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Editorial : Well the English Defence League have shown their true colours by attacking a small group of nationalists in London, some fifteen nationalists were attacked by up to fifty EDL supporters one nationalist sustaining serious injury. Traditionalist nationalists have been voicing concerns over this sham organisation for some time and we are only now beginning to see the truth, further the EDL are and have been in talks with Islamic communities and members of various organisations within mosques, further adding to their low status within both the nationalist community and many within wider society.

It is hoped that the injured nationalist recovers and that others of that brave but small group recover, please bear in mind that nationalists from all organisations stand with you at this time and will continue to do so. This site will never support the English Defence League, having some experience we have made our position clear, recently there have been those within society who seek a way out at this time, many have turned to the English Defence League, in the vain hope of meaningful protest. The English Defence League was set up to deny a voice to activist orientated nationalists, it aped the organisation and to some degree look of blood and honour, even forming “divisions”, yet its target was and always has been nationalism proper, with this sad news they have accomplished this act.

Yet physical confrontation is but only a minute part of their attack, which was to bring the divisions lamentably within nationalism into wider society, cause chaos upon the street, give reason for the state to implement evermore draconian law and to repel decent but worried citizens from ever considering nationalist politics, I fear to a very great extent they have succeeded. it should be easier now, now that our concerns have been proved correct, I would urge all readers of this site, to inform all that may be interested as to the nature of the English Defence Leagues, please do not rely upon the owned press, who seek to spin this group, exploit indigenous fear and aid an appalling agenda. In the above video, which may not be here for too long, the EDL insult the memory of the seven British soldiers murdered in their sleep in April 1946, the victims of the King David Hotel bombing in Jerusalem in July of the same year, the soldiers blown to pieces on the 18 Nov, again of the same year. In December of 46 four British soldiers were never to return home killed in a bomb blast carried out by Zionists, in April of 1947 they attacked a hospital, a hospital, imagine that, there was one fatality. Yet there was more to come two days later they were to attack a Red Cross Depot ,luckily although many were injured, there were no reported fatalities, upping the ante again two days later Zionists attacked a train, killing five soldiers, with many more injured.

It is worth noting here that I am only listing military personal, given the EDL’s penchant for exploiting our soldiers for their own ends, perhaps recognising the appalling terrorism carried out by Jewish forces, in order to steal Palestinian land, may prick the conscience of genuine EDL supporters, although their real leadership knows full well the crimes I now list. Perhaps a greater description is necessary, on the night of 25th of April 1945, three slow stealthly trucks stopped beside a house, the house in question opposite a large area, an area used formally as a car-park but now as a transport depot by the 6th Airborne Division, guarded by a small contingent of eight men with the 5th Parachute brigade camped in tents near the entrance. The Jewish terrorists entered the house and held the terrified occupants at gun point they then proceeded to set up firing positions, aimed towards the entrance to the car park.

They had planned everything to perfection and a quarter of an hour or so later a bomb was thrown at the entrance of the car-park whilst simultaneously the guards came under vicious and sustained attack by machine-guns. Many soldiers were killed, the rest took refuge in tents, some twenty Zionist butchers left the house and entered the transport depot, entering the first tent they found two British soldiers and an NCO, immediately they opened fire at close range, killing the two soldiers although the NCO played dead and was amazingly unhurt in the assault, the murderers passed on encountering two unarmed Paratroopers, they slaughtered them mercilessly, some seven soldiers were killed that night, almost all unarmed and most at close range. Yet the killings went on, the 6th Airborne Division suffering yet again, in June of 1947 at the Astoria restaurant in Haifa, a taxi eased to a stop, two jewish terrorists alighted and machine-guns were again sighted upon British military personal through the windows of the restaurant, one officer Captain Kissane was killed outright others wounded, yet the survivors managed to mount a defence the cowardly terrorists speeding off into the night, murderous mission accomplished.

Perhaps the most famous murders carried out by Jewish Zionists occurred in Nathanya when Jewish terrorists kidnapped two NCOs, Sergeant Clifford Martin and Sergeant Mervyn Paice, they were kept shackled for some seventeen days, whereupon on the eighteenth day, the British government not having given in to Jewish blackmail, those innocent soldiers were callously hung, their bodies transported secretly to an eucalyptus grove not far from Netanya. Yet that was not all, having mercilessly murdered two innocent men the Jewish terrorists proceeded to set mines or as we call them today improvised explosive devices, IEDs. Hanging for some two days the bodies were eventually discovered, the area carefully navigated and cleared, yet the Jewish terrorists had another surprise, they had booby trapped the bodies and as they were being cut down one exploded, causing severe and life-changing injuries to a British officer.

Later the Jewish terrorists posted notices in Hebrew around the area, stating:-


The two British spies, Martin and Paice, who were under arrest by the underground since July 12th have been put on trial, following the inquiry into their criminal anti Hebrew activities. Martin and Paice had been accused of the following crimes

1. Illegal entry into our home land:

2. Membership of the British criminal terrorist organisation known as the British army of occupation in Palestine, which is responsible:-

For depriving our people of the right to live;
For cruel, oppressive acts;
For tortures;
For the murder of men, women and children;
For the murder of prisoners of war;
And deportation of Hebrew citizens from their country Homeland;

3. Illegal possession of arms intended for the enforcement of oppression and despotism:

4. Anti Jewish spying, disguised in civilian clothes:

5. Conspiracy against the Hebrew underground, it soldiers, bases and arms, the arms of freedom:

The court has found two to be guilty of all charges and sentenced them to die by hanging by their necks until their souls would leave them.

The request of the condemned man for clemency has been rejected.

The sentence has been carried out.

The hanging of the two British spies is not a retaliatory act for the murder of Hebrew prisoners-of-war, but it is an ordinary legal action of the court of the Underground which has sentenced and will sentence the criminals who belong to the criminal Nazi British army of occupation.

We shall revenge the blood of the prisoners of war who have been murdered by actions of war against the enemy.

The Court of Irgun Zvai Leumi
In Eretz Israel.

Jews were the very first community to use operational terrorism against a nation-state, yet today the English Defence League parade with the flag of Israel, they praise Israeli actions and attack nationalists for recognising the evil of that rogue state. It is they by their very actions that belittle the aforementioned victims that disrespect all the victims of Jewish terrorism. How can it be one wonders, that we have come to this, where alien elements hold such sway over the population of this nation, when traditional nationalism faces so many foes and Zionist forces wield such power. So I would hope that a lesson is learnt by all, that to side with Jewish Zionism is to side with the devil, to advocate for true evil. HV.

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