Jewish groups oppose abortion amendment

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WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Three Jewish organizations are opposing an amendment to House health care legislation restricting federal funding of abortion.

The National Council of Jewish Women, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and the American Jewish Congress say the provision should be taken out of the bill.

The amendment bans any government funds from going toward abortion except in the cases of rape, incest and when the mother's life is in danger. It prohibits anyone who receives a government subsidy to buy insurance from purchasing a plan that includes abortion.

NCJW said the bill "does not fully meet women's health care needs" because of the "draconian" provision, which it called an "egregious assault on the rights of women and an enormous step backward for those who believe in the separation of religion and state." continues here

Editorial : Without wishing to attract criticism from the new-right or judeo-nationalists, I have to say that Jewry has always been very pro-baby-killing; in fact if one looks back to the very origins of the “women’s movement”, at its advocates and activists, one finds a disproportionably high number of individuals of this particular faith. Is faith the right word, given that this group consider themselves firstly a people and secondly a belief system, in any event, it comes as no surprise to this nationalist writer, that Jewry opposes such an amendment, it would seem that for some groups the death of the innocents is to be pursued…

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