PM urges further push to integrate Roma

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Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai stressed the importance of integrating Roma into society yesterday as he addressed an economic conference in Budapest.

Speaking at the event organised by economic institute Pénzügykutató and CIB Bank, Bajnai called the integration of Roma one of the biggest problems in Hungary. It is a national cause that will determine the coming decades, he declared. "Anyone who speaks about an ethnic issue regarding Roma is helping the far right", he added...

The successful management of the financial crisis is not sufficient to solve the problems of Roma, he warned. Responsibility rests to different extents with political decision-makers, the churches, and to a certain extent with Roma, Bajnai said, adding that the basic rules of social co-existence need to be honoured.

Bajnai outlined new Roma-related government plans, such as the abolition of ghettoes, employing Roma degree-holders in public administration, and subsidising schools.

Social Affairs Minister Péter Kiss said the 500,000-700,000 Roma in Hungary are more likely to be affected by low schooling and employment, poor health and a shorter life span than average.
Surveys indicate that 80% of Hungarians blame Roma for the existing problems, while 63% of Roma blame the majority society. continues here

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