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THE BNP has tried to hire a martial arts expert to train its members in deadly close combat fighting.

The far-right party approached former US Navy Seal Tim Larkin to teach “ultimate violence” – including how to kill with a single punch.

Larkin – who uses the slogan “Fight to kill, fight to survive” – spurned the offer after learning of the BNP’s racist politics.

Anti-fascist campaigners Searchlight have blasted the party’s approach.

A spokesman said: “The BNP claim to be a legitimate political party but what legitimate political organisation requires the services of a man who can kill with one punch? This shows the BNP’s policies of division and hate are as strong as ever.”

Larkin, who has been touring Britain this month, said: “While multiculturalism and uncontrolled immigration has indeed changed the nature of street crime in the UK to now involve more sharp-edged weapons, my training is for everyone. All Britons need it.”

His spokesman added: “Tim didn’t think private training with the BNP was appropriate considering their politics.

“He doesn’t want to be seen in that light.

“BNP members are welcome individually but not as an organisation.”

In another blow for the BNP, the Trade Union Congress in Liverpool yesterday called for a ban on its members working in schools, hospitals and other public services.

BNP members are already banned from the police and Prison Service.continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: Now its almost impossible to kill with one punch, although it somewhat depends on poundage, target and speed, AAWR and individuals connected have fair knowledge and some individuals are ex-HMAF, yet I have to say personally that I am sceptical of this type of thing although it has a terrific following, I find that in a conflict situation one simply doesn’t have time to revert to supposed training and I speak here as a man who has some experience of such rubbish in the dim and distant past. However, my views on this matter are not shared and in any event AAWR has a “survival” section planned, simply awaiting the return of our own “expert”, many of us nationalists have military experience or indeed experience of up close and personal shenanigans.

In the meantime to whet your appetite whilst awaiting the return of our own Hong Kong Phooey, we have Mr Larkin’s own site, have fun…

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