The violent left

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The left like to give the impression of humanitarianism of compassion, concern, empathy, defenders of unfortunates, minorities the working classes and the needy, yet in reality the left are thugs, imposing by force their evil upon a reluctant majority. The main weapon utilised by the left is intimidation, the use of force in furtherance of political goals, we saw an example of this when watching Question Time, as Mr Griffin found himself utterly surrounded by leftists, finding friends few and far between. Of course thee greatest weapon is marginalisation, the instilling of the belief, that a right of centre viewpoint is a minority sentiment, by this route of course they, the left, can simply alter society, institutions, countries and ultimately peoples, quite simply because all are too scared, to state their opposition to the changes taking place and after all, if one is a minority, what is the use of voicing opposition, because, “nothing ever changes”, does it.

And so it is, that a truly evil ideology, is able to grab the people by the hair of their head and force them reluctantly to look to their vision of utopia, “imagine all the people”, all just one big onion, no race and no religion to. Of course the first casualties in their war of attrition against the west is always nationalist, patriots, those that love their country, wish its preservation and that of its traditions, not to mention its people. So we see that leftism attacks those of the right, yet being such a minority viewpoint makes things difficult and so they must pull the wool over the eyes of the people, they must put in place enough legislation so that the people effectively police themselves.

In the past their rush to their imagined utopia has led to many deaths, much horror, anguish and pain, such methods have been proven not to work and so stealth is the only viable alternative, thee only method they can use, until the deed is done and the people are trapped. So we see, that once the left gain power, freedom goes begging, whilst their activists upon the street eulogise its benefits, laud freedom and maintain they work in its cause, yet slowly the vice of totalitarianism tightens ,freedoms once known are no more, denied, in order to protect and the people mutter secretly, believing they deplore alone. After a time, those strange laws have become so commonplace, that they become the but of jokes, part of a comics repertoire, a jokers lament and in any case is not comedy the voice of the people manifest, part of the reason I suppose, that the left went for it so viciously some decades ago.

Yet they attack every facet of society, every pillar, assailing each until it falls to them and they move on as locusts to gobble up another, they have never had the hold they do now, at least not without overt oppression, without red armies or People's Liberation Armies, without the Cheka or the Stasi, without the tread of a military boot upon the doorstep of the innocent or the re-education or committal to the Gulag, yet they have full control if we would but know it. Nationalists contest leftism, oppose it and so face vilification, where in previous times we faced firing squads or worse, the central issue is control, egalitarians and leftists wish to push the people in a given direction and nationalists and patriots stand against such a move, there can never be reconciliation, peace whilst evil aims its scope at the peoples head.

History will tell you of course that overt oppression cannot win in the long-term, oh many die, much blood is split, loved ones mourn and the injured carry on but the will of the people has forever been stronger and so overt, crushing leftism has always, ultimately faced the peoples might, failing every time. Yet what if there were another way, a way to re-educate softly, to introduce incrementally the changes required until the very people are changed and the resistors are no more. So you see the battle is only half-hearted from the left, they need only push back the forces of tradition, need only hold out against impotent rage and let nature win the battle, let nature seize the day.

In some cases the left must speed up the process, they must force through change, alter in order to conquer and we all know at whose expense. Perhaps their greatest trick is their ability to portray themselves as humanitarian, as compassionate, empathetic, caring, defending and therefore part of the moral high-ground, whilst those that oppose them are consigned to an altogether different ground.

Nationalists are by and large portrayed as wholly evil, yet the truth, the real truth, not that conjured up by left-leaning newspapers is that the right are the compassionate, the caring, the humanitarian; we are the progressives, as a society at war with itself can simply not progress, needing as its doe’s legislation upon legislation in order to function. If difference could live with difference, then there would paradoxically be no difference, we having amalgamated long ago, quite simply genetic difference propels mankind our very diversity an absolute necessity. Yet even in this the left hold sway, it is they that scream about diversity, whilst working to thwart it, nationalism holds that difference is special, must be preserved, must be safeguarded ,for not to do so bodes ill for all.

You see in a nationalist world or should I say the world that was, still is in places, all cultures would be equal, all people free ,yet within their natural territory, how terrible it is, to force the worlds diversity into a small island, to drown out the screams of a dying indigenous culture and call those tormented evil. Certainly within nationalism there are fools, those that seek any cause to commit thuggery, violence, yet in the main, street activists, those that oppose and do whatever it takes, are merely angry and indeed who can blame them. Currently leftism comes for western culture, attacks the Caucasians, what will you do when it comes for you, when then your bogeyman, who then the evil-doer, already we see this with Islam, as a vast machine attacks a faith.

I won’t get into the Islam debate in this article, I have written many times about the issue, suffice to say, that it does not belong here, must be opposed if it attacks us but in the east, in its home, it should be left alone and to its adherents. The left of course are atheists, that is to say, they believe in nothing only their creed, their ideology, their agenda is all pervasive, all encumbering and knows of no god, it is a wonder therefore why those whose profess the faith of Islam stand with these people in unity, baying for blood. Under a leftist system, each and every one of you would face death, face torture, face the gulag, unless you gave up your faith, yet the very ideology that would contest the forces that unlawfully enter your ancestral, you oppose, surely the left have you blind.

So within government we have the left, busy legislating, busy alliterating whilst on the street we see their true face, a common theme from the left is the second world war, the deaths that occurred and whether as nationalists we support such. Quite simply nationalism does not and indeed cannot support wholesale butchery, would not for instance of simply stood by, as Mao Zedong murdered between sixty and seventy million people, perhaps more, nationalists would not have stood by, as Stalin murdered many, many millions or the Khmer Rouge, some two million. The number killed almost beggar’s belief and yet they assail nationalism time after time with deaths in a regrettable war, yet refuse and in fact jail, those that would investigate the event, of course given the lefts propensity for lying, is it any wonder that there is doubt and surely if there is doubt, should the facts not be investigated, yet laws exist to prevent such.

If Mr Hitler did indeed instigate a policy of mass killings then this is indefensible, inhumane and should be condemned, yet doubt circles always and they simply will not permit comprehensive investigation, what freedom is it, if one can be imprisoned for academic dispute, for differentiation from accepted orthodoxy. The fact remains that all reasonably minded people will utterly condemn industrialised killing regardless of which side of the political spectrum conducts it. Yet if there is any lesson, it is this, if we take history as its presented as fact, then surely leftism is not quite the compassionate, humane ideology it likes to present itself as, not quite a defender, more a predator, given the slaughter committed in its name.

Yet leftists are permitted to openly walk the streets proclaiming their allegiance, to wave flags adorned with neo-leftist insignia, yet should any on the right raise the swastika or other symbols then police action would be swift, can no-one see the inequality, the sheer unadulterated hypocrisy. We are told that swastikas, even historical re-enactments are offensive, that family members of those who have died and survivors themselves, suffer greatly at the display of such, yet who ever thinks of the victims of the left ,whoever thinks of those survivors. Do we pick and chose offence now, do we live in times whereby professors may programme the young, to follow a creed that has killed so many millions, whereby they take to the streets, in many cases violently, yet we berate angry rightists for flaunting their historical symbols.

Surely there is the taint of dishonesty, for if survivors are offended by swastikas and indeed the uniforms of that long ago war, then surely our large and growing east European community are offended by red flags, hammers and sickles and all the paraphernalia of neo-leftists. Apparently the wishes of minorities supersede that of majorities today, therefore are not organisations such as UAF and their ilk, causing as much distress, if not more than neo-Nazis, who dare not fly their emblems in public. After all you can go into many retail premises and buy badges, books, T-shirts and so fourth all depicting imagery of the left, yet should retail outlets endeavour to sell similar items with rightist imagery on it then the law steps in.

Can it be that there is tacit support, that leftist ideology is supported and that therefore any supposed crackdown on rightists is politically motivated, certainly given the actions of the state, successive governments this is the case. There is of course another side to the left, away from the legislation designed to rob the people of freedom, away from the lollypop waving dupes, should leftism not get its way, should the forces of traditionalism marshal then the left will commit violence, violence which is organised, a case in point is the hammer attack on one Tony Ward , a BNP member who ironically has a none white partner of course this is not the only attack there have been many, late and lamented John Tyndall and his wife Valerie were viciously attacked by a number of leftists ,both elderly Mrs Tyndall was repeatedly kicked to the head and body whilst Mr Tyndall himself was himself attack by others one of whom was wielding steel ball-bearings wrapped in a handkerchief.

There left have attacked intimidated and assailed patriots persistently and nothing is ever done, regrettably should the right defend themselves, then they are painted as thugs between a rock and a hard place comes to mind. I am no great fan of the EDL, recognising as do many that this grouping has been set up to damage nationalism, rather than aid it ,yet in saying this I recognise as do my contemporise that many within the EDL genuinely desire their freedom and an end to Islam aggression. Yet the left conspire to attack them and should they respond we can all imagine the front-pages of the owned media, I shall leave you now with some copied and pasted comments from a leftist site, a site that purports to operate legally and indeed espouses egalitarianism. I have to say a big thank you, you know who you are, for the information, comments are posted below in blue.

635 Group said...

635 Group

1:34 PM, October 27, 2009
Peter Pubwatch said...

The EDL thugs won't have much time to get pissed before Leeds United kick off, which means they will probably meet around 11o'clock in the pubs in Leeds station, which include Wetherspoons (once again) and the White Rose Bar (near WH Smiths) next to the main exit.

This pub appears to be quite rough and very much well suited to the footie hooligans of the EDL.

Across the road, turn left and walk down the stairwell down to the Dark Arches, opposite on Bishopgate Street is the Scarbrough Hotel (correct spelling) also known as the Scarborough Taps, popular with Leeds United fans, and around the corner is the Prince of Wales.

Everywhere else in Leeds has been yuppified with expensive drink prices, popular with football-hating pensioners, or miles away from City Square, so "if there are any Antifa in the house", they should check out these four Leeds pubs by on in the station to keep and eye on the fascist scum.

Leeds United kick off at 3pm, so they will not have too long to make their Hitler salutes before it's time to pop off to have a few fisticuffs outside Elland Road.

Beware if the fash scum drink at Wetherspoons at Leeds Station. The pub has a back entrance where fascists will enter and leave without having to leave via the exposed main entrance.

Wouldn't want neo-nazis to slip under the radar.

1:50 PM, October 27, 2009
Anarchist said...

If there are any neofascist EDL trolls lurking on here like a smelly fart, don't expect Anti-Fa to release details of their secret plans for all on sundry.

It would be like giving your children unwrapped presents for Xmas, doing without the necessary element of surprise. What's Christmas without a visit from Santa Claus, you white supremacists!!!
HO!!!! HO!!!! HO!!!! HO!!!! HO!!!!!

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