Guardian rejects anti-semitism accusation

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A new website was launched this week with the aim of monitoring antisemitism on the Guardian newspaper’s Comment is Free blog.

CiF Watch will function primarily as a blog which discusses content on Comment is Free that it considers to be anti-Jewish.

The anonymous founder of the New York-based site, who insisted on only being known by the pseudonym “Hawkeye”, said the site aimed “to challenge the mainstream In the Guardian’s eyes it is perfectly fine to give a platform to numerous contributors to CiF that support the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish state and its replacement with a bi-national state.
“To engage in such discourse is antisemitic under the EU monitoring committee working definition of antisemitism, because it denies the Jewish people the right to self-determination.
orthodoxy of the extreme left that the Jewish state is a racist endeavour — which is a recurrent theme in Comment is Free”.

He added: “Besides the fact that CiF features a long list of anti-Zionists, including many Jewish anti-Zionists, its comment threads are full of vile, antisemitic statements. If you ever comment on one of those threads as a pro-Israel supporter, a lot of the time your comments get deleted.”

It was, he said, “a mistake to assume that CiF is a UK website. Its reach is international in nature and it has been the recipient of numerous web awards, ahead of the likes of New York Times online. Moreover, many contributors hail from countries abroad.”

“Hawkeye” complained: “The problem is that there are no boundaries to the commentary made about Israel. In the Guardian’s eyes it is perfectly fine to give a platform to numerous contributors to CiF that support the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish state and its replacement with a bi-national state.

“To engage in such discourse is antisemitic under the EU monitoring committee working definition of antisemitism, because it denies the Jewish people the right to self-determination. What is most troubling is that it is this kind of discourse that is being normalised in the British press, and when one points this out, one gets accused of shutting down open debate when we’re doing nothing of the sort.”

A spokesman for the Guardian rejected claims of antisemitism on the site. He said: “Comment is Free has always carried a wide range of different opinions on the Israel/Palestine conflict. We reject completely the charge of antisemitism.

“We therefore welcome CiF Watch’s support for open and honest debate about the conflict and its acknowledgment that this can include criticism of Israel’s policies.

“While we aim to allow as free an expression of views as possible, we do not tolerate any hate speech, and our moderators will delete comments which are antisemitic or Islamophobic or otherwise racist, as soon as they are reported to us or when we see them ourselves.” continues here

“In the Guardian’s eyes it is perfectly fine to give a platform to numerous contributors to CiF that support the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish state and its replacement with a bi-national state.
“To engage in such discourse is antisemitic under the EU monitoring committee working definition of antisemitic, because it denies the Jewish people the right to self-determination”.

And there you have it of course, the charge of anti-Semitism, the ridiculous accusation that, should one criticize Israel that one by extension hates all Jews, utter poppycock, Israel is a state that was created deceitfully, that since its very inception has committed gross human rights violations, dispossessed and discriminated against a people and created much contemporary turmoil. A two state or even a bi-national state presents as loss to the Palestinians, yet it is all they can ever hope for, Israel is a nuclear armed country, possessing, in this instance, real weapons of mass destruction, how it came to be that it came to possess such weaponry, is yet again a case of deceit, betrayal and deception.

As a nationalist I hate no people, certainly I wish non-alien intervention within Europe, yet I would be a hypocrite of some magnitude, were I to advocate self-autonomy for my people and yet support a rogue state that denies such to others. Some may argue that in this regard I deny autonomy to Jewry, that by supporting the dispossessed Palestinian peoples, I at a stroke thwart any concept of a Jewish nation, this is of course wholly wrong, I merely advocate dialogue, discussion not deception, murder and conquest.

Jewry would have it that it has been a wandering “tribe” for some time, that it has by dint of circumstance been forced to wander the world, ever assailed by anti-Semites, yet much of what passes for Jewry today is not by definition Semitic, yet Ashkenazi Jews display appalling levels of discrimination towards their Sephardic brethren, it is of course even the case that origin and practice matter little over appearance and tradition, Sephardi covering many bases, of course gentiles, we, have little inclination to enter such muddy waters ,requiring only our freedom, so to further confuse this article with reference to Mizrahim, Musta'arabim or indeed many other of the group classifications within Jewry would be pointless.

It is enough here to state that prior to the creation of Israel Jews and Arabs lived in peace, today of course the problems of the east now visit our lands, our people are pawns in a game and their blood is split collaterally. Jewry is by definition not of Europe, yet this does not mean that gentiles wish it harm, desire conflict and bloodshed, far from it, nationalism recognises and indeed cherishes difference, it fights against the false orthodoxy of egalitarianism, lays into those that would promote a mono-culture and recognises the need for all to have both a home and a culture.

Yet European nationalism has been infiltrated, assailed, until nationalism itself has been changed and the few who speak out against it are considered foolish, of another age, whilst the agenda of Zionism presses on. True nationalism, will never recognise foreign influence, will never kneel to the alien, yet it will never hate for hatreds sake, Muslims have the right to exist, as indeed does the Jew, because in this fight against supranational government all races and creeds face attack. For some sixty years Zionism has shaped the world, although its influence reaches far back in time, yet it is here today that it wields power, it would seem that all governments kneel in servitude as Christendom is no more, today Islam is promoted, promoted to cause disquiet ,to augment enmity and to usher in conflict and hate. After all, once conflict breaks out will not the people beg for peace, call out for help and will not the forces of the state give it them, craft laws to save them, deny freedoms for the greater good, will not the state cradle us in its arms as we suckle upon poisoned milk.

Nationalism has the answer to enmity, the solution to problem, at its core respect, respect for all cultures and creeds, Zionism seeks global obedience, it believes that Jewry is above all, that all others must kneel to it, that it is written, that Israel shall govern the world. Some elements of Christianity believe this to, believe that the messiah can only return as chaos reigns and evil swirls and good returns to us first in that evil place, even Islam believes such, believes that the last battle, the ultimate fight between good and evil, can and must only occur in that land.

It is for this reason that Christians support Zionism, that fundamental Christianity rocks the states, that neo-conservatism, read Zionism, spans that land and the superpower is harnessed in evils name. Such rubbish, such nonsense, it is as if god requires man to err, as if god wishes blood split and man to make war with another, yet this god that they speak of, is he not benevolent one minute and almost evil the next, does not old and new testament vie for primacy, whilst the world spins in an orbit of hate. You see it is forever the goal, forever the cause, control the fate of all men, rule the world and all upon it, by force or fiction, it is nationalism that opposes that, nationalism that recognises difference and it is nationalism that is hated, undermined and lied about.

So many groups vie for supremacy when all should live in peace, true peace cannot and has not ever occurred in a multi-racial multi-group state, difference always provokes conflict, yet difference is only different in another place, in the east Muslims do not live their lives offended by western values, although the mass media and global communication is another story, no they live within their own culture amongst their fellows and who are we to oppose such. Yet here in the west their very creed provokes anger, their traditions and very strangeness jolt our sensibilities and the crafters make us rush to war, negroes, in their lands of origin face no discrimination, no bar to progression, only that which mother nature makes herself. Here, here in the west the common man would have little cause to hate, little reason to oppose should we be permitted to live amongst our own, instead of forced to live amongst others, creeds and peoples that threaten our very existence.

Instead this forced habitat, this forced realm, this kingdom of disunity is thrust upon us and we must make do, because they tell us we must, should I oppose it then I am, they say, a hater, a racist and much worse, yet if they had not chosen to change the world, to force difference to live together, if my race did not face extinction and my children a quite terrible world then I would have little reason to maintain this site, to lament my and mines fate and to oppose and oppose again evils cause. I will never succumb to Zionism, to multiculturalism, to evil, never stand by as cultures are denigrated and destroyed, as people of all races are forced to change to suit an appalling agenda, as my children’s very future is placed into the hands of madmen and fools, as they sneer at our plight and carry on regardless.

Yet I know full well that the fight is being lost, that nationalism has been terribly altered, that all organs of the current orthodoxy portray us wrong, they have taken away racialism, replaced it with the guttural racist, presented recognition of difference and indeed celebration of such as a hatred of the other, when this is a lie. If we continue to follow the course they set, continue down this terrible road, then it is not just we that shall suffer, not just the white-man, for we will be out of it, extinguished, gone, yet others shall succumb, even today terrible forces create carnage in the east and such will simply continue and no white hand shall stop it. Without whites slavery would still be openly practiced, instead of hidden away and marginalised as it is today, millions would die of hunger or disease and war would ravage the world, without whites innovation would recede, freedoms be lost and the world would be a much darker place, no pun intended.

Might would take precedence and the wishes of the few would be swept away in their blood, finances grip would be even tighter, exploitation immense and liberty a dream, for all our wrongs we have many rights, yet we are judged in a biased court, perhaps our loss to this world will be a punishment to those upon it. There is this great rush towards this new order, a step once taken that can never be undone, yet history tells us that difference can only be forced to live together under repressions wing. Can none see, do none have eyes, ears or sense, if difference must be forced to co-exist in a country, if millions must fall to achieve it then what then for a world, for a planet, for all peoples of all practices, how many must die, who must live and who must perish.

Is it wrong that I am a white nationalist that I am forced to be a white nationalist, that as a people we are so threatened, that decent men and women must rail against a corrupt and malevolent system, that in doing so we are tagged as haters, as evil-doers, as evil incarnate. Yet whilst the body-politic, the masses sway to such a hypnotic beat, as millions sit mesmerised in front of that little box, as young men die in the lands of their fathers, due to race and creed, as young women suffer rape, as drugs and crime cut swathes through our population, as evil truly stalks a people, it is its opposers that are wrong.

There is so much against nationalism and therefore by extension the people, Zionist influence is most apparent within contemporary nationalism, many spew forth pro-Israel rhetoric, trained to hate Islam above all. Tory populism has taken the reigns and races us towards defeat, yet few can see, all suffer, Jew ,gentile, men of the crescent and men of the cross, black, white, young and old, give us back our world, let us live again in peace, take your malevolent agenda and move it from the physical world of men, to again a world of hypothesise and written conjecture, do not force such upon an unwilling world.

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