German Jews back historians' push to publish new edition of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf

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Jewish leaders in Germany have backed a renewed push by historians to publish Adolf Hitler's notorious tract, Mein Kampf, for the first time in Germany since 1945.

The scholarly edition would be accompanied by a critical introduction and footnotes challenging Hitler's assertions under the proposal by Munich historians.

Stephen Kramer, general secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, gave his support to the project, saying it would "prevent neo-Nazi profiteering" from Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

"An aggressive and enlightening engagement with the book would doubtless remove many of its false, persisting myths," he said.

The German state of Bavaria, in which Hitler wrote the mix of ideology and memoir while serving a four-year jail sentence for his failed 1923 coup attempt, has a 70-year exclusive copyright on publishing the book, which it has used to maintain an effective ban.

This copyright is due to expire at the end of 2015, leading to fears of a free-for-all among unscrupulous publishers.

Bernhard Gotto, spokesman for Munich's Institute of Contemporary History, which has historians working on the scholarly edition, said this was why it was important that historians got in first with their critical editions.

"We do not want obscure publishers profiting from this book," Mr Gotto said. "We think historians need this scholarly edition, which would lead to a demystification of the book."

They have been given fresh optimism by the backing of Wolfgang Heubisch, Bavaria's Science Minister, who declared in a speech late in June that the historians' edition should go ahead because "otherwise there's a danger that charlatans will gain control of this shameful book".

But the decision rests with the state's Finance Ministry, which has recently insisted it would prevent publication and even find a way to extend the copyright past 2015, in part citing Jewish demands for a continuing ban.

A spokesman for the Finance Ministry could not be reached.

Both Mr Kramer and Mr Gotto pointed out the book was already available on the internet and in second-hand bookshops. continues here

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Quite, quite strange, an individual writes their memoirs, as evidenced by the title, “My struggle” and then some time later, historians (sic) then add their own take upon a personal struggle, now there are rights and wrongs with any side in a war, combat is never nice, is never as depicted in the movies or in the written media. Certainly many Jews died in that conflict, many who had chosen to take up arms against Hitler’s Germany, yet in these contemporary times one would be forgiven for thinking that the Holocaust™ occurred almost solely amongst the non-gentile Jewish community, with a few gypsies thrown in for good measure.

Yet the real holocaust ™ occurred amongst the young of the gentile community, as brother fought brother in a contrived war, a needless war, a war to destroy an empire and shift the balance of power. Certainly Mr Hitler makes plain the Jewish influence in Germany, the ill-treatment of brave soldiers by the nation, a situation with parallels today and the recognition of unionism as a front for communism within society, He also picked up on the abject sham of parliamentary democracy, recognising that it does not speak for the people as alleged but works against the peoples interest.

Further he mentions the owned press, the money-powers, the betrayal of his country by the elites and many other issues, that seem again to be occurring today, except on a much, much larger scale, at no point doe he mention the need for a state-sanctioned genocide, his book neither promoters such a cause nor defines it, all in all it is exactly what it says on the tin, a book concerning the personal and party political struggles of both himself and his movement. I refuse point blank to condemn the Germanic uprising, however, in the same breath, genocide, should it be proved, as a state-sanctioned practice, can never be condoned, it is for this very reason that I personally question contemporary orthodoxy, the wilful and abject state-sanctioned suppression of white-culture , and the long march towards white extinction.

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