Asian games set for Dudley

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ASIAN sportsmen from across the country will be visiting Dudley on Sunday to take part in the 21st annual Asian games.

The Dudley Shazad Mela features eight competitions in the traditional Asian sports including sprinting, kabaddi, football, beeni (arm wrestling) and bench pressing.

The Shazad Mela is named after Dudley’s own 43-year-old stone lifting legend Shahzada Saleem, whose lifting weight world record remained unbroken for 23-years.

National and international athletes are also expected to flock to the event to take part in Kabaddi and stone lifting challenges, with the winner being presented with a trophy and cash prize.

The event, which is organised by The Kashmir Youth Forum, was set up as an activity which could take children off the streets and out of trouble and get them involved in the world of sport.

Kashmir Youth Forum manager, Shazad Saleem, aged 23, said: “The KYF always strive to promote good relations in the community by organising sports and social events. Traditional sports competitions are a great way to enjoy the cultural diversity in our society and build bridges.” continues here

I have no heritage anymore, no culture to speak of, once I visited Dudley, the zoo, marvelled at the castle and held an old ladies hand as she bought me sweets and told me about the animals, today its all changed, the winds still swept through Dudley, harsh winds and the dialect has changed little but the area is dying and the sweep of another culture grows strong. What then of my children, so near to this place, what of them and who to care, do they not have need of a culture, need of their own kind or are they, as I suspect, nothing to the nation destroyers.

This event should be abroad, in another country for another people, this is not about us, about our traditions, our beliefs, you kill us and expect us to celebrate, a mela just doesn’t resonate, just doesn’t sound natural, yet such things are to be imposed upon the residents of various places, they have no choice and all the while my children’s culture is eroded, my children’s land invaded and their future stolen. It would seem of course that Dudley will not now be famous for its castle, for even its small zoo or for its tough people hewn from the harshness of the industrial revolution, such a tough people, such a hardworking people, such a proud people, you destroy all they have and all they ever were.

Dudley is to be home to a gigantic mosque, a towering monstrosity, it will dominate the skyline for miles around and the areas history will be forever changed, its people toiling under a minarets shadow. Good god will nothing wake you, if wake be the word, will you never tell then stop!!, never say enough is enough and stop evil in its tracks. It is not anti-Islamic to say that this creed has no place here, because it does not, neither any other alien belief system or indeed people, can we not have our land back now.

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