We must prepare for attacks

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A FEW weeks ago, the English Defence League and members of Stop the Islamisation of Europe marched on the Harrow Central Mosque to disturb and terrorise Muslims at prayer.

Both groups consisted only of white men, whose purpose was stated clearly: “We don’t want any more mosques in this country.” 

Recently, both groups appeared on the streets of Birmingham hotly pursued by angry young Pakistanis. The fighting was ferocious and the white fascists wilted and ran away.

These men targeted Muslims in the month of Ramadan, when Muslims atone for their "Without our contributions to the economy and the culture of this nation, England would be drifting in the dark."sins and seek oneness with Allah. Christians may equate this devotion with the Holy Week, when the life of Christ is celebrated and his death mourned.

On Fridays during Ramadan, thousands upon thousands of Muslims make the trek to mosques from Glasgow to Southampton.

We are not only speaking of Pakistanis here. Africans aplenty make this pilgrimage, as well as West Indians. I have a special interest here. My son, Amiri, is a Muslim.

The English Defence League and others will expand their agenda from their ideological bag of tricks to include all immigrants for any reason they may conjure up.

The suicide bombers who unleashed bombs on an unsuspecting population, killing hundreds, were morally wrong, with the politically disastrous consequences we are now experiencing.

Our political leaders, in and out of Parliament, seized the time by declaring a ‘War on Terror’. We all ought to know what a war is. I was born in the midst of one – on the day I was born, February 26, 1943, the allies launched the aerial bombing of Germany, killing hundreds of thousands of citizens.

In that war 40 million people died. To elevate recent events to a war is mischief in the pursuit of political gain.

We know, too, that the so-called war in Iraq and Afghanistan, so brutally executed, has thrown Muslims all over the world into a frenzy. But the response of young Islamists on the streets of the capital has offered licence to white fascists who have now launched a campaign of racist demonization of Asian and black people.

In the months to come, hatred will be vented on all immigrant groups. Our enemies will seek every opportunity to descend upon our communities, creating bedlam. We have the right to defend ourselves, and must be alert and indeed prepared. Self-defence is no offence. continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: It has it all doesn’t it, the disparagement, the goading and the incitement, it’s also full of lies, Mr Howe is being somewhat economical with the truth, just embellishing it a little, to say the least, I was there Mr Howe, were you, or are you just some jumped up Negro keen to get in on the act and attack whitey. You say that whites wilted when under attack, yet I never spotted you amongst the flailing carnage, again you lie when you state, “Both groups consisted only of white men”, now I cannot talk here of the SIOE demonstration, I have no knowledge of that but the EDL demonstrations I have intimate knowledge of and to state that that group consists “only of white men”, is a lie, I believe one of the leaders of the EDL Joel is a non-white and there were other non-whites amongst the group.

To be honest at the first demonstration ,to which I was invited ,my group did not wish to stand with non-whites and certainly the attacks upon innocent whites gained our attention, whilst the EDL stood well protected some distance from the frenzy. Again Mr Howe, I was there, were you, or are you simply inflaming tensions, creating worry amongst your community, when there should be none and risking communal conflict. Some years ago you yourself reported upon the tension between Asians and blacks, you yourself, yet here you become a hypocrite and blame it all on whitey. The truth is Mr Howe that the so-called extreme right, want nothing to do with this created group, nationalists of all shades are united on this, we all from whichever party sense other forces at play.

Yet for all that I and others where there, we were there to hear the screams as women rushed to the safety of the shops, we were there to feel impotent as a mass mob of non-whites went on the rampage against any whites and we were held back by baton wielding officers. We were there to witness the world created for our descendents and to acknowledge the truth of Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech. You see unknown to many, we fought tooth and nail outside that small hotel, the lines oozed back and forth as one side rushed against the other, I didn’t see you Mr Howe, didn’t spot you observing events, taking notes or fighting to stay on your feet. Oh but I saw your kind, watched as large groups of negroes prowled for prey, came upon a young couple, she perhaps fourteen, pink streaks in her hair, crying, he to perhaps a year or two older, barely holding back the tears.

No way to phone home now and roughed up, attacked because they were white, still Mr Howe, I did not see you, perhaps the roaming gangs, seeking sport contained you, perhaps you hid in the shadows as many did. After all your article seems so sure, it asserts so pointedly, you must have been there, or is it merely fable, made up bunkum, again to attack whitey, oh and whitey is under attack isn’t he, all manner of predators stalk us now, we are safe nowhere, from the house of treason on down all seek our end, all seek our demise. Yet you are so very right Mr Howe, so correct, “Self-defence is no offence”, so it is only right that you know, only right that all who read this, know, that should the white community come under “any” attack, should fools such as yourself stoke the fire, then perhaps the right will step in, forget the EDL Mr Howe, they represent nobody, neither the people nor indeed nationalism. Yet nationalism has stayed silent, watched events and waited, we have no desire to dance to Zion’s tune, to play in their game but to a nationalist an attack upon the people is a declaration of war, choose your words carefully Mr Howe lest you reap what you sow.

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3 Responses to "We must prepare for attacks"
Anonymous said...
7 October 2009 at 19:04

You are nutty racist scum
crawl back under your stone

Anonymous said...
7 October 2009 at 21:22

Ello see ya have the reds here don’t like the truth do they call us all scum cause we know whats real jog on red your done here talk your crap somewhere else 28.

Mr Cognisant said...
9 October 2009 at 21:51

Yes it seems it, students from the Revleft it seems ,as that forum has stolen our image of the false-flag group the EDL, it seems that the leftist hails from Leeds, has no concept of reality and all they, namely leftists can do is disparage, they have no real argument.

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