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Hundreds of police set to lodge race bias claims
Hundreds of police officers are poised to mount race discrimination actions against their own forces in reaction to the case launched by Britain's most senior Asian police chief, it was reported last night. Black and Asian staff from almost every force in the country are...Read More

The full extent of the damage unlimited immigration is causing to the fabric of society is revealed by a Daily Express investigation today. Figures show that a foreigner is being arrested every four minutes on the streets of Britain. Hundreds of migrants and other visitors are...Read More

Poll reveals America is still divided over race relations as country gears up for election
Sixty per cent of black Americans think race relations are still bad in the United States more than 40 years after their struggle for equal rights gained worldwide prominence, it emerged yesterday. The results of a poll showing America is still sharply divided by the issue came...Read More

Knife crime 'fuelled by brutalised refugees' from war-torn regions of Africa
Knife crime is being partly fuelled by a brutalised generation of refugee children who have come to Britain from "vicious war-torn regions" of Africa, the head of the Government's equalities watchdog has warned. Trevor Phillips, the chairman of Commission for Equalities and Human Rights, said...Read More

First public statue of black woman unveiled
England's first public statue of a black woman is due to be unveiled today at a ceremony attended by VIPs from the black community, including attorney general Baroness Scotland and Doreen Lawrence. The Bronze Woman monument was inspired by...Read More

A shade different
After growing up in an environment of huge racial variety, how much, wonders Akosua Annobil-Dodoo, does skin colour dictate our choice of lover? It came as no surprise to hear that 72 per cent of people in the UK, according to The Observer poll, have never slept with someone of a different colour; probably because I'm one of them. I've only had two sexual partners, which is rare for ...Read More

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