Islamic Foundation offers to guard Edinburgh Synagogue

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THE CST is treating an offer from the Scottish Islamic Foundation chairman Ken Imrie to stand guard outside Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation with extreme caution.

After recent antisemitic attacks against the shul, Mr Imrie expressed his "revulsion" in a letter addressed to the shul's minister, Rabbi David Rose, and offered to "physically guard" the place of worship.

But spokesman for the CST, Mark Gardner said: "This is a curious offer indeed from the SIF, an organisation that is by no means shy when it comes to propaganda and rhetoric against Israel and its supporters."

Rabbi David Rose was unavailable for comment.  continues here

For those that don’t know, the CST or Community Security Trust is a private militia funded by shady organisations and exists primarily to fight anti-Zionism, although it classifies this as anti-Semitism. It must be remembered that no other organisation exists in such a capacity, there is quite simply no other quasi-military organisation supported by the government, given almost free reign by law enforcement agencies that exists upon the UK mainland. Whites as a community are forbidden to establish “security trusts” for their own community, yet the CST garner immense support from government and we the tax-payer fund it to some degree.

Their main funding though appears to come from really quite strange foundations, so-called charitable trusts, which are in effect merely shields to disguise their true funding, in fact investigating the CST is for the moment quite difficult given that unlike other “charities” (sic) the CST operate under a veil of secrecy. There is a statement upon their own website as to their purpose, yet this stated purpose is forbidden to any other community, none of us are permitted the same freedom least of all with police backing, in fact there are many cases, whereby groups set up to protect their own communities, have at best been disparaged and at worst actively broken up, yet the CST is permitted to operate.

CST believes that the fight against antisemitism and terrorism is vital to help ensure a vibrant Jewish community, and in safeguarding democratic British society against extremism and hatred.

CST provides physical security, training and advice for the protection of British Jews. CST assists victims of antisemitism and monitors antisemitic activities and incidents. CST represents British Jewry to Police, Government and media on antisemitism and security. CST has a proud heritage dating back to the Jewish defence organisations formed in the 1930s to combat Oswald Mosley and his followers. Today the principal threats to the community are terrorism and antisemitic attacks.

“As the Jewish community’s only defence organisation CST has grown significantly. We now have four offices and 55 members of staff. CST is a registered charity whose work is provided entirely without charge and is solely funded by donations from the Jewish community.

The ethos of CST is that the Jewish community is responsible for its own security. CST draws upon a network of 3,000 trained volunteers throughout the country. They are at the heart of the organisation and come from all spheres of communal life, regardless of religious observance, political beliefs, age or gender. These personnel are trained by CST, and by the Police, so that they can provide the highest level of security for the Jewish community”.

The above is from their own website, it is a statement of purpose an illegal purpose to you and me but sanctioned for them, further I would dispute that the CST is “the

”CST draws upon a network of 3,000 trained volunteers throughout the country. They are at the heart of the organisation and come from all spheres of communal life, regardless of religious observance, political beliefs, age or gender. These personnel are trained by CST, and by the Police, so that they can provide the highest level of security for the Jewish community”

Jewish community’s only defence organisation”, given that we are meant to have equality under the law (sic) and we have an established police force, apparently this is not enough for certain communities, communities given special status within UK law. I suggest you try it, endeavour to set up a “security trust”, inform the authorities, set up a website and ask for training and funding from central government ,I am sure you will be shown the door quite soon.
Moreover this organisation is so secretive that determining just how and by whom it is sourced is extremely difficult and it is beyond doubt, that such a secretive organisation would in fact make funding sources available to the general public. Of course officially it employs some 64 full time staff, although lets face it can we ever know, it has some 3000 volunteers, yes you read it right 3000 volunteers, “almost a political party in its own right” or a small army, yet again, given the secrecy surrounding this organisation we have to take at face value the claim that there are only 3000 members.

It has to be realised that if this is the public admission then there must be considerably more, all working solely for their community, which rather put the “we’re all the same” rubbish to bed doesn’t it. Quite frighteningly and indeed unusually for a charity the Community Security Trust has according to the Charity Commission itself:

“This charity has been given a dispensation by the Charity Commission from publishing the names of its trustees”.

Scary isn’t it we have a well-funded, state endorsed paramilitary organisation upon UK soil and no-one bats an eye, in fact the police and security services aid such an organisation, train its members and in fact work in many cases in tandem. For instance, we know that the NSPCC has Dame Denise Platt DBE, SIR Christopher Kelly, Rob Hutchinson CBE and others among its trustees, yet when it comes to this organisation there is special “dispensation”, I’m sorry but something stinks and quite badly.

This organisation is funded in the millions, in the financial year ending 31 Mar 2008 the CST recording its income as £144,896,358 and its outgoings as £146,313,542, this in itself is huge yet one can imagine that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Israel itself must donate large sums of money hiding much behind those self-same “foundations” and as we know submitted accounts are not always true accounts, yet given again the secrecy, the fact that trustees are not mentioned it is almost impossible to establish true funding. If for instance the names of trustees were made available then one could come to a better understanding of overall income, which is exactly the reason such information is not nor ever will be made available.

So there we have it, a well-trained, Para-military force established upon UK soil with the connivance of the state and indeed the conservative opposition, an organisation that is not by any means all inclusive that exists to preserve and protect one community. There are of course those within nationalism, who still persist with the “they are our friends rubbish”, my enemies enemy is my friend, so they say, yet this community perhaps of all others, attacks nationalism with a vengeance, harries it, smears it and physically inhibits its growth .Many far-left organisations have been or are supported by Jewry and it has been only in recent years, that there has been a break between leftists and Jewry.

Many Jews stand quite bravely against Judaic supremacist thought, they condemn the rogue state of Israel and stand on the side of truth, yet even this is a hypocrisy given that such individuals advocate (quite rightly) for Palestinian freedoms, yet would deny whites the same privilege. Below are some of the Charities contributing money to this Militia, it is a far from complete list, understandably given the shadows that surround this group, it would seem that rather than supporting its people successive governments have curtailed our freedoms and supported foreign interests, interests wholly alien to our national our genetic interest.

List of Donors (the ones they permit us to know about)

    Kirschel Foundation £2,500 [Community Service Trust]
    Morris Leigh Foundation [unspecified]
    Acacia Trust [£5,000]
    The Alliance Family Foundation [£39,000]
    Arbib Foundation [£5,000]
    The Ardwick Trust [unspecified]
    The Baker Charitable Trust [unspecified]
    The Bertie Black Foundation [unspecified]
    The Sir Victor Blank Charitable Settlement [£30,000]
    David Blank Donations Ltd. [unspecified]
    The Neville & Elaine Blond Charitable Trust [£8,000]
    The Bonamy Charitable Trust [£4,000]
    The M Bourne Charitable trust [£500]
    The R M Burton 1998 Charitable Settlement [£10,000]
    The Carlton House Charitable Trust [£1,000]
    The Carroll Marx Charitable Foundation [£4,500]
    The Denise Cohen Charitable Trust [£2,000]
    The John S Cohen Charitable Trust [£5,000]
    The Muriel & Gershon Coren Charitable Trust [£4,000]
    The Sydney & Elizabeth Corob Charitable Trust [£2,500]
    The Steven & Sheila Crown Charitable Trust [unspecified]
    Datnow Limited [£1,750]
    The Richard Desmond Charitable Trust [£15,000]
    Alan and Sheila Diamond Charitable Trust [unspecified]
    The Djanogly Foundation [£2,000]
    The George Elias Charitable Trust [£6,000]
    The Eventhall Family Charitable Trust [unspecified]
    The Exilarch’s Foundation [£1,000]
    The Family Foundations Trust/The Mintz Family Foundation [unspecified]
    The Gerald Fogel Charitable Trust [£2,500]
    The Garrard Education Trust Ltd. [£15,000]
    The Joseph & Queenie Gold Charitable Trust [£500]
    The GRP Charitable Trust [£3,000]
    The H & J Spack Charitable Trust [£1,500]
    The J & J Charitable Trust [£10,000]
    The Maurice Hatter Foundation [£17,000]
    Heathside Charitable Trust [£25,000]
    J I Charitable Trust [£50,000]
    The Jackson’s Charitable Trust [£5,000]
    Jacobs Charitable Trust [£20,000]
    The Yvette & Hermione Jacobson Charitable Trust [£3,100]
    Susan and Stephen James Charitable Settlement (Stephen James Ch. Trust) [£6,500]
    The N B Johnson Charitable Settlement [£3,000]
    The Joron Charitable Trust [£10,000]
    The Ian Karten Charitable Trust [£900]
    The Michael and Ilse Katz Foundation [unspecified]
    The C D Korn Charitable Trust [£300]
    The Lauffer Family Charitable Foundation [£3,000]
    The Kennedy Leigh Charitable Trust [£30,000 over 3 years]
    The Maisie & Raphael Lewis Charitable Trust [£2,500]
    The Ruth & Stuart Lipton Charitable Trust [£10,500]
    Jack Livingstone Charitable Trust [£5,000]
    The Lowy Mitchell Foundation [unspecified]
    The Sir Jack Lyons Charitable Trust [£1,000]
    Malcolm Lyons Charitable Foundation [£2,000]
    The M and C Trust [unspecified]
    Normalyn Charitable Trust [£1,000]
    The Phillips Family Charitable Trust [£5,000]
    The Joseph & Lena Randall Charitable Trust [£2,500]
    The Fanny Rapaport Charitable Settlement [unspecified]
    The Rayden Charitable Trust [£1,250]
    Reuben Brothers Foundation [£20,000]
    The Rubin Foundation [£25,000]
    The Michael Sacher Charitable Trust [£5,000]
    Basil Samuel Charitable Trust [£40,000]
    The Peter Samuel Charitable Trust [£2,000]
    The Schmidt Bodner Charitable Trust [£5,000]
    The Sears Foundation [£2,000]
    The Solo Charitable Settlement [£14,000]
    The Cyril & Betty Stein Charitable Trust [£500]
    The Steinberg Family Charitable Trust [£10,000]
    The Stoller Charitable Trust [£7,500]
    The Tangent Charitable Trust [unspecified]
    The Weinberg Foundation [£10,000]
    The Weinstock Fund [£10,000]
    The Weldon UK Charitable Trust [£1,000]
    The Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation [£5,000]
    David Young Charitable Trust [£7,000]

Total £529,800 64 charities with 14 unspecified sources

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