yet another of Gordon Brown's soundbites has proved to be false. This Government has created British jobs for foreign workers and all his pledges about new job creation are shown to be bogus.'

Around a third of the migrant workers arrived here on controversial intra-company transfers, the OECD said.

The system allows international companies to transfer their staff to the UK for supposedly limited periods.

But the companies did not have to advertise the post in the UK first and staff can stay for up to three years, plus a possible two-year extension after which they can apply for settlement.

The OECD figures cover the period from March 1997 to March 2007. But, since then, ministers have continued to hand out work permits to non-EU nationals in record numbers.

In 2008, as the country slid into recession, 151,635 were issued. The document lets non-EU workers take or keep jobs here, despite hundreds of thousands of Britons losing theirs.

Unemployment rose by 290,000 from December 1, 2007 to November 30, 2008, to reach 1.92million.

In 2007, when the economy was growing, 129,700 work permits were approved. In 1997, the year Labour came to power, 42,800 were handed out.continues here

There we have it, yet will you, the tax-payer, the provider, still vote for these reprehensible parties, for make no mistake, a government under the conservatives will make no change, as we live and breathe they are robbing us and our children. Vast portions of the country are blighted by poverty, unemployment and crime, pensioners who have paid into the system all of their adult lives now face penalisation, as the government betray them and steals from them in their twilight years. On the other end of the scale, the young face a truly horrific future, denied jobs and housing, forced to live amongst alien elements and discriminated against by their own government, its time for change, isn’t it?

I would ask readers to investigate nationalism, to discover what it offers for you the people; I would hope that once you have discovered its true stance not that offered up by the owned press, government funded front organisations and other thugs that you will help to overthrow this tyranny. As they plundered the public purse, they invited just about anybody else to do the same, reading the duplicitous press, one is given to understand, that it is merely eastern Europeans that arrive here to rob us blind, regrettably that dear reader is but the tip of the iceberg.

Many eastern Europeans still adhere to white culture, hold a terrific work ethic and proclaim a traditionalist outlook in religious affairs, this makes them fair game for the press, fair game for the liars and shapers within what passes for the journalistic profession, is it any wonder that the printed press is dying, any wonder when one can for now, find truth online. Unfortunately the internet is a limited tool, its capabilities far and away overrated, certainly information is there should one look for it, however, it is mixed up with other information, that put out by cranks, fools, idiots and of course state sponsored propaganda is ever-present.

A major draw-back is that the fight against this tyranny, ongoing now for some time, has retreated from public view and nationalism, once prevalent within working-class communities is now a spent, warped or indeed forgotten cause. Today no organisation lays claim to true nationalism, no organisation adheres to traditional concepts today nationalism must speak only to a limited audience. To my mind there must be a true organisation, an organisation that adheres to nationalist principle that will not place emphasis upon divisive, archaic, superfluous nonsense, the origins of which, lie with the self-same alien elements that poison our nation today.

Further, any organisation that speaks for the people must hold a race-realist outlook, yet be willing to fight evil in any quarter, for it must always be remembered, that non-whites are merely a tool, a way in which the state can silence nationalistic opposition. Should real nationalism ever grow again, should this hypothetical organisation appear then it must consider Islam as it would any alien ideology, it must resist temptation to pander to raving Jewry, resist the temptation to follow the agenda.

Currently any immigration on a mass scale is detrimental, of course non-white immigration threatens on many levels, yet even mass white immigration bodes ill, we simply cannot support any more and they the political elite, the chattering classes and misguided or malicious egalitarians, will not give us peace.

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