Pupils 'spend too little time on Holocaust'

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A survey says while some schools cover it thoroughly, others skim over the topic

Some pupils are spending just an hour of their school lives learning about the Holocaust, according to research which suggests there is too much variation in how the events of the second world war are taught.

The survey of 2,100 teachers, funded in part by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, reveals that, despite it being a compulsory part of the national curriculum, some schools are skimming over the Holocaust while others dedicate 20 lessons to the subject.

The survey comes after a report from the Historical Association this week questioned the quality of history lessons in state secondaries more generally, finding that thousands of pupils were being allowed to drop history at the age of 13 with the curriculum being squeezed into two years.

Today's report concludes that pupils are receiving on average six hours to learn about the Holocaust, but that figure masks a far greater variation.

The survey was conducted by the Holocaust Education Development Programme (HEDP), part of the Institute of Education, University of London.

Paul Salmons of HEDP said: "Teaching of the Holocaust varies a great deal across schools and classrooms – some teachers are spending 20 [lessons on it], others just a single lesson.

"It was perhaps the most important event in the history of the 20th century. It has shaped the world and is still influential. It's a vital part of any child's educational literacy to learn about it. We want schools to find better ways of teaching this across the curriculum." continues here

"It was perhaps the most important event in the history of the 20th century. It has shaped the world and is still influential..."

EDITOR'S Comment: “It has shaped the world and is still influential”, for it has been used as a tool to inhibit nationalism, further, Jewry has milked a number of countries, primarily Germany, for millions upon millions of pounds, this not counting individual claims for reparation. It seems as if everyone is a “survivor”, as if everyone, just about, had a narrow escape and yet this, what they tell us is the “most important event in the history of the 20th century”, is never debated and in certain countries, to question it is a crime. Let’s get something straight here, wholesale genocide is wrong, to wilfully kill off others is a great evil, it is because of this I opposes multiculturalism, yet evidence suggests and suggests strongly, that there is at the very least exaggeration.

I reject utterly that the supposed holocaust (sic) was the “most important event in the history of the 20th century”, to my mind the real holocaust occurred on the battlefield as brother fought brother in a war to destroy Europe, a situation they achieved, passing power to the USA, although again America now fades her job done. The promotion of the holocaust (sic) is purely political, nothing more nothing less, the lives of Gentiles worth nothing as opposed to the alleged six million, WW2 or its aftermath meant that socialism and indeed later Zionism would rule the roost. It gave nationalisms enemies the chance to attack nationalism and portray it as evil, ironically at the exact same time that communism murdered en-masse in eastern Europe.

In this country communists subverted the unions, working for a globalist interest as opposed to the interests of the common man, they infiltrated all institutions and were virtually unopposed. Today of course we see the end result, a mongrel nation, crime, disorder and fear, today we must be careful what we say, we must acquiesce to the stranger ,even should it be detrimental to both ourselves our community and that of our own children. Today minority interests take precedence, above and beyond that of the majority, of course nationalist sentiment is national, wholly innate and so they subvert it, direct it and inhibit it by guilt.

Overt nationalism or group preference is channelled into sports, until we have a situation whereby adherents of the supposed great game give their all to defend their team and at times supposedly country, whilst around them the nation dies. Yet it is the holocaust (sic) that is the greatest weapon, this supposed event that is used to wholly crush the spirit of the people, not a word is really said about those young men who died in that terrible war, about the men of many nations used as cannon-fodder to advance the new order. The holocaust is a trademark ™ and nothing more, its promotion is purely to inhibit nationalism and regrettably for many it works, today the whites of Europe are under siege ,their countries overwhelmed by avaricious migrants ,who swarm in to take all they have created ,yet the holocaust™ prevents contestation.

Yet Israel operates wholly differently, it crushes militarily opposition and it imposes the most draconian legislation upon non-Jews, to enter Israel as a gentile is not so easy and those that advocate that Europe must open its borders, seem somewhat reticent about Israel’s borders. They would have you believe that Germany at that time was wholly evil, that its people were possessed and that our brave young men fought to free Europe from evils grip. Yet in many ways the reverse was true, Europe was in the grip of world finance, leaders sold-out their people, looking upon them as tax-cows, in Germany their was great suffering and the people literally starved upon the streets, within the country a great red threat arose and patriots rose to the challenge, luckily for the German people the media had far less an influence as it does today, although the written media was almost wholly owned.

So the people rose, they shook loose the hand of the moneymen ,stood defiant against a hostile Europe, its governments infiltrated even then by aliens and traitors, Germany again became a great power, it threw out its enemies and sought to solve the Jewish question. Ah, the “Jewish question”, even the phrase has been given evil connotations, yet it merely meant “what are we to do humanely about the foreigners in our country?” There was never any question of mass extermination, just a push to expel them to Madagascar, of course Zion at that time was growing ever powerful, it wanted friction, conflict and hostility, it made war upon our country (the UK) and sought to establish the state of Israel against the wishes of both the indigenous Arabs and the British empire.

Hitler had no desire for war, he admired the British, valued them and sought for peace, yet Zionists in our own government wanted none of that and Mr Chamberlain was replaced, the rest is history. Yet Mr Chamberlain was replaced for two reasons one more important than the other, they tell us now it was for appeasement and on this they have disparaged his name ever since, yet it was principally the white paper that sealed his fate. Mr Chamberlain must have been a great politician for in both cases great suffering and death would have been prevented if we had followed his reasoning, certainly if we had not gone to war with Germany many millions would have lived and Communism would not have spread in Eastern Europe as it did saving many more millions. However, here at home domestic terrorism would still be domestic and Islam would not seek to cause us harm, Palestine would be free, further saving many lives and Jew and Arab would live in peace.

Of course those terrible Zionists Lloyd George and Winston Churchill were to preside over the deaths of many millions of young men, not counting of course, those wounded, further, George was to lead the attack upon the Ottoman Empire ,helping to again crush an empire, an empire that perhaps could oppose Zion’s advance. The preceding Balfour Declaration aided only the Jews at the expense of the Arab population, it was to be some time later that we discovered that Arthur Balfour, after whom the declaration is named was himself a Jew. Yet very early on he was to become a member of the "Fourth Party", alongside no less a personage than Lord Randolph, the father of that avowed Zionist Winston Churchill, both men would advance the cause of Zion over and above that of the people they were meant to serve, both men have blood on their hands and both men hail from alien backgrounds.

To many this is old history, although it goes some way in explaining the position we now find ourselves and there is indeed no doubt, that were it not for the scheming of organised Jewry, then our world would look very different. Today thee only hope for our country has yet to stir, if indeed it can and they, those aliens that hold the reins of power seek to keep alive their trick, namely the promotion of the holocaust™ thereby instilling guilt within those that have done nothing wrong. Many within nationalism have turned away from truth, opposing only Islam, whilst the real power rests in equally alien hands, if one studies history, I mean if one really makes the effort one can really quite soon see the interconnectivity of events and the hand of organised Jewry.

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