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Well I have reverted back to the old comment format, in that it opens in a new window rather than the field being presented below posts, for some time now it has been reported, that would-be commentators were finding it difficult to post a reply, I tested it and found it okay. However, we still received complaints via our contact form and still found nothing amiss, however, a member of the AAWR team endeavoured to access the site whilst holidaying and found that he to could not comment. The person concerned is highly competent regarding IT and it is his assessment that the problem lies with “blogger”, an incompatibility bug affecting some template structures and coding.

I again had a look and found that I could comment however, it was a very intense process, involving and very trying, I reasoned that an everyday reader would perhaps forego commenting under such circumstance. So we have reverted back, however, quite strangely we had adopted the comment field below posts format believing that it would appeal to readers and thereby increase commenting, it seems to have proved the reverse. So I would hope that you the reader would take the time to comment interact and make all of the effort put in worth while, to a very valued member enjoy Espania when you get there.

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