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LABOUR'S rhetoric on immigration is a colossal exercise in deceit.

Ministers are fond of talking tough, endlessly boastingof “crackdowns” and “robust new rules” on entry. The greater the levels of mass migration, the deeper we sink into economic misery.

But in reality they have presided over the wilful collapse of our borders and the destruction of our british identity.

Our once well-ordered, cohesive nation has been turned into an overcrowded land full of disparate cultures. As the influx of foreigners continues at an unprecedented rate, many britons increasingly feel like aliens in their own country.

Labour’s spectacular dishonesty on this issue has been highlighted again by a series of announcements from the Home secretary alan Johnson. a former postman, Johnson likes to think of himself as Labour’s “man of the people”, all amiable grins and cheeky wisecracks. But in truth he is just another hypocritical socialist politician bent on the destruction of our british heritage.

His barrage of policy changes, launched with fanfare today, is as bogus as the immigrant marriage racket that his party has encouraged.

He declares that more stringent tests will be set for the award of british citizenship, this from the head of a Home
office which has dished out British passports like confetti in recent years.

On present trends, thanks to Labour’s deliberate laxness, more than 200,000 migrants will become British citizens this year.

One of Johnson’s supposed new requirements will be that applicants for citizenship will have to prove their patriotic credentials. On that basis, all of the current Cabinet would fail, such is the level of their treachery.

Over the past 12 years, the Government has been engaged in a vicious cultural war against the concept of British patriotism. Labour’s obsession with diversity means that our civic institutions have traduced our history, smashed our traditions and treated our instinctive national pride as a dangerous form of racism.

With the same duplicity, Johnson declares that, in the spirit of “fair play”, migrants will be stopped from queue-jumping for state housing.

If Labour really meant this, it would be an admission that the whole social housing system is biased in favour of migrants, something that british taxpayers have known for years though the Government has always tried to deny it. but Johnson’s announcement is just more empty words.

The Government has no intention of implementing such a policy, not least because of the Human rights act of 1998, that charter for spongers and anti-british campaigners, and Harriet Harman’s new Equality legislation, which makes it compulsory for public authorities to practise overt discrimination in favour of ethnic minorities.

The same is true of Johnson’s promise to end the use of marriage as a means to gaining settlement in britain and access to welfare. this is a practice particularly common among families from India, Pakistan and nigeria, where oppressed, bullied wives are used to milk the benefits.

What is sickening about Johnson’s announcement is that his Labour party cynically abolished in 1997 the Primary Purpose rule, which stopped immigrants using marriage as a means of obtaining british residency.

Labour presented the rule’s abolition as a triumph for compassion and justice but in practice it has opened the floodgates for migration from asia and africa, as well as imposing a huge new burden on social security.

But Labour did not care, for thereal reason behind this move was to boost the party’s votes in its seats in the Midlands and the north by importing large numbers of ethnic minority electors.

There is a fascinating passage in the published diary of Chris Mullin, the former Labour Minister, in which he writes,
“We’ve barely touched the rackets that surround arranged marriages. The trouble is that we are terrified of the huge cry of ‘racism’ that would go up the moment anyone breathed a word. There is the added difficulty that at least 20 Labour seats depend on asian votes.”

That comment says it all. Political expediency allied to multi-cultural dogma means that Labour will never do anything to halt the tidal wave of immigration.

Under Brown and Johnson our border controls will remain feeble and our welfare system a honeypot for migrants.

Only last weekend it emerged that an illegal immigrant had managed to smuggle himself into britain in a coach full of border agency officials returning from Calais. The incident was a perfect metaphor for the shambles of frontier controls under Labour.

But Labour’s stance on immigration can now be seen as a gigantic lie. We were told that a mass influx of foreigners, currently running at over 500,000 a year, would be the engine of economic prosperity.

The opposite is true. The greater the levels of mass migration, the deeper we sink into economic misery.

Our public services are buckling under the strain of over-crowding, our welfare system has become hopelessly unaffordable.

The idea that all migrants come here to work hard is just a myth. In fact migrants are far more likely than British people to be unemployed, in receipt of benefits or housed in state-funded accommodation.

Meanwhile our society is now beset by extremism, barbaric violence, ethnic tensions and superstition. But for Labour, this is not a badge of shame. continues here

An excellent article but will anybody listen?

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