Diouf ‘four-letter fury’ at white lad

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FOOTBALL ace El Hadji Diouf was quizzed by cops last night after allegedly ranting at a shocked ball boy: "F*** off, white boy."

The Blackburn striker is said to have launched the astonishing attack after the lad failed to return the ball fast enough for the Senegalese star.

He was taken from the dressing-room after the game and quizzed by police after his side's 3-0 Premiership defeat at Everton yesterday. It is understood Diouf, 28, will be interviewed again today after police have spoken to the ball boy and two marshalls who were on duty in the area.

Diouf - who has courted trouble throughout his career - allegedly sniped at the lad in the first half of the match at Everton's Goodison Park.

It happened as he waited for the ball to be returned after a throw-in. He was later twice booed by Everton fans when he returned to take corners in the same area the ground.

It was believed at the time that they were angry because Diouf had previously played for Everton's rivals Liverpool.

The shocked ball boy, who has not been named, told his boss about Diouf's alleged verbal attack and the matter was reported to police A police spokesman said last night: "Merseyside Police are investigating an allegation of a 28-year-old man using racist language at the Everton match today at Goodison. Inquiries are under way."

A Blackburn spokesman confirmed Diouf had been quizzed - and said that he was likely to be spoken to again some time today. Everton refused to comment last night.

Diouf could also face action from the FA who will take a dim view of crowd incitement after Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor's controversial goal celebrations last Saturday in front of fans of Arsenal, his former club.

Diouf was animated throughout yesterday's game and was shouting and swearing at his team-mates as the players headed down the tunnel at the final whistle.

The controversial star is no stranger to trouble and six years ago was fined £5,000 for spitting at a Celtic fan while he was at Liverpool.

The next year he was again found guilty of spitting at an 11-year-old Middlesbrough fan at the North-East club's Riverside Stadium. He was fined £500.

The FA also banned him for three games after he spat at Portsmouth defender Arjan De Zeeuw when he was a Bolton player. continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: Nationalists should boycott football, it is neither working-class nor Caucasian, it is in fact a waste of time and a tool used by the agenda-makers, yet I suppose that is an article in itself, however, do you really want to support teams with animals in such as Diouf, boycott football or play it yourself, don’t aid their real game.

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