Give us your children

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As non-white status has been raised, in many ways artificially, over the years, so to has the call for more representation, today many things are just too white, just a little too Caucasian, its not a racism thing you know, its simply that we want to see a reflection of our self , a black face in all things. Yet we whites are on the back foot, exploited for tax, disparaged, forced to accept a coming minority status and attacked as racists if we do not, yet should we advocate for a reflection of ourselves within society, then we are prejudiced, hateful and so on. Try going to a non-white country and insisting that their society changes to reflect you the white minority and at best you’ll be ridiculed and at worst risk your health, yet here in the west the consensus seems to be, that white equates to evil and black or coloured, represents various victim-hood, akin to the noble savage myth. 

There are countless occurrences whereby white children are manipulated to accept multiculturalism and there have even been studies undertaken to judge the racial attitudes of white children, The National Children's Bureau (NCB) reportedly issued guidelines for play leaders and nursery teachers, under the title, Young Children and Racial Justice. The report stated children might also,” react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying 'yuk', such a response indicative of racism we have to assume, it also indicated that it would be favourable for nurseries to report as many instances as possible to their local council, “Some people think that if a large number of racist incidents are reported, this will reflect badly on the institution. In fact, the opposite is the case."

Recently the Daily mail picked up on a study carried out by The Manifesto Group they stated that, “An estimated 250,000 racist incidents have been reported in schools since 2002 - but the requirement 'wastes teachers' time', they further opined that, “young children are being branded racist before they even know what the term means and playground spats are being turned into full-blown racial incidents.” Yet the assault upon our children appears never ending, a report by the Bristol Royal Hospital concluded that, “nursery rhymes have 52.2 violent scenes per hour”, whilst "Television has 4.8 violent scenes per hour”, they further stated that,” The result of violence was shown or mentioned twice as often on TV as in nursery rhymes. That means kids are often left to imagine the outcome of nursery rhyme violence. The possibilities they imagine "may be more disturbing than having the outcome spelled out," the report stated.

It has been reported that in 2000 Birmingham City Council tried to ban the rhyme, Baa Baa, Black Sheep, although I can find no substantiating source for this I can confirm, that at least two nurseries are known to have altered the rhyme and indeed, one made great play of a non-white Santa Claus, I am told. In any event the rhyme was officially and traceably altered by the Family Centre in Abingdon and the Sure Start centre in Sutton Courtenay, both in located Oxfordshire, yet such a move may have been more substantial and wide-ranging given the reply of one Stuart Chamberlain, manager of the Family Centre, who said, “"We have taken the equal opportunities approach to everything we do. This is fairly standard across nurseries.” The clue of course is in the last segment of the statement, “This is fairly standard across nurseries”, conservatives will of course be up in arms, “Why its political correctness gone mad”, such a phrase implies that Political Correctness is really quite normal although it has deviated off course.

Political Correctness is not some fluffy quaint, needed set of guidelines, it is tyrannising communism, some call it cultural Marxism which it is simply the shaping of society by artificial means, social engineering. Certainly there are guiding forms of behaviours, we used to call them morals, it is these that have shaped our society and these that have been placed under sustained attacked by leftists. Yet the assault of the left cannot ever hope to work against mature adults, certainly it can shape behaviours using draconian legislation, yet the overlying mask merely conceals underlying truths, it does not alter them. But what if you could alter society ,what if the people gave you its children, young not yet shaped minds, that is the new experiment, the new endeavour, to elicit a Pavlovian response amongst the people to the whim of a future elite.

The left realised long ago that it could simply not win by its old methods, outright war and a call to action amongst the working classes, instead stealth is their nature of the game and our children its target, yet even this is no guarantee, what if race-realists like myself are right, what if instinct is driven by nature not nurture, what if this mass social engineering project, currently being undertaken by the left, is a failure, as has been their other methods of advancing their cause, what if the people again reject them. Why you alter the very people, you genetically change them and pretty soon, you will have no opposition, no contestation, no need to alter nursery rhymes, engineer to such great levels ,for upon achieving majority status, our now minorities will be so inculcated with leftism that there will indeed be no other force for change.

Far from a rather potty theory, Political Correctness is a monstrous evil, it alters society to the designs of the few, whilst suppressing the natural instinct of the many, today there are few programmes aimed at children that do not in some way, shape or form involve a message, you will never see a programme where a race conscious white is portrayed favourably, where an individual with rightist views will be depicted correctly. Yet rightists as a rule are perhaps the most law-abiding, believing completely in the rule of law, understanding that certain anti-group behaviours must be governed and believing strongly in tradition and its attendant culture. It is the left you will see in the main attacking the police, staging violent demonstrations, attacking so-called class targets and indulging in extreme anti-group behaviours, however, such is never depicted and given the nature of those that hold the power within media, it is to be expected.

Part of the message given out by the media is normalcy, the impression that the non-white presence is normal, that it is commonplace and to oppose it is a minority position, growing minds will balk at exclusion, will endeavour in all things to become part of the group, leftists play greatly upon such things, upon such motivation. Of course it is not only our own localised media that instil “the message”, this is a globalised tyranny, an attack upon the consciousnesses of all, yet race awareness or group advocacy is not simply a trait of whites, in fact it is markedly stronger amongst non-whites, due to many causes, primarily their perceived sense of historical group exploitation at the hands of vicious whites, secondly of course, their alienism, their status within another’s society and of course thirdly, because whites have simply had all notions of the group trained out of them.

Yet inter-group relations good or bad will exist as long as there are groups, states may suppress such instinct yet it will always remain, quite simply, in placing disparity within the same territory one is asking for trouble. Leftists of course persist with their agenda, they are so busy reading the Manifesto as to not look up and glimpse the horror they are busy creating, so full of themselves they stand upon the bodies of the victims ,blood soaks them to the knees and still they will not put down that dreadful book. So the plan here is not you or me, after all how long is a lifetime, we are simply controlled by fear, yet they hope to control our descendants by conditioning, how many young girls play princesses, embracing their femininity along the way, recently Disney created another character, a character more fitting for today than Walt’s, Snow White or Cinderella, Princess Tiana, oh and she already bears the name princess, unlike earlier creations.

The film itself appears to be a warping of the brothers Grimm tale The Frog Prince, although set in New Orleans and featuring voodoo rather than the Caucasian variant of magic commonly seen in earlier productions. Tiana is a waiteress, whilst originally she was a maid this was changed due to charges of racism, although even the films setting has angered some, given it is set in New Orleans they considered this “insensitive”, a columnist for the Charlotte Observer, one William Blackburn stating that”, "For one, this princess' story is set in New Orleans, the setting of one of the most devastating tragedies to beset a black community, one imagines that there were no white victims then Mr Blackburn. Yet even the original name of the character Maddy, drew criticism, sounding too similar to Mammy, Cori Murray of Essence magazine, a publication catering exclusively for non-whites, do we have such a publication, said, “Finally, here is something that all little girls, especially young black girls, can embrace,”, imagine if a white reviewer were to say, Cinderella is something that all little girls, especially young white girls, can embrace, imagine the outcry, the gnashing of teeth.

Concerns have also been raised that another character, Prince Naveen, is too white, his depiction drawing criticism from Angela Bronner Helm, on another site dedicated solely to black culture and lifestyle, Black Voices, perhaps this website should change its name to “white voices” or would that be considered racist. The concerns raised relating to Prince Naveen on the Black Voices website were in an article entitled, “Disney's First Black Princess...Has a Prince Who's Not Black “. After outlining briefly release date and so forth the article went on to say, “Oddly enough, though, Princess Tiana is black; her prince is not. That's right – even though there is a real-life black man in the highest office in the land with a black wife, Disney obviously doesn't think a black man is worthy of the title of prince”.

Again were whites to make such statements we would immediately be shouted down as racist, the article further went on to say, “Prince Naveen of Maldonia is voiced by a Brazilian actor, and his skin is ... tan. His hair and features are decidedly non-black. This has left many in the community shaking their head in befuddlement and even rage”. Imagine that rage, rage because a fictional characters kin colour is not black enough, it would seem that in-group preferences transcends the machinations of the liberalist media, that the assault upon the west may yet be fraught with difficulty and they told us we could have harmonious rainbow nations and that race was simply a black and white issue.

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