Deputies counters Israel boycott bid

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BRITISH Jewry is being urged to come out in force to buy Israeli goods.

The Board of Deputies has launched a counter-boycott initiative to scupper the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign's national anti-Israel supermarket boycott.

The week-long counter-boycott is due to start on Saturday, November 7 - and is backed by Israel's embassy in London.

"Boycotts target all Israelis - including Jews and Arabs - but impact on the Palestinian economy as well as Israel's, because the two markets and societies are so deeply entwined," a Board spokesman said.

Friends of Israel have been called upon to buy Israeli goods at supermarkets, "During a question and answer session, I was amazed to hear one delegate claim that Zionists have a monopoly on letter pages in the local press."particularly Waitrose and Morrisons, which have been targeted specifically by the anti-Israel hard left PSC.

The PSC have called on its supporters to send emails and letters to the two supermarkets; to hold demonstrations outside local stores; and to inundate respective head offices with phone calls.

Yorkshire, in particular, has been targeted as Morrisons' head office is in Bradford.

An Israeli embassy spokesman has backed the Board's campaign, stating: "The PSC's absurd attempts to represent the Palestinians contribute nothing and have no influence on the process. We welcome the boycott initiative.

"We hope others on all sides create equally positive campaigns and stop perpetuating hostility. Only direct dialogue will enable constructive progress."

He added: "Friends of Israel are asked to write to local store managers thanking them for stocking Israeli goods.

"Head offices of these supermarkets should be contacted to explain that boycotting Israeli goods will do nothing to further the peace process and will damage livelihoods of local farmers and workers."

And the Jewish community in Leeds is concerned that the PSC is trying to set up a local branch in the city.

A meeting took place for recruits last week - but a prominent member of the Zionist Federation attended incognito.

The member told the Jewish Telegraph: "Around 40 Palestinian sympathisers were present, which included Stop The War campaigners, Trade Union Congress members and Leeds University students.

"A speaker from Manchester had recently visited the Palestinian Authority and described her experiences of going through check points similar to what the Jews must have experienced at Auschwitz.

"I was appalled, but knew I had to keep quiet.

"She made the point that she was not antisemitic just anti-Zionist, and also stated that Zionism has brought Judaism into disrepute."

A PSC spokesman called on volunteers to join a convoy being organised by MP George Galloway to take supplies to Gaza in December.

The ZF member added: "She also noted that they are planning a vigil outside the Israeli Embassy to mark the first anniversary of the Gaza War - and she called on delegates to build links with Gaza. continues here

Editorial : It’s quite true that the “hard left” have taken to opposing Israel or more correctly the human rights violations committed in her name, it would seem as if, in creating and maintaining a militant left, the Jewish community and Israel in particular, have made a rod for their own back. Certainly the about turn witnessed within British nationalism and to some degree European nationalism, on this issue, has further entrenched opposition, yet the adding of certain elements of nationalism to the pro-Israel armoury, is a relatively recent thing and should not therefore be seen as an originating and therefore galvanising force for the far-left.

The change comes I believe, from the necessity to harness the right in the service of the greater agenda, an agenda as we know, with an overtly supranational ambition, yet in order to go to war, one simply cannot side with, an in the main, anti-war movement and in any event, the created hostility fostered by the owned press, will in all circumstance lead to a right of centre contestation, rather than a leftist opposition, it is for this reason that Jewry targeted the right. At first the main target for Israel firstists was the USA after all, for the moment America is the worlds only super power and as such wields enormous if not resented power.

Yet Europe proper taken as a whole has even greater power, as a bloc it is well able to resist any and all hostility be that from small Middle Eastern nations or indeed the worlds one and only super power. Much as British nationalists don’t like to admit it, Britain has no power, stripped to the bone in a contrived war, denied her territories and saddled with enormous debt she will never again be, the nation she once was. Yet this country, as I have remarked upon before, has a power no other country possesses, it is a domino country and should nationalism triumph here, then the end of the new order is certain.

Perhaps one of the greatest powers within Europe lies with France, France has kept her independent nuclear deterrent and therefore is able to hold her own at the table of world powers, yet in other areas such as economically she sits impotent, whilst Germany, as it has done even in antiquity garners a better yield. I remember many years ago now, the great campaign by the National Front to keep and maintain this countries nuclear defence, it seemed wherever I looked I saw a poster advocating such a position. Of course the left at that time, had run rampant under CND’s banner, yet how many realised at that time that our defence was far from autonomous, how very powerless we actually and indeed are.

Conventionally we were and in many ways still are, perhaps the best fighting force, although this is debatable in many aspects in truth, although it is hard for a nationalist from any nation to look at it in a completely unbiased fashion, as such a viewpoint is of course tainted by patriotic desire and a stoic defensive position for ones armed forces. Yet we had conquered using conventional small arms almost an entire world, even when America was at the height of her powers such a campaign would have proved impossible, so in order to assess ability and indeed capability one must look to the historical period involved and there can be no doubt at all, that this country, this small land at one time possessed extraordinary power and an unexcelled military force to back up her argument.

Of course one can look to Spain, a country of almost no significance today upon the world stage but once perhaps one of the mightiest countries within mainland Europe and certainly at one time an unconquerable force. Power is circumstance dependent and there is no doubt in my mind, that incrementally over many centuries, the push has been to move power, at first from within mainland Europe to the Americas and then, as we are seeing today, towards the middle east and Asia. So it is reasonable to assume that in the future, America will lose its super power status or may indeed share the position, with countries it now considers vassal-states.

Yet Israel is ideally located to capitalise upon such a scenario and given her ability to brandish a nuclear option her position would be quite secure, after all, even a relatively small country such as Israel, can hold similar military power to larger country, if considered purely on a nuclear basis. Israel itself could not possibly hold her own, were she to rely upon purely conventional weaponry and deployable forces and indeed were she to not receive an unnatural level of support from other nations; further her geographical location would prove her undoing. So Israel must for her own safety, rely upon and indeed coerce other nations to defend her, it is for this reason that there are so very many lobby groups, so many friends of Israel, yet the power such group wield is entirely disproportionate to the numbers involved, strange indeed until one realises the nature of that particular game.

Regrettably those upon the right in this country have been entirely hoodwinked and indeed, it was somewhat disheartening to hear Mr Griffins support for Israel, on the BBC’s flagship Question Time programme, understandably he was under pressure and there are those within British nationalism, who attack him based solely upon personal dislike, yet such support for Israel does indeed go against a nationalist position, although it is unlikely that Mr Griffin or indeed his BNP, will reassess their position in nationalisms favour. Yet whilst lamenting Mr Griffins ill-considered stance, it has to be remembered, that presently we simply have no alternative and indeed we who consider ourselves the traditional right need with great urgency, to consider our own position, look to our own greenhouse before we throw our stones.

So what is the correct position to take, for there is no other question so wholly loaded as the Jewish question, the British people have been fed upon a diet, of what is akin to, wartime propaganda, they have been utterly and indeed, wholly submerged in anti-Nazi ideology, to the point that any mention of disproportionate power, Israeli war-crimes, usurious practice and indeed the very foreignness of Jewry is considered beyond the pale. Indeed so well-crafted has anti-Nazism been, that the term itself has become a weapon wielded efficiently by the left and used in normal everyday discourse as a negative, today we see, that even elements within nationalism use this term and others in the pejorative. It is for this very reason that many within nationalism look down upon and indeed act in a hostile manner towards those that advocate National Socialism, this of course is an act this website does not agree with, after all it can never be right to belittle others who hold pro-people viewpoints, regards of the moniker they chose to adopt.

Yet the Jewish question is perpetually relevant, it has so much potency as to be wholly proscribed by mainstream British nationalism, yet the position is really very simple, no alien influence must hold sway within this country, advocates for other nations serve only those nations. A realisation of the Jewish question in no way equates to anti-Semitism, at least not in the sense that leftists and indeed organised Jewry implies, after all, because you oppose the actions of radical Islam within this country, it does not therefore mean that you wish to incarcerate or carry out industrialised murder. It is beyond reasonable doubt that the Jewish community hold disproportionate power within this country and indeed many others, should Islam even endeavour to influence then nationalism shouts it down, why then the deafening silence concerning Jewish influence, which is much more detrimental to our national condition. For many within nationalism, the Israel Palestinian question has no relevance, Islam by its actions in this country has completely diminished support for the plight of the Palestinians and Israel is just a country over there, they contest only what they see, what they experience, all else they are blind to.

Yet there has never been such a troubling question for Europe and indeed such an important one, extreme pro-Israeli support places our people at risk, augments Islamic radicalisation and places us onside with evil. Race of course plays a part, yet the race of the Palestinians is immaterial or at least it should be, nationalism quite simply should respect the right of all peoples, to live peacefully within their ancestral homeland. Yet on this issue the hypocrisy of the right is astounding, advocating a nationalist position here whilst supporting the reverse abroad, supporting the actions of tyranny whilst lamenting the loss of our own freedoms. It would be impossible now to dismantle the state of Israel or to go back in time and behave differently, yet in realising that Israel exists we should in no way endorse its behaviour, endorse it either historically or indeed currently.

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