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Editorial :
Welcome back, it all looks very different doesn’t it ,there’s a reason for that, if you’ll bear with me I’ll explain, AAWR started out as an idea, an idea to present true nationalism online, not contemporary Nu-nationalism, nor indeed the extremities found upon other sites, in many ways this was accomplished. Along the way, many who had originally helped with both this site and its predecessor dropped out, for a time the idea was floated, to form an independent non-aligned number of sites and weblogs and many of us proceeded to do just that. However nationalism is a challenge and in today’s climate doubly so, of course, it doesn’t help that nationalism within the UK is so very fractured, this led to many of our original number leaving nationalism and indeed nationalist activity, sick of the egos and the constant infighting, as are we all.

So out there, forever in cyberspace, a good number of sites and weblogs float, alone, dejected and perhaps unread, for a time AAWR carried on, however, gradually over time individuals were lost and AAWR struggled on. We endeavoured to appeal to writers to no avail, although at the time we had a terrific and growing reach, many of our ideas were filched by other sites and weblogs and presented as original to their readership by their site admin, this in turn led to a wholesale downturn in our own readership and indeed other projects that were ongoing. Some of us, the original team both active on this site and not, believe such behaviour at best, to be a sanctioned anti-nationalist operation and at worst, bad manners, however, I myself have yet to make my mind up on the issue.

Certainly, I believe that there is a concerted and ongoing effort to undermine nationalism within this country and indeed word-wide and of course, it serves the agenda to propel Nu-nationalism to elevated heights, whilst inhibiting traditional nationalism. Of course traditional nationalism does little to aid its case and many who claim to follow and espouse traditional nationalism either do so to attack personally certain individuals or indeed to present a rabid violent image, utterly detrimental to nationalisms cause and after all, it must be remembered that nationalism, should it enter office, will counter the thug and the hooligan and in so doing protect the people, which is nationalisms calling and indeed aim.

Traditional nationalism does not contest Nu-nationalism on a personal level, does not seek to slander, disparage or libel due to ego, rather, traditional nationalism contests Nu-nationalism because it is wrong, ego-driven and destructive. Yet there are those upon the supposed traditional wing of nationalism, who appear to do more harm than good and so both forms present a warped and incorrect version of nationalism, which was why AAWR was formed in the first place, to counter both, whether this is possible in the current climate remains to be seen. Onwards, AAWR has evolved both in a physical sense and indeed directional, due to certain factors AAWR began to be steered in a certain direction, leading inexorably to its present incarnation.

Some time ago now, a number of individuals got together and as stated above, sought to create a true, traditional nationalist front, totally independent from the current shambles now prevailing, some of us created websites, weblogs, some of us gathered relevant information, others created statistical presentations, such as the Incident Map Project, which has lamentably been somewhat neglected of late, yet for various reasons the push did not come and potency was lost, without making too much public the two opposing forces within nationalism today, both endeavoured to utilise individuals and platforms for their own agenda, therefore the endeavour to create a true presentation of nationalism was sidelined as we all had no wish to indulge in the greater squabble, which is I am afraid still ongoing.

The end result of course is that projects never came to fruition and others were left, AAWR floundered, lost momentum and indeed valuable talent, so from a reasonably sized group with ambition AAWR became merely a few, one writer, yours truly, technical ability catered for by a talented individual and myself and others giving support, at this point we appealed for writers and as stated had no success. Due to personal factors it has proved impossible to consistently write substantive articles for AAWR and therefore the whole direction of AAWR changed, it became through no fault of its own, merely an online newspaper, taking publicly available, although relevant information and publishing it on site.

Of course, such information is already, we believe, within the public domain and we endeavoured to link back to original source, which is both the decent thing to do and indeed in some cases is mandatory, so readers began to be presented with a collection of news articles presented in a collective format, with sometimes an AAWR editors comment or indeed, AAWR written articles but in the main, simply the original information with a link. Of course, this was not the original aim of AAWR, yet due to outside pressures, such as work and family it proved completely impossible to devote as much time to article writing as had previously happened, AAWR had changed.

I wasn’t happy however; it is still highly possible to present traditional nationalism under such circumstance, although in posting articles for reader perusal, it is easy to become disheartened at the state of affairs within our nation and indeed our continent. So I needed time off, a break, although it hasn’t been, we have spent some considerable time completely altering the code for AAWR ,for if it was to be merely an online newspaper, albeit with a pro-nationalist bent then it must surely endeavour to look a little like one and so off we went, you see before you the result,a very simple basic news style based layout.

It is not perfect of course and there are still many teething problems yet I feel that it is a better format than before, I was never wholly happy with our last incarnation and from feedback it appears that commenting was difficult as was navigation. So these are the areas concentrated on, along with search, you must remember that this is an ongoing project and may be liable to change. So we have kept some elements but wholly altered AAWR, in essence we have a new site, easier to navigate and indeed search for information, also I am in the process of altering labelling, again making it easier to find information, albeit not by label, specific search must now be carried out in the search field whilst basic can be achieved within the labelling dropdown.

So what else, well commenting quite simply didn’t seem to gel with the previous coding and although commenting had never been in high figures we did lose many due to the previous coding, it became almost impossible to comment and I had personal experience of this on a number of occasions, okay so you have no excuse now, the comment link is now prominently displayed above posts, as is time, author and number of comments. Remember that on many news sites and so forth “have your say is unavailable”, whereas now in the age of user-generated-content, such an affront to free-speech is wholly unworkable and all comments received by AAWR will be displayed both on article pages and indeed upon our front page in the “recent comments”, area, that is unless they are unnecessarily disparaging, threatening, illegal, foul-mouthed and so on, I’m sure you get the drift.

Please remember that to create a site such as AAWR takes considerable time and user-generated content such as comments and indeed articles or indeed any help is appreciated, we operate a free-speech site here, make use of it, in other places you have no such freedoms. What else, well, the number of linked areas has been increased, although this is both under review and the work is still ongoing, any difficulties please contact AAWR using the form provided. We have lost a number of things also in changing to our new look, firstly we have lost our useful footer, although should time and circumstance permit I will write a new code perhaps, also we have returned to a two column format, this was a necessity given the look we needed to achieve and should we incorporate other changes we are considering such as re-coding for a read more format it may help.

There are many more elements missing, both pro and cons for the change, however, I hope you the reader like the changes, find it easier to navigate, easier to comment and easier to get involved, it is hoped also that any elements lost from the previous coding will not detract from your use of AAWR. Please take the time to respond to the poll in the sidebar concerning our site change, your responses help us in our effort to create truly reader friendly content.

On another topic please remember today, that Radovan Karadzic stands in the dock for defending his culture and his homeland, will it be a fair trial, can it be, when those that would judge him commit such horrendous abuses, in order to push through their democracy. Yugoslavia is a modern example of the dangers of multiculturalism, of multi- ethnic states, states invariably held together by draconian law. We see the beginnings the stirrings of such conflict within wider Europe as those that have come seek to dominate those that were here.

Multiculturalism brings only pain, conflict, hurt on both sides, yet today politicians override the wishes of their people, disregard them and import millions from other places, yet those that come, have generally a dislike or an ideological difference to those already here, this then can only ever lead to conflict. Radovan Karadzic stands accused by those who butcher in the name of democracy, those that have scant regard for nation-states nor the people that reside within them, today Serbia is ruled by traitors by leaders who bow to evil, place personal wealth above honour and the supranational EU above nation, our wishes are with you Mr Karadzic, as they are with all true patriots.

A lot has been said about the Question Time debacle, those that exhibit personal dislike for Mr Griffin revel in his torment, whilst those that support him support him regardless, yet as a traditional nationalist I simply cannot support the direction of the Nu-BNP yet I must and will always support, a man thrown to the wolves, beset upon all sides and striving vainly for free-speech. It is true that this was never going to be easy, that those that push through a truly reprehensible agenda wished a showdown, yet watching Question Time my pull was to a man besieged. To a man who knows the truth even should he now refuse to state it, quite simply the left, egalitarians and those that pull the strings sought to belittle nationalism, to humiliate the ideology upon a national stage, they proceeded to do so.

Mr Griffin exhibited extreme nervousness, he seemed ill at ease and who indeed can blame him, unused to direct attack he was quite unprepared, he knows this and will I think ponder upon it, yet for all this it was a dreadful performance, to the unknowing public at home, all they saw was inconsistency, backtracking and capitulation, nationalism has yet to produce a leader that caters to the body-politic, that can charm them and lead them back from whence they came. Currently any strategy would fail, should a hard-nosed nationalist have taken Mr Griffins place the body-politic would still find it hard to identify, would consider such a man exactly as they depict us, a bully, a tyrant and a man given to ranting, perhaps then, there, upon that stage, there was no real way, no plan, no counter, merely a marshalled left, their allies and an unknowing people.

In passing I have to say that Mr Griffins support for Israel bodes ill, that his assertion that , “skin colour is irrelevant”, is somewhat duplicitous and of course his statement concerning “anti-partisan warfare”, is remarkable, in that it is used to both defend himself from aspersions of anti-Semitism and recognises the actions of Jewish elements within the so-called resistance movement, everyone knows of course, that the only course of attack to take in such circumstance is defensive and should circumstance permit, offensive and to later face charge or punishment for such action is ludicrous, which brings us back again to Mr Karadzic, who had similar challenge, good luck Sir, you may need it.

Editorial : Update I have re-coded the footer,please remember to scroll down to it to find interesting links etc, you will note that at he bottom of the page on the far-right there is a "back to top icon", this allows you the reader to, as it says, quickly return the top of page, without the need for excessive scrolling.

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