German neo-Nazi 'youth camp' shut down

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An effort by one of Germany's leading Holocaust deniers to set up a neo-Nazi "youth camp" in a rural hotel has been scotched by a court decision to have the neo-Nazis thrown out.

The court in Lower Saxony cleared the way for the debt-ridden hotel's receiver to evict the neo-Nazis, who had been occupying the premises amid a tense standoff with police and local anti-Nazi protesters.

Hours before the decision, German commandos had raided the hotel after hearing what they thought to be gunshots.

They found several fake firearms, a concealable truncheon and pepper spray. Twelve neo-Nazis were on the premises, four of whom were minors and were handed over to youth services.

Late on Tuesday, the eight remaining neo-Nazis, masked and hooded, left the premises peacefully after police moved in, a police spokesman said.

One day before they went into receivership, the owners of the hotel had signed a 10-year lease with Jürgen Rieger, a Hamburg lawyer, holocaust denier and senior member of the far-right National Democratic Party.

When the receiver, Jens Wilhelm, tried to order Rieger's supporters off the premises in mid-July, a group of them stormed the building and refused to leave.

During the volatile standoff that followed, shots were fired in the surrounding area and police confiscated weapons from the Nazis and from leftist counter-demonstrators.

Rieger, who has a lengthy criminal record for Holocaust denial and other crimes, sparked fury in Germany with his plan for the training centre, which evoked painful memories of the "Hitler Youth" during the Third Reich.

The court decision came as the far-right Collegium Humanum organisation prepared to appeal to the federal court on Wednesday to have its ban overturned. continues here

Imagine if you will the scenario, in that I or indeed another right of centre individual won the lottery, imagine then if I bought a piece of land or a home with a considerable amount of land, do you think it would make any difference if I choose to associate with like-minded individuals, would it make any difference if those visiting were well-behaved, if they were merely exercising an individuals right to free association. You know it would make a difference ,you see the left have long had a strategy, this strategy is really quite simple, should the right endeavour to establish their own community or freely associate in a given area, then the left will create havoc, they will descent en-masse upon the area, commit crime, indulge in violence and generally make it rather unpleasant for any inhabitants surrounding the area that rightists have chosen to gather.

Of course it is rare for the left to physically attack the right, except when their numbers are greater or in hopes of stirring the right to retaliation and law enforcement agencies to action, all of this in the name from the supposed morally superior. The truth of the matter of course is that they simply have no argument, that the ideas and arguments put forth by the right are too strong, unassailable and therefore duplicity, violence and enforced tyranny are the order of the day. Of course don’t take my word for it, after all I am of the right and therefore I am somewhat predisposed towards my own, I would ask that you took great interest in any situation whereby the right and the left clash or where the right choose to establish themselves and soon you will find, that it is the left that instigate the trouble, that cause chaos and force, in many cases, the right to retaliate.

Yet there is a myth put about, a lie that the right consists primarily of hooligans, newspapers print articles such as above to suggest to a gulible public, that rightist ideology is one of hate and harm, nothing could be further from the truth, certainly as a group we have the absolute right to defend ourselves as do you dear reader, that does not make it a crime. You will generally not know it, not realise it but we live in strange times, times in which free speech is not so much under attack as non-existent, if I oppose miscegenation, immigration, exploitation of the west and its people, that is my right and non, neither the state nor leftist thugs can deny me my voice.

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