Five children rescued from paedophile dens

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Five children have been rescued from paedophiles in a series of raids on homes in England and Scotland.

The boys and girls, aged between seven and 13, had been attacked on a regular basis and their abusers had planned to broadcast their ordeals over the internet.

Prosecutors in Edinburgh said that the police raids took place last month on three properties in central Scotland using intelligence gathered after the arrest of a man for alleged sexual offences.

Scottish police passed on information to their English counterparts, who carried out further raids.

Scotland’s National Sex Crimes Unit (NSCU), established earlier this year, has begun legal proceedings against a number of suspects.

“This was one of our most harrowing and disturbing cases, but it clearly demonstrated the value of, and real need for, the unit,” said Derek Ogg QC, who heads the NSCU.

“Until the police investigation revealed these results, we were unaware of the full extent of child exploitation going on in our own backyard.”

The NSCU was established in March, and is the only unit of its type in Europe, with a team of eight prosecutors involved from the first complaint of a sex crime all the way through to its prosecution.

It is modelled on the Sex Crime Unit in the New York County District Attorney’s office, which has been dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault since 1974. As well as increasing conviction rates, the New York unit is credited with handling its caseload with a sensitivity to the issues involved for victims.

“It takes amazing dedication sifting through the evidence to get success like this,” Mr Ogg told the Daily Record.

“We did our bit by making sure local fiscals’ sexual offences teams, led by us, cut through any red tape of bureaucracy, allowing the police to move fast and put the kids first. continues here

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