German neo-Nazis threaten Muslim candidates

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Neo-Nazi party sends letters to election candidates of Turkish origin telling them to leave Germany.

BERLIN - With days to go until elections, prosecutors said Tuesday they had launched a probe after a neo-Nazi party sent letters to election candidates with immigrant backgrounds telling them to leave Germany.

The letter, signed "officer for the deportation of foreigners", was presented as a "notice" to several candidates of Turkish background ahead of the September 27 general election.

According to one of the recipients, Green politician Ozcan Mutlu, the two-paged letter contained a "five-point plan" for "moving foreigners gradually back to their home countries".

Officials are investigating whether charges can be brought for inciting racial hatred, Michael von Hagen from the Berlin prosecutors' office told the Tagesspiegel daily.

Mutlu, who was born in Turkey but took German citizenship in 1990, said: "What they don't understand is that Germany is my country. I have no other, I have no other nationality."

"They are sick in the head. They've learned nothing from history. We belong to this country. If all the Turks left, there would be a real economic crisis," he added.

He said that there were around 800,000 Turkish immigrants eligible to vote in the election, from a total of 62 million.

Overall, there are 5.6 million immigrants called to the polls on Sunday, around nine percent of the electorate. continues here

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