Finace, the community by a twisting route

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I have tried to keep the below essay simple, I haven’t gone into great depth, believing that brevity in this medium is all, however it is somewhat difficult, in any event my articles are somewhat long as a rule, for which I apologise, yet upon this subject much can be written. In order to keep the below essay short I have alluded to events in many cases, realising that it is the establishment of finance and indeed the community that is of note. However, perhaps the essay serves to highlight enough so that the reader may further research, certainly Jewry within this country and indeed this continent has or appears to have had, a hand within many great turning points within our history. 

I realise that many within nu-nationalism quite simply do not hold with such concepts, believing as they do, that Islam and only Islam presents as threat, such a belief system, as I have highlighted in the essay, has historically only ever served anti-western forces/movements. The peoples dissent is an easily exploited fissure, a way into a body-politic which is by genetic definition impossible by other means, yet it takes but a minority to sway such a body, merely by convincing most that they hold a minority viewpoint the exploitation succeeds, in any event I leave it up to the reader to investigate further or not as the case may be. 

An essay

Sometimes a break is needed, nationalism is such a depressing subject, it denies the spirit of joy, envelops the mind in desolation and stunts joys progress, it couldn’t be any other way could it, given circumstance and the plight of our people. Within my country nationalism has little grip, confined now as it is to cyberspace, regrettably the very forces nationalism opposes, walk triumphantly along the corridors of power. Today the people have been corrupted, led to self instead of all; today we each are little more than a unit, acting independently of others. You see it yourself upon the street individuals cut off one from the other, distrustful glances, hurrying feet, no conversation, as we each concentrate upon our individualised gadget, instead of each other.

Today I regret to inform you, there is no movement, no nationalist vanguard so lauded by talkers ,today white regards white as a stranger, as a danger, whilst our genes slop down the drain of history. We white nationalists live in a dream-world a place few others inhabit, believing really quite erroneously, that genetics gives us bond, that should push come to shove, we all will act in all’s interest. We take little time to realise that genetics is but a part, that it is the non-physical that brings one to the other, for instance hobbies create groups, groups whereby others that do not indulge in said hobby are considered outsiders.

Yet there is a fixation upon genes, as if that is all and nothing else, individuals and indeed groups advocate racially and this I feel undermines effort, I grow sometimes sick of repeating it but the human being is a social animal and as such, its primary motivator is to fit in, to alter behaviours in response to perceived peer-pressure, rather than individual need. As such it is possible to control groups by defining behaviours, that is to say engineer response, it is for this reason that anti-white, anti-western and yes even anti-Christian forces, are able to shift societal group-think in a given direction, a practice now well known by the masses, yet little studied, that practice, social-engineering.


We all practice social-engineering, in our own homes, our workplaces and amongst our peers and friends, yet we are but amateurs whilst compared to the state, the state by its very definition engineers the population, sways opinion and harness the result, yet it is the use of this power or should I say the abuse, that one must question. Nationalists are forever questioning the practice  yet never the result, they seem to little realise the normalcy of engineered thought in all group interactions, it is as if the very notion of social-engineering is evil in and of itself, which is wholly untrue. Now nobody likes to be controlled and it is this aspect that drives certain people, they rebel as indeed do I, from the very idea of external control and it is this that drives them, yet it is not the control per-se that needs questioning but its end result.

Society itself functions via control mechanism, such mechanisms tagged as law-abiding, well-mannered, good behaviour, etiquette and so on and so forth and one would be hard-pressed indeed to condemn such practices or indeed, to both discover anti-group resultants from such mechanisms or situations whereby social-engineering does not come into play in daily interaction. So we see quite simply, that social-engineering is not the evil hypothesised by alternative individuals, anarchists, leftists and many amongst the nationalist community, it is merely a natural function of group interaction and perhaps it’s most primary.

Old-school nationalism recognised this, understood it and in no way opposed it, today of course, nationalism, as has much of society, has succumb to, ironically, engineered patterning and so crashes upon the rocks, rather than hampering anti-group advance, it in many respects aids it. Today nationalism is at a crossroads, attacked by traditional enemies and by an injurious movement, an insidious movement, that in each successive century has until now been thwarted, I have termed it nu-nationalism, believing that tagged as such it is more understandable to the lay-man. For some centuries there has been a concerted attack upon the west, an attack that has been relentless and regrettably almost successful, today we are quite unfortunate to bear witness to the result and it is quite conceivable, that within our lifetime we will see our defeat.


You can see now why I consider the subject matter so depressing and in all probability, it is for this reason and others that I may walk away from nationalism, such notions have become evermore realised of late. Yet as ever I digress, which is my way, for some centuries now there has been a push towards moderation, a call to adhere to the supposed desires of a led populace, rather than to nationalist ideology. I myself have witnessed and indeed experienced such during my own time at the front; of course within my own experience I have witnessed such tumult, as those once considered moderate are now considered hard-line and so on and so forth. Until we have reached a point whereby the mass of nationalism represents nothing and the rump is exactly that, this of course permits the attackers of our civilisation free reign.

Rather than resisting anti-group assault, new-nationalism permits a new avenue, a means to both ratchet up anti-Islamic rhetoric and also to undermine correct nationalism, in doing so, one of the very final pillars shoring up our rapidly collapsing civilisation is pulled down. Today there is a rush to war, a rush to stupidity more like; there seems chance again for the cull, a much needed aspect of leftist orthodoxy, abortion not succeeding in the targeted east. Today the west has been beaten or at the very least subdued, permitting evil to attack undeservedly and quite ferociously the east, for in creating a global state, must not one have worldwide hegemony. Today it is not western traditionalism that is as much under attack but eastern traditionalism, eastern civilisation, eastern peoples and their nation states, the west having, as of yet, no adequate defence against the coming order.

In the very recent past nationalism stood squarely in the way of the beast, today nationalism, at least here in the UK, lies in ruins, its adherents marginalised, disparaged and retreating, whilst its replacement grows exponentially, backed by terrible forces. I make absolutely no bones in saying, that nationalism, that is to say, proper nationalism, is dying, which is ironic given that, lying beside nationalism in death, lies Britannia, both bleed freely and there are few to heal their wounds, perhaps it is apt that we die together, for could nationalism live in these times to come. It seems an unstoppable train, a chariot hurling the people towards death yet again, it seems as if we never learn from history and mothers will mourn and fathers cry quietly and again who will gain.

False banner

Nationalists now gone must turn in their graves at this new monstrosity, this sham extraordinaire, this betrayal of the people, should they have conscious spirit in whichever world, wretchedness would rack them, desolation weighing heavy on their soul. The shame of it is, that this false banner, this snare captures many, diverts them from truth and sets in place end times, perhaps our people will never be free, certainly today money binds ,ties all in knots and prevents renaissance, prevents contestation.

Oh blood will flow, lives be thrown as rags away but all in their cause not ours, I tremble with rage as nu-nationalists wail about returning bodies, soldiers sent to a war for evils sake, returning no more, oh they rant and they rage, they huff and they puff, yet at other times they shore up the hatred. They ride the treacherous wind, stir the cauldron for poisonous sorcerers and another Tommy Atkins dies, another expendable life is used for propaganda and the great wheel turns and we edge closer and closer to the grand battle. Yet what of those in the east, are they the evil the owned press tell us, or do they do as we would once, defend their land and culture from the alien invader, for we cannot have our cake and eat it, we cannot indulge in this created hatred, whilst at the same time professing our nationalist credentials.

Once, should the invader enter our lands, we to would fight, using I may add any means, we would resist and resist again, until one hopes, the invader would be pushed back into the sea, in this land is this not so, have not few defeated us and none ever wholly conquered this land, save for the Normans and the reprehensible Cromwell financed by Jewry and did we not soon make things right and reset the balance, we still recoil from that Cromwellian legacy as brother fights brother according to plan. Yet today our young men and to these days women, head off to foreign shores, ill-kitted and naïve, bodies that swell with pride and soon tremble with fear, innocents for the new-order, or is new order its real incarnation, given the desire for so long, of a global supranational entity, perhaps it is an old-order, realised only now.

In any event they die, die horribly and for nothing, warring for an ever-smiling arms industry, capitalism, Judaic-ethno-nationalism and a leftist dystopia, like those that died in WW11 they will never know the goals for which they fought, the evil behind the throne and the order their war set in place and is that not always the plight of Tommy Atkins, always his fate, blood shed in innocence for evil design. Still it makes for good rabble-rousing amongst the ranks of nu-nationalism and certainly, the government have realised the potential in many ways, of a public homecoming, certainly bright young eyes may yearn for hero status, stout hearts rush in anger for the shilling and the great wheel turns and Tommy dies and dies.

No excuse

Still nu-nationalism will not stop I feel, their rhetoric in fact augments and is it any wonder, any wonder at all, there is a little land, a stolen land, robbed from a wretched people and bristling with might. This land, this regime commits so many acts, causes such misery and unleashes upon the world such evil, I have no time there is nothing you can say, for those that advocate on their behalf, no excuse can hold water regarding the advocacy of evil. Don’t come to me with your supposed nationalism, your anti-Islamic gibberish , taught to you by all organs of the state, don’t bother me with excuses as you rush us all towards the abyss.

Such a blurring of the lines, such a clever ploy, create the chaos and step back for the result, social-engineering in extremis, on one side those that should not be here, support their true group and on the other those that suffer their presence enter the fray. Yet as always at the back of the battle, those that caused it or play it stand, profit is made in blood and the world shudders on, oh if only we would learn, shake loose their grip, free ourselves and walk towards a new day. This is a special country, the first domino, if this country should ever embrace true nationalism then Europe is saved, such a lofty thought, such a nationalistic sentiment, yet it cannot be true, can it, this country is the motherland, the creator of much in this world. From her womb many nations sprung and today many owe their very existence to this country, such a small nation, insignificant these days, pretending at power whilst holding no autonomous defence. Yet for all that we are recognised even now for what we were, what we could have continued being and what we created, for such a small land are we not recognised, does not our language, our traditions and our heritage infuse so many nations, for good or ill.

This is the reason they fight nationalism, in this, above any other European nation, for should we stand then many will join us, we are and will continue to be, the jewel in the sea, well fought over, cowed now but with immense potential, there is only one other nation that holds similar power, one other nation that could spin the world correctly, it lies not in Europe. Amongst the European family of nations, Germany once held such power, today she is but a shadow, her power seized and her people disparaged ,France to once held power, immense power, power almost infinite, however this land, Britain, created and built thee greatest empire, above that even of classical times, should brothers unite and nations come together, then this new-order, this evil dressed up in humanitarian guise will end and freedom for all peoples, of all races, in their countries of origin, will reign, that is still our power, still our heritage, our legacy to the world.

Engineered events

So the forces of anti-fascism, as they like to call themselves, cripple this land, players behind the scenes engineer events, some sanctioned protest is permitted but real protest is crushed, the great wheel turns and the people remain unaware. Yet they fear the aforementioned potential, fear as they fear nothing else the people’s voice, for should the people, the people en-masse ever realise, then rope will be in short supply and justice will be swift. On this planet there is no power greater than the people, no power, nuclear, biological or conventional, harnessed by man that can thwart it, only Mother Nature holds sway over it, should this power be made manifest then all the manoeuvrings of the previous centuries, all the engineering will be as naught.

So vested interests must divert the truth seeker, they must corrupt opposing ideologies and bring chaos to create their order, hence we see contemporary times, this contrived clash and the undermining of nationalism. First dear reader we must understand each other, recognise what nationalist means or used to mean, true nationalism values diversity, I bet you didn’t know that, for the owed press tell you different. They scream that we are haters, that we seek death and destruction, that our creed is evil unnatural and wrong, that we ironically seek to run the world and all manner of rubbish and so I simply need to put the record straight.

Valuing diversity, quite a statement given what you think you know about us, yet let us take a simple situation, an animal is threatened, that is to say, it faces extinction, what do you do, do you remove it from predators, nurture it, hopefully breed it and then, release it when it has sufficient numbers and can survive on its own or do you, stand back do nothing, permit it to die out. Of course we know the answer, the prevalence of wildlife sanctuaries upon the planet give answer, we create a bordered safe environment and then proceed to nurture, breed and care for the said animal/animals, yet where do we get this idea and isn’t it wrong to separate the animal/animals in question, well first we get the idea from mother nature both in practice and then innately within ourselves.

Most animals create territory, it is perfectly natural both ecologically and biologically, it does exactly as we do in creating wildlife sanctuaries; it creates a safe area, in order to breed and nurture young, thus sustaining the species. So there we have it, nationalism defined, yet how does this help diversity, well if you take an animal and cross breed it, do you not in fact create a different animal, further should you adopt a policy of enforcing such breeding is this not detrimental to both animals, does it not in fact inhibit diversity by creating a uniform creature, further does it not abjectly deter evolution, given that normal growth and genetic progression has been artificially interrupted.

So we see that nationalism takes its lessons from nature, it changes nothing, merely adheres to natural design, yet for this nationalism is vilified, yet quite simply, forcing masses of mankind to undertake dangerous journeys into the west in order to live better, is that not a greater evil. Is not the exploitation of third-world resources wrong and the subsequent exploitation of first world resources, by migration waves, equally as abhorrent. Surely the answer lies somewhere and it does, again within true nationalist thought, within nature all animals live within means, they adapt to given environment, some prosper some do not, yet territorial lines are honoured and mutual cooperation is beneficial to both parties, animal groups work for group-specific benefit.


Further aggressive resource stealing is an act of war and in nature is treated as such, this then is nationalism in action, for instance, all within a nation/society can prosper, some will be adapted to do so others not so, yet all will aid the nation state, working as a team. This simply doesn’t happen today capitalism is profit motivated, therefore it holds no loyalty to nation but to bank, it is for this reason that a company although created here, can lay-off thousands and re-locate to another country in order to pursue profit. This of course undermines the group, affects its well-being and that of individual members, therefore under a nationalist government companies will make a profit, this is wholly natural, allows for competition and greater choice for consumers.

However, any company should look to the interests of the nation before undertaking any decisions, now of course should they still look to relocate then relocate they will, their company shall find no market here and their consumer base within this country will be taken by another so in effect to trade here you must support the host population. I see nothing evil so far with such proposals, merely like for like, so why do they hate nationalism so much, currently we see that there is simply no hate, we live within our defined borders and so do others, there is no exploitation, yet mutual cooperation.

So what is the problem, why the antagonism, towards what is the most natural system in the world, well greed, and the desire for money and its attendant power and of course, true nationalism prevents the exploitation of all peoples, prevents also minorities exploiting majorities and this is the crux of the problem. You see nationalism stops in its tracks evil, it gives back to the people the power to work in their own interest, it permits mutual inter-state trade and cuts out avaricious big-business. It is wholly protectionist and therefore by definition thwarts the creation of a global supranational state, this is the reason it is hated, also quite simply it works, has always worked and should it be adopted will continue to work. Capitalism is an evil, it permits the exploitation of people, land and resources for pure profit, rendering nation states markets and peoples mere workers, communism does a similar thing, in this scenario the people of a given nation work wholly for the state, individuality is outlawed, freedom repressed and the people again become mere workers, profit made is the states and the states alone, in both scenarios the worker is but a slave, nationalism holds that the people are the nation and that governmental policy should reflect that, in essence the government is beholden to the people and is a mere cog, that again works for the nations/peoples interest. Under nationalism each worker is valued, competition is prized and as a whole we work for our interest, both as an individual and indeed as a nation.

Such a scene offends the very rich, the banker, the exploiter, big-business and some nations, for instance we are apparently held to ransom by oil-rich nations ,however this is simply not so for we are the market, take away the market and what do they have, nothing .Of course some will-argue that our infrastructure will fall apart, however reliance upon one form of energy generation is both injurious and stifling, it asphyxiates invention, leaves us at the mercy of others and renders all our efforts as naught. If our ancestors had adopted such a worldview then oil would never have become a resource, we all riding horses and driving carriages, quite simply we revert back to trading, oil-nations or any other needing our business, receive it under mutually beneficial trading conditions, do you see any evil yet.


So it all sounds good up till now, it is at this point that the money-powers kick in, you see they will simply never permit such harmony never permit non-exploitation, never relinquish their usurious grip upon our throat. For if we achieve such aims, then their power has gone, and of course, as I stated at the very beginning of this article, we all work for our group interest, it is at this point that nu-nationalists should look away, you see I shall mention the Jew, good god you cry as you run headlong. I shall try and keep it very simple, some time ago now, way, way back in the distant past man lived his life, in many cases the rich made of him a slave, yet in many cases this was not so, without money there is no need, man is at peace.

So save for a few unscrupulous landowners exploiting the poor, most persons lived upon their very livelihood that is to say, they profited from their own labour, directly and totally. They grew or made what they needed and any excess would be bartered, wealth was distributed amongst the wider community and life continued, under this system some profited more than others, a skilled craftsman will always command more at market as will an industrious farmer. So profit was made, yet profit cannot always be held in goods or services, sometimes a representation of such is needed, so gold, jewels and other metals became common currency, although not to great levels, bartering still the norm.

Yet coins did catch on, it was far easier to estimate ones wealth and indeed budget, via the medium of coinage than through bartering or service interaction, so it came to be that currency was invented, minted eventually for general usage. Of course once a representation of wealth is introduced into any economy, then greed begins its slow creep, there are always those that seek to profit from another’s labour. So as with the growth of currency the growth of criminality augmented to, eventually a way was needed to differentiate between counterfeit and/or inferior coinage and to tell apart the currency of different kingdoms.

So the church and the sovereign minted official coinage for the people, for common exchange, this did not in fact completely cut out counterfeiting or criminality, which still exists today, although it did create legal tender properly within society, on an even greater footing than that of classical times. At one time the church held as much power or even more, as the monarch and the early Christian church shared a similarity with Islam, in that it prohibited usury, now many will have heard of usury, few understanding it, yet I have hinted at it in an earlier paragraph, “there are always those that seek to profit from another’s labour”.

So as outlined in earlier paragraphs, money merely represents goods or services, it is a token, yet not goods or services in itself, it merely enables an individual and others to value their labour, that is to say their communal worth, yet gold, jewels and other metals are not in the least practical, heavy, unwieldy, difficult to safeguard and the ultimate attractant for robbers and thieves. What to do, what to do, around this time an alien community existed and had formed within this country, Jews driven from the holy land had found their way to Europe, the directives of the early Christian church having little bearing on them.

The stranger within

Yet this community, as with any alien element within any group, were not trusted, their practices and customs wholly different ,their dislike of Christ or indeed Christianity grated, much like Islam is today, they were widely despised, although unlike Islam, this feeling of revulsion grew naturally amongst the people, for several recognisable reasons. Firstly we have the out-group the outsider complex, the stranger within syndrome, which suits no community or nation, secondly this group blatantly disparaged the beliefs and customs of the host nation, yet of primary note is the practice of living off the labour of said host community.

The early Christian church banned the practice of usury, ironically due to its early run ins with moneylenders, at its formation in the holy-land, yet as stated such pronouncements had no hold upon this community now resident within Europe. The Jewish community widely loathed and unwanted could only offer certain services, services restricted to Christians, they became as they have always been, moneylenders. The fact that this set them in total opposition to the prevailing order meant little, profit, as it is today, was all, now members of the host community having borrowed money at interest could hardly run to the authorities should things go wrong or severe interest be changed, given they were breaking the law, eventually many Jews became exceedingly rich, able therefore to borrow more money to more influential people, becoming evermore powerful in doing so.

Yet this was just the beginning, as outlined, gold, silver and other widely used currencies required much effort to both secure and transport, it came to be that individuals now rich, offered security, strongboxes and peace of mind, the rich deposited their valuables with such people. In most cases, simply by the practice of usury, it was Jews who offered such services, having such facilities already in place to hold their own not inconsiderable profits, eventually given the profit only motivation of such individuals, a charge was made for such a service, a fee charged for a specific time and then should such time be exceeded a fee charged again or indeed goods seized, eventually the community became richer.


Yet a wealthy man on his travels had little proof of wealth if kept in a strongbox some days away, approaching the community again a plan was conceived, for each deposit received and held a note of credit would be issued, each bearing the amount of valuables held or deposited by said individual, quite soon such notes became tradable in and of themselves and became an early form of paper money. Moneylenders soon became almost kings in their own right, holding much sway amongst the most powerful and the very rich, yet it was still the practice of borrowing at interest that made more money and given the deposits they now held, it was possible to borrow at interest, borrow that is other peoples money, earned by or from their labour or that of their families and so on.

The money made was incredible, all made without a stroke of work being done, now able to exercise immense personal power, debtors were bled dry, their holdings milked and the dislike for this alien community grew apace. Of course devious minds conceive devious plans and hadn’t they already, soon they realised that the notes of credit, credit notes herein, were in themselves tradable, used by merchants and the rich already as such, suddenly it was possible to create money, to literally misrepresent personal wealth for profit, to ink and later print money. Now as earlier outlined, credit notes were and are, just representations of personal wealth, that is to say a representation of worth, yet each of these credit notes were debts in themselves, given that depositors were charged for a safekeeping service, therefore in printing money the community became evermore wealthy as their created notes became themselves valuable.

Should a transaction take place with such notes then the receiver would, upon wishing to receive his earnings, pay a fee to the holders of said earnings, the community became wealthy almost beyond imagining, as would be expected with so many irons in the fire. Of course this went on and on and the Jewish community, became as they had at other times, widely hated yet immensely powerful, yet the working man can only seethe, watching as all he has is owned by others, bled dry, milked and fleeced, once dead his husk is abandoned, buried or burnt and a new screaming defaulter is born into the world, entering eventually into service, economic slavery for life.

So it went on, yet this site being somewhat UK specific I must be to, there is of course much history to be written, specifically concerning Amsterdam, its relevance, the community and the role of Jewry and make no mistake it was Jewry and not Zionism. As I move on I come to a difficult point, a time in history when Europe was split asunder, when the intentions of Jewry concerned another religious belief, their manipulation and meddling felt to this day. Many within nationalism advocate unionism, most knowing little as to its creation, in these contemporary times unionism shows its true colours but this has not always been so, originally the war was for Europe, could international finance get a grip or would the then forces of traditionalism, that is to say the church win through.

I noted somewhat earlier now, that France at one time was a great power, this was its time, yet so to Spain, rather than merely a holiday destination it was a great power, between Britain, and France, their had for some time, been enmity, mainly due to territorial and religious considerations, we wished for naval superiority and so to they, this was to flare up markedly some time later. Yet behind all that, pulling strings influencing, other forces were at work, thee greatest threat to usurious practice at that time, was the catholic church, it had many faults, it had failings as does any religious belief, yet with regards to this country and it is about here I now write, its principle fault was its placement within perceived enemy nations, its insistence upon Episcopal polity, papal authority and other such issues

Jewry needed at all cost to break the power of Catholicism, to create a money power it needed to defeat its primary opponent, as mentioned before the early church opposed usury and indeed foreign religious practice, at that time namely Judaism. As with contemporary Islam, the Catholic Church seemed indomitable, its influence felt amongst all sections of society, yet it is notable that soft water erodes hard rock over time. At that time the Catholic Church was split, as again with modern Islam there were moderates and hardliners, those that sought another way and those that desired continuance, dissent is always a route in for those that wish to conquer.

Jewry needed a fissure, a crack, so as is its way, it looked about it, looked, strived and created discontent, finding it, it supported dissident factions, a situation with parallel many times in history, Jewry always looks to its interest, yet it is numerically insignificant therefore it must use discord, must seek out the dissident and support those that aid their case, notably we see this within contemporary nationalism today. Most dissidents do not even realise they are used, do not even appreciate their value to a greater cause, one need only look to communism, the race issue, feminism, the anti-Islamic block or indeed to early anti-catholic movements, to realise the sheer scope of the situation. You see to Jewry it is not the movement that counts, it is what such a movement can do for Jewry, whether the movement supported can further Jewish interests, in a perceived unsympathetic world.

Monetary system

So we return at once to the establishment of the monetary system within this country, there was much to dislike about the Catholic Church, much hatred of France and Spain, the Dutch wars, the Babylonian Captivity and the movement of Marranos in earlier times had all contributed and the divergent threads of public opinion coalesced and became a movement anti-Catholic, we see today a similar movement equally supported and equally used, this being anti-Islamic. Yet Islam made its first mistake some time ago, firstly in its conquest of Hispania, that is to say the Iberian Peninsula, under Tariq ibn Ziyad, who promised that, “The spoils will belong to yourselves”, also mentioning that, “You have heard that in this country there are a large number of ravishingly beautiful Greek maidens, their graceful forms are draped in sumptuous gowns on which gleam pearls, coral, and purest gold, and they live in the palaces of royal kings”.

An inspiring speech to be sure and there can be no doubt he was a brave man, yet little known to him or indeed any military commander, are the end results of any given action, who can indeed know such things, that some centuries thus, their actions will have such drastic repercussion. Indeed the same can be said for the Catholic Church, their Inquisition, their immovability over disputed issues, their corruption with regard to indulgences, which bears some resemblances to the expenses issue witnessed today and other such disputes at the time, leading to the reformation championed principally by Martin Luther. Yet just a short time later, such a campaign was to have a marked result upon this country, a result that unknown to all at that time, was to some centuries later, lead to the Second Vatican Council, which again aided primarily Jewry, whilst assisting greatly the destruction of Christianity, both here and indeed in Europe proper. Martin Luther’s revolt in Europe gained greatly its momentum by the mechanism of the recently invented printing press, again ironic given its present day usage, yet here at home there existed many different strands of thought, many disparate notions as to direction, the people were unhappy and direction needed to be found. At this time many movements grew up, of great interest is the campaign for a secular nation, which some argue led inexorably to The Enlightenment, certainly events were coming together Descartes writing his Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason, and Searching for Truth in the Sciences, of note here, also that his book was mass produced in Amsterdam.

Further, the 1500’ and 1600’s were a time of great change for this country, again Amsterdam financed and supported an invading army, led by William III, breaking forever the power of the monarch and setting in place parliamentary rule. Yet we must question who it is that rules us, under a mass system such as parliamentary democracy, so many disparate groups all vie for primacy, whereas under the rule of a monarch no such situation exists, also it is far easier to control lobby groups, however, what’s done is done and one must move on. The Catholic Church had by no means been defeated, in the middle 1500’s in fact far from it and so it was that the money powers had still not won over the rulers and elites of this country, in fact it would take two invading armies, at two different times in history, to establish a Jewish presence within these lands.

First we must travel back to that most famous of dates 1066, a time in which the genetic aspects of this nation were to change, dissent and disagreement over kingship reigned and Jewry, supportive of the invading army of William, Duke of Normandy, were granted access after the death of another king, again paralleling later events. A William, here to won and England became governed, its people conquered, slaughtered, denied rights and governed by a foreign power, oh how history repeats yet we never learn do we. We leave William now perhaps again in Normandy, moving on to his son, Henry I is considered a good monarch, a wise monarch, his legislative modifications of note, yet it began, unknown to him, the ending of absolute monarchy, aiding as noted earlier the later implementation of parliamentary democracy, its strange isn’t it, how we are all linked, how events and routes taken, affect other times.

Statutum de Judaismo

I must say that for us, for Europeans, world war two sealed our fate, yet this coming war may very well finish us, yet learn we do not, still onwards and upwards, where was I, oh Henry I, well we shall have to leave him, now, warring with his brother and return again to later times but not where we were. Instead we arrive some time later in August 1274, the devastated Edward succeeds his father Henry III to the throne, a little later issuing the decree Statutum de Judaismo, this act endeavoured to set out the law in relation to the community. Rather than oppressive it sought to solve the age-old problem of profiteering from another’s labour, it endeavoured to propel the community away from socially injurious practices such as usury towards manual labour and the skilled professions, such a brave endeavour failed markedly.

Jewry denied the out-right practice of usury, indulged ferociously in criminality, robbing, coin-clipping, all manner of deceptions, until the very kingdom shuddered after a decade and a half Edward had, had enough, he expelled all Jews from the kingdom, so they were gone, gone too most usurious practice, perhaps then the end, I fear not, again we fly…

Arriving back amidst the warring religious and political factions of Europe, such dissent, such chaos, such chance for Jewry, Amsterdam had become something of a base, liberalistic it had permitted Jewry to become a primary mover and shaker. Yet still the Catholic Church held hegemony over Europe, headed by Louis-Dieudonné, King Louis XIV of France, a long-lived monarch and a tenacious foe, now Louis followed nationalist thought with regards to protectionism, as outlined earlier and the economy of France ballooned, France enjoyed a renaissance. Yet is war ever really far away, France became perhaps the greatest power within Europe, again as would be later paralleled in the Germanic uprising in WWII, albeit more successfully, several nation states joined together to defeat one and just like Italy in that later conflict, one supposed ally turned against its friend France. International finance had succeeded in England through regicide, oppression and skulduggery, yet the state of England, is of vital importance at this time, the establishment of a money power within the soon-to-be-empire of great, great importance to the coming order.

One must remember also, the rush to exploit the resources of the sub-Sahara, at this point it is notable that control of Dutch diamond mining facilities had fallen entirely into the hands of Jewry, an empire was needed, a controlling military force and quickly. Dutch Jewry was prominent, very powerful and they were well-placed to capitalise upon dissent and dissatisfaction within Europe and more importantly within England, France and therefore Catholicism was too powerful, the United Provinces were landlocked, as were many other countries, England was an ideal candidate. And so it was that international finance founded, probably the world’s first and now oldest stock market in Antwerp. Of course, there are those that dispute the idea of it being the first however, at least for Europe it was indeed the first, it would not be the last, Amsterdam quickly superseded Antwerp as a base of operations and a stock market was soon created, Jewry, having as previously mentioned, taken control of the diamonds market, It was of course here, in the United Provinces, that Catholics were first wholly persecuted, that the idea of Luther’s ideas were extensively printed and distributed Europe-wide, where the colour orange would gain such significance and where Jewry was at its most powerful, within Europe.


Churches and abbeys were destroyed, crosses forbidden, public displays of such banned, Catholicism in all its forms crushed, its adherents sought harried and persecuted, yet the Union of Utrecht which had declared freedom of worship applied not to Catholics or indeed to Luther’s Protestants, merely to Calvinists and Jews, although many professed Calvinists were in fact Jewish or of Jewish descent. Amsterdam became the epicentre of Jewish life within Europe, economically, academically and financially they wielded ultimate power, yet Spain and indeed France were tremendous superpowers. It mattered little of course, finance had established a base, moving from Antwerp, even as Spain attacked, establishing in Amsterdam and still looking for a better home. We move from here now having considered the scenario, realising the absolute power now wielded and to where finance now looked, to England. And have we not travelled dear reader, you and I traversing the centuries in no discernable fashion, yet it is not history we follow but finance, not taught history and timeline but deceit and subterfuge, not what they would tell you but what you must know.

Such unnecessary suffering, such woe and strive, man set against man and nation against nation and still there is no learning, still we fail to see, still finance deceives and we rush headlong to another war. Oh my words will not alter a thing, will not change any mind, when the blood is up, can rationality ever take hold, can sanity prevail against the angry beast, hurt be healed and offence remain unnoticed, does fact change present, combat the owned press, contest the dark-state or prevent its duplicity. Flag-covered-coffins will still be needed I feel, words true can never combat such hurt, yet it is true we are used or you are used, for I shall never fight their battle, never walk dazed towards death, at least if I shall die it is for those I love, my country or my people, yet I pray I shall die quietly, peacefully, perhaps with a smile. Again I digress, so we see Amsterdam, is internationalist, not really very Dutch at all, yet printing, weaving, finance and diamond trading is not enough, finance must have more, there is a plan you see, although few see it, few can track its path.

To be continued...

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