Adolf Hitler's 'relatives' found in US and Austria

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Two Hitler hunters claim to have tracked down 39 relatives of the Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader.

The pair claim to have decoded Hitler's DNA and matching it to cigarette butts found in an Australia village and a used napkin from a New York restaurant, as well as letters sent from France more than three decades ago.

Journalist Jean-Paul Mulders and historian Marc Vermeeren, both Belgians, apparently tracked down three brothers living in Long Island, New York, who are directly descended from Hitler's father, the Daily Express reports.

The brothers, Louis, Brian and Alexander Stuart-Houston, are said by Mulders and Mr Vermeeren to be the great-grandsons of Hitler's father Alois.

The two men claim the brothers have entered into a pact never to have children to avoid producing further descendants of the Führer.

They also claim to have located more descendants living in Austria's Waldviertel region, near where Hitler was born.

Mulders said: "They live under new names which slightly differ from Hitler, such as Hietler, Hiedler or Huetler. continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: “Hitler hunters” ,what are Hitler hunters, are they these silly little people, that travel round the world harassing innocent people, it would seem that Germany will forever be targeted and to, aged individuals and as if that isn’t enough, even the innocent who simply wish to live their lives. Go out there” Hitler hunters” find the communists, the real mass-murderers, find them and haunt their families, pursue them globally, set up organisations funded limitlessly and find them all, for do not communisms victims warrant justice to, or is it simply, because for a time, nationalism won, nationalism posed a threat and even today this cannot be tolerated, it is not purely you see, about justice, it is to deter others, to deter them from standing up to world finance, the power of Jewry and indeed the red front.

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