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I want you to watch a video, a video sent to AAWR in link form, (thank you) if readers have any more contributions on this or any other matter please click here.

Now the link led eventually to this video, there is no need really to use the link as the video is shown below…

Now after watching the video, what did you think, did you think, great, at last something is being done, did you think this is the start of the fight for our freedom or like me and others, do you recognise the hand of the puppet-masters. ItI know also that Zionism manipulates events, bedazzles my fellows and sets them upon a treacherous road to ruin. would not surprise me at all if Israel flags, that is to say, foreign flags were flown at a protest in our country, this march isn’t nationalism, it is not the start of a nationalist renaissance, far from it, is merely the Machiavellian manoeuvrings of Zionism backed up by non- au-courant hooligan elements.

There is a drive, a drive occurring upon all fronts, to propel nationalism away from its traditional base, to corrupt its ideology and make of it a nothing , merely a tool of others, please bear in mind that no alien influences must hold sway within this land and indeed others, however, this purported protest does not stem from nationalism, although we shall be tainted by it. There are those who purport to be nationalists that continually push a pro-Zionist agenda, this in itself is telling, I would ask those considering this action, to what purpose does it serve, what good will it bring and finally will we be free if simply Islam is thwarted, I know the answer to those questions, I know also that Zionism manipulates events, bedazzles my fellows and sets them upon a treacherous road to ruin.

Certainly we should make our voices heard; certainly Islam must be opposed but not exclusively, why must we accept other non-whites yet seek to expel Islam, will such action prevent our future genocide, will such action give us back our Europe or will such action merely inflame this contrived clash of civilisations, lead to more bloodshed and hatred and gain only the manipulators. I would ask all true nationalists to stand fast, to guard against this new evil, never in our history have we faced such a beast as this, never before has nationalism been so assailed, if they cannot win hearts and minds through force, then they will endeavour to do so by stealth, we see this with the general public at large and now regrettably amongst those of the right, beware. 14

Is this march nationalism or scheming by other elements?

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2 Responses to "Not in our name..."
Anonymous said...
2 July 2009 at 22:51

A link you should see

Mr Cognisant said...
4 July 2009 at 09:34

Thanks for the comment anonymous and also to you KP for the E-mail, I’m not surprised of course, that is this nu-nationalism all over, I shall reply by writing an article, when time permits, KP, I believe “TW” seeks to attend with like-minded individuals, although this is not guaranteed, in any event “TW” and the usual suspects will not of course join the demonstration, knowing full well its impact and the reasoning behind it.

I don’t suppose the Green Arrow and Friends or those of their ilk, for all their bluff and bluster will attend, nor indeed send representation, we know others will be there though and “TW” will seek out their henchmen unobtrusively, merely to headcount, record and evaluate. Regrettably as you will know, it is no longer that easy which is as we discussed a prime motivator, for the hidden forces.

I believe that, the little one, travels to London, although time presses and details are sketchy, understandably you are hard to contact, I myself write this (w) so cannot access “better methods”. In any event we hope to appraise Birmingham and one hopes London, although doubtful, take care KP, speak soon, OTRN.

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