Update British citizens against Muslim exteremists protests

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Well we intended to send people to both protests, London always difficult because of the lateness of its announcement, in the end London proved, apparently, impossible, road closures and other inconveniences, although with Birmingham we managed to send some numbers and interesting it proved to be to. Now I am in the process of collocating information, awaiting some pictures which will also, I am told, need sorting, primarily because on a number, our own are pictured. In any event I would hope that we can at least post something, although I’ve yet to see substance rather than have to guess, I have been told that the protest or at least individuals from it, recorded video, which proved somewhat troublesome, although as in all things “TW” planned for such eventualities, okay that’s it the update for now, foot down chaps and chapesses, if you would. In the meantime some posted video footage:

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