European nationalist parties form alliance

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Five European nationalist parties are forming an alliance in opposition to the European Union and globalization, officials said Saturday.

Hungary's Jobbik, France's National Front, Italy's Three-Color Flame, Sweden's National Democrats and Belgium's National Front formed the Alliance of European National Movements, saying the British National Party, Austria's Freedom Party as well as groups from Spain and Portugal would join them soon.

Far-right parties won a surprisingly large number of seats in June's European parliamentary elections. Jobbik got three seats and nearly 15 percent of the vote in Hungary, while the British National Party won two seats and 6 percent of the vote.

Nationalist parties are usually opposed to immigration and increased rights for homosexuals, say globalization will homogenize independent cultures and don't want supranational bodies like the European Union to limit the rights of individual countries.

"This is an important step ... for the renaissance of sovereign nations," Marc Abramsson, president of Sweden's National Democrats, said about the alliance. "It is a struggle for our own culture and heritage."

"Globalists would like to have one world, with one language and one culture. Their interest is to get money from selling the same products all over the world," Abramsson said. continues here

Editorial : By now Mr Griffin will be recovering from the mauling he received at the hands of leftists, yet for all his faults and indeed the faults of the BNP and by this I mean policy direction, his appearance on Question time has been a success, albeit due to the treatment he received rather than the argument he put over. However having watched the programme although only once, I became convinced that Mr Griffin still held fast to previously held convictions, releasing them as priced pigeons, only when forced to do so, so it is with some delight to many nationalists within Europe pertaining to the formation of The Alliance of European National Movements. Yet we must never be complacent, nationalism is a hard road, we each although striving for universal freedom look to our own people, culture and nation primarily, for this reason delegates must hold themselves in check, must realise that some groups differ in opinion and indeed, in who they advocate for.

Certainly there are some underlying difficulties relating to certain parties and individuals however we all strive for national autonomy and freedom from leftist tyranny. It is hoped therefore that The Alliance of European National Movements, will go the same way as the ITS and that each group will respect and offer friendship to the other, on this note it is heartening that Jobbik, a much maligned party and our own BNP will join forces against internationalist tyranny, it is hoped that others will join and a European bloc be formed representing Europe proper. Certainly the left would have it as a lost cause, referring in some quarters to the union as being Titanic, that is to say it will sink, it is hoped for all our sakes it does not.

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