Anti-Muslim Protest Birmingham

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Now its not long before the protest begins and still I cannot support this initiative and I know now that others also refuse to indorse this event, I have been contacted personally by EDL individuals and although we have come to some agreement regarding each other ,still the presence of Zionism prohibits further involvement from this side. However, we wish the EDL well and all those nationalists attending the event tomorrow, I know to from other sources that the police have prepared well for this protest including non-uniform officers and kitted teams.

It is a shame that officially true nationalism oppose the conceivers, which as I stated myself to the contactee, in no way insinuates lack of support for some of the aims of the group, I believe as do other nationalists of my acquaintance, that this protest assists other forces, yet we will, should need present, support in whichever way our own people. I know that some of us will unofficially travel tomorrow, as myself and others did at the last protest however, this will be an unofficial showing, unsanctioned and a personal choice.

In any event good luck to all and be careful, others travel to commit violence and this protest has a different aspect from the last one, please maintain personal security, travel in groups, be prepared and good hunting.

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