SPLC Urges Congress to Investigate Extremism in the Military

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The Southern Poverty Law Center today urged Congress to investigate growing evidence that racial extremists are infiltrating the U.S. military and take steps to ensure that the armed forces are not inadvertently training future domestic terrorists.

In a letter to committee chairmen with oversight over homeland security and the armed services, the SPLC said it recently found dozens of personal profiles on a neo-Nazi website where individuals listed "military" as their occupation — the latest evidence of extremist infiltration gathered by the SPLC. It also cites FBI and Department of Homeland Security reports supporting the SPLC's concerns.

"Evidence continues to mount that current Pentagon policies are inadequate to prevent racial extremists from joining and serving in the armed forces," SPLC founder Morris Dees wrote. He added, "Because the presence of extremists in the armed forces is a serious threat to the safety of the American public, we believe Congressional action is warranted."

The letter was sent to the chairmen of the House and Senate committees on Homeland Security and Armed Services. The SPLC has raised its concerns with Pentagon officials since publishing a report in 2006, but no apparent action has been taken.

In recent months, SPLC investigators found approximately 40 personal profiles that listed "military" as an occupation on the Internet forum New Saxon, which is operated by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement. One individual, who claims to be serving in Afghanistan, lists as his favorite book The Turner Diaries, which was written by neo-Nazi leader William Pierce. The book served as a blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing by Gulf War veteran Timothy McVeigh. Another individual said he was about to be deployed overseas and was looking forward to "killing all the bloody sand niggers." Still another spoke of his hatred for undocumented immigrants.

The SPLC has been involved with this issue for more than two decades. In 1986, the SPLC presented evidence to Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger that Marines were participating in Ku Klux Klan paramilitary activities and urged him to prohibit all military personnel from being members of, or participating in, the activities of white supremacist groups. Although Weinberger issued a directive addressing extremist activity, it ultimately proved inadequate.

The SPLC again brought the problem to the attention of Pentagon officials in 1996, after three neo-Nazi soldiers stationed at Fort Bragg murdered a black couple in North Carolina in a ritualistic, racially motivated slaying. Pentagon regulations were strengthened following an investigation by an Army task force and hearings by the House Armed Services Committee.

But a decade later, military recruiters, under intense pressure to meet quotas for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, appear to have lowered recruiting standards, according to the SPLC's 2006 report. The report revealed that large numbers of neo-Nazi skinheads and other white supremacists were joining the armed forces to acquire combat training and access to weapons and explosives.

In 2008, the FBI released an unclassified report that supported the SPLC's findings. This past April, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report stating that right-wing extremists currently pose the most significant threat of domestic terrorism and expressing the concern that they may attempt to exploit the combat training and experience of returning veterans.

The SPLC letter notes that since 1994 the military has discharged more than 12,500 servicemembers simply because of their homosexuality. "It seems quite anomalous that the Pentagon would consider homosexuals more of a threat to the good order of the military than neo-Nazis and other white supremacists who reject our Constitution's most cherished principles," said Mark Potok, director of the SPLC's Intelligence Project, which monitors extremist activity. continues here

It beggars belief doesn’t it, this unprecedented attack upon the patriot ,the nationalist, the, dare I say it, natural soldier, in my experience, nationalism and the military go hand in hand one begetting the other. It would seem that worldwide there is an assault upon rightists, quite simply because a new time is approaching, a time none of us wanted a time to fight malignancy the old fashioned way. For this reason they relentlessly attack us, harry us, deny us jobs, representation and undermine and disparage our leaders, it would seem that it is they who want war.

God can you not stand up for yourselves you cowards, in every targeted country the population carries on regardless, seemingly oblivious, yet they are not, so many of them bemoan our fate, so many realise our plight, so many do not a thing. What will it take for you to look to your children, to say, “No more!!” and seize back our lands, instead organisations like this will write their lies, attack patriots and advance their reprehensible cause, on the back of minority grievance and all the while the real tyranny grows. Stateside plans are afoot to tightened laws, to in fact create laws, to override the constitution and give there to, tyranny the upper hand, none will say a word, why must it be that we take this, that we must live to see such evil, live to see them seize our countries, invade others for similar purpose and harness the people for all time, to the wheel of economic usurious slavery.

Does it really matter, I know that this side, here in the UK, nationalists no longer look to the colours, today taking the shilling gains only evil and harvests our children for malignancy, today our soldiers and yours America our friend, die for nothing, blood split for an ignoble cause. Over there they tell us the people have chance, groups exist to fight state tyranny, here we see little chance, only the criminals are armed and we, the people their victims, sadder still, those we elect prey upon us to, raking in tax only to exploit it. Here the white man is beset as there, only here we sit disarmed, unable to speak, unable to associate, unable to resist, surely no greater prison has ever been built than a country whole, yet soon the world itself shall know no freedom and all shall be watched by a supranational evil.

So of course they will purge the military, of course law enforcement agencies, of course they will minimalize their risk in the hopes of few losses, still fools still shake the sword for evils cause, our soldiers return from a war we should not fight draped in a flag that has become a brand. Yet ask any what we are fighting for, dying for, bleeding for and few will have answer, perhaps after all they cannot tell us, for freedom they say, to resist evil and haven’t we heard all that before. The greatest evil lies within our governments, not in a dusty alien land, not amongst the rocks, as fighters defend against encroachment, we have no right to be there and indeed we have no reason, perhaps for such dirty work nationalists are not the best. Because nationalists adhere to standards ,we recognise difference and most importantly sovereign nations and borders, this worldwide evil recognise neither, just that it should bedazzle the unemployed young, dress them in uniform and send them to die, expendable toys.

Nationalists never did fight to destroy the world, never did war to exterminate culture ,merely to preserve one, globalists by definition seek to control the world, seek to own now the east aswell as the west and it is only nationalism that can stop them, should the people, the people of any nation of any creed or colour resist evil, fight against internationalists then its leaders are sought its people bombed and all the resources of evils juggernaut set against it. Yet after the east falls, after the smoke clears, what of western nations, what of nations built by western man, will they kneel blindly for death or will they fight it tooth and nail, I cannot now say, so intoxicated by stupidity the people reel about lost in a dreamland of self ,never the bigger picture, never salvation. Yet when the dog bites some will stand, some will never kneel to oppression, so it is best to inhibit such people, now when the people still dream, evil is but a few leagues away, prepare.

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